Is Pakistan The Cheapest Country In the World?

Is Pakistan The Cheapest Country In The World? why our curreny is so low. how we become the favorite country in tourist eye.

World’s Cheapest County: Pakistan; A Land of Diverse Culture and Traditions 

Have you longed to travel somewhere exotic but don’t want to drain your wallet? Look no further than Pakistan, the world’s cheapest country yet a gorgeous travel destination. As a budget-conscious traveler always on the hunt for my next adventure, Pakistan has been on my radar for years. With jaw-dropping mountains, vibrant culture, historic architecture, delicious food, and friendly locals, Pakistan packs a punch for pennies on the dollar compared to most other places. 

Pakistan a peacefull country with lots of attraction

Pakistan is a peaceful country with lots of attraction

Whether you want to explore colorful markets in Lahore, trek to the base camp of the mighty K2, or relax on a scenic beach, Pakistan offers an unparalleled travel experience without the exorbitant price tag. Adventure awaits in this budget-friendly paradise – what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready to experience a side of Pakistan that will surprise you.

Is Pakistan Safe for Tourists?

Pakistan has faced many challenges to its security over the years, so it’s natural for tourists to have safety concerns. However, many visitors are surprised by how safe and welcoming Pakistan can be. While there are certain areas you’ll want to avoid, most places tourists frequent are pretty secure.

The majority of Pakistanis view hospitality as an important cultural value. Locals are usually friendly towards foreigners and go out of their way to make them feel at home. You may encounter curious stares, especially in rural areas where tourists are rare. But in most cases, it comes from a place of warmth.

World's Cheapest Country: Pakistan is safe for foreign tourist

World’s Cheapest Country: Pakistan is safe for foreign tourist

However, it is better to take some basic precautions for your good. Be vigilant in crowded areas like markets, avoid political gatherings, and don’t display valuables openly. As in any country, petty crimes like pickpocketing can happen. It’s best to do some research on any area before you visit.

Regarding terrorism, the situation has improved drastically in recent years. Government security operations have targeted militant groups, and most areas are safe. However, some border regions and rural parts of Balochistan and KPK provinces still see occasional violence. So check current events and government travel advisories before planning a trip.

While Pakistan certainly has a long way to go in some regard, most visits proceed without any issues. By taking standard travel safety precautions, being culturally sensitive, and avoiding high-risk areas, you can have a fantastic trip and see firsthand how welcoming this country can be. The rewards of exploring Pakistan far outweigh the risks for open-minded travelers.

Experience the Culture and Hospitality in World’s Cheapest Country

Pakistan’s culture and hospitality will leave you with lasting memories. The warmth and kindness shown by Pakistanis towards their guests is unparalleled.

You’ll experience a vibrant culture influenced by Persian, Arabic, and Indian traditions. Pakistan has a rich musical and poetic heritage, from Qawwali Sufi music to the beautiful poetry of Allama Iqbal. The architecture combines Persian and Mughal styles, like the iconic Faisal Mosque and Lahore Fort. The stunning traditional textiles, like Ajrak block prints, are works of art.

World's Cheapest Country: Hospitality at its peak in Pakistan

World’s Cheapest Country: Hospitality at its peak in Pakistan

Undoubtedly the food is mouthwatering with authentic taste and light on the pocket. Treat yourself to biryani, nihari stew, chapatis, and lassi yogurt drink. Street food abounds, from samosas to dahi bhaly everywhere in the country. Five-star hotels offer luxury for a fraction of the cost elsewhere.

Pakistan’s natural wonders inspire awe – from the Himalayan peaks to the Arabian Sea beaches. The hospitality of locals in remote mountain villages may be the highlight of your trip. Pakistanis open their hearts and homes to their guest, allowing a glimpse into their day-to-day lives over a cup of karak chai or a traditional meal.

Various festivities enrich the vibrant culture. Whether it’s the 14th of August or the 6th of September, or Islamic celebrations like Eids or the 12th of Rabi Ul Awal, each occasion is embraced with immense zeal. The people of Pakistan are known for their emotional nature, celebrating every event with heartfelt enthusiasm and soulful joy.

While parts of Pakistan remain underdeveloped, the major cities and tourist destinations are safe for foreign visitors when following recommended precautions. The rewards of discovering this culturally-rich country far outweigh the risks for open-minded travelers seeking an authentic experience off the beaten path. Give Pakistan a chance, and you’ll leave with new friends and a newfound appreciation for this hidden gem.

Cheap Currency: Your Dollar Goes a Long Way

Pakistan’s currency, the Pakistani Rupee, trades very favorably for most foreign currencies. This means your travel budget will stretch further in Pakistan than in most places.

For example, at the time of writing, $1 equals around 280 Pakistani Rupees. This favorable exchange rate and generally low living costs mean you can get a lot for your money. A basic but filling meal at a local dhaba or street food stall can cost as little as 50-100 Rupees, the equivalent of just 30-60 cents USD. Even at mid-range restaurants, you rarely pay more than $5-10 USD for a complete meal.

Pakistan has the lowest currency in world

Pakistan has the lowest currency in the world.

Accommodation is also very affordable. For a double room, you can find basic but clean hotels or guesthouses for as little as $10-15 USD a night. 4-star mid-range hotels with amenities like swimming pools, gyms, and room service are in the $30-50 USD range. Only the most luxurious five-star hotels in major cities like Islamabad and Lahore will charge over $100 a night. From north to south, you will find incredible panoramic views and warmly hearted people that you can find anywhere else. 

Pakistan’s affordable costs extend to activities and sightseeing as well. Entry fees to museums and historical sites are usually less than $5. Furthermore, guided tours can be booked for $40-70 USD per person. Renting a car with a driver to explore further afield costs around $20-40 USD daily.

World's Cheapest Country: Hotel room for less than 100$

World’s Cheapest Country: Hotel room for less than 100$

With costs this low, your travel budget will go a long way in Pakistan. You can stay in comfortable hotels, eat at great restaurants, participate in many activities, and spend a fraction of what you would in other destinations. The favorable exchange rate for foreign currencies means Pakistan is an incredibly affordable place to visit. Your dollar will be worth a lot, allowing you to experience all the country offers without breaking the bank.

Authentic Cuisine: Enjoy Delicious Food at Low Prices

Pakistan’s food is as diverse as its landscape, influenced by neighboring countries and the wider region. When it comes to cuisine, you’ll be spoiled for choice in Pakistan. The best part? Most authentic meals only cost a few dollars.

Pakistan’s national dish is biryani, a spicy rice dish with meat or vegetables. Variations include chicken tikka biryani, mutton biryani, or vegetable biryani. A single portion typically costs around $3 and is enough for two people. For breakfast, try nihari, a hearty beef stew, halwa puri, and paratha with fired eggs or sooji halwa (sweet semolina porridge).

World's Cheapest Country: street food in 1.5$

World’s Cheapest Country: street food in 1.5$


If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love Pakistan’s desserts. Try ras malai, soft cheese dumplings in sweetened condensed milk, gulab jamun, or fried dough balls drenched in rose syrup. A single serving of these decadent desserts usually costs well under $2.

Cheapest country of the world: a whole meal in the least price, you can get in pakistan

World’s Cheapest Country: a whole meal in 20$

Experience the tantalizing flavors of Pakistan! The local cuisine is spicy, with high-quality spices adding the perfect kick. Quench your thirst with a satisfying mango lassi, or indulge in crunchy pakoras, samosas, and bun kebabs for on-the-go snacks. Your taste buds will be singing with joy!

But that’s not all – luxury accommodations in Pakistan come at unbelievable prices! From major cities like Islamabad and Lahore to smaller towns, you’ll find top-notch four and 5-star hotels that won’t break the bank. Imagine staying in historic hotels like the Movenpick in Karachi or the iconic Faletti’s Hotel in Lahore; it’s like living a royal dream without the hefty price tag.

World's Cheapest Country: Historical Places in Pakistan

World’s Cheapest Country: Pakistan’s historical places; A Ancient Mosque in Kumrat Valley

If you’re on a budget, cozy bed or breakfast, or Couchsurfing/Airbnb offers a warm welcome to experience genuine Pakistani hospitality alongside delicious home-cooked meals. And for the ultimate luxurious escape, head to one of the magnificent mountain resorts surrounded by breathtaking vistas and indulge in world-class service, infinity pools, and gourmet dining.

Whether you’re a thrifty traveler or a luxury seeker, Pakistan has something for everyone. So travel in comfort and style without worrying about your wallet. Find the best places in Kumrat Valley, Hunza Valley, or even in Gilgit at a low rate. The amount you save on your hotels and accommodations will allow you to immerse yourself in the captivating culture, tantalize your taste buds, and embark on thrilling adventures.

Pakistan also produces high-quality spices, so the local fare packs some heat. Cool your mouth with a mango lassi, a creamy yogurt drink blended with mango puree. A large glass will only set you back about $1.50.

For snacks on the go, seek out pakoras (vegetable fritters), samosas (fried or baked pastries stuffed with spiced potatoes and meat), or bun kebabs (grilled meat sandwiches). A few dollars will get you a plate to share.

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Whether you want to sample chicken tikka masala, fresh seafood curries, or traditional lamb kebabs, you’ll find authentic, homemade Pakistani cuisine around every corner. At prices this affordable, you have no excuse not to embark on an epic culinary adventure in Pakistan. Eat like royalty for pennies on the dollar, and your taste buds will thank you.

Luxury Accommodations at Budget Prices: Stay in Comfort Without Breaking the Bank

Pakistan offers luxury hotels at a fraction of the cost compared to most other destinations. You can experience high-quality accommodations without breaking the bank.

Staying in Pakistan’s major cities like Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, or smaller towns, you’ll find four and 5-star hotels for under $100 a night. For even less, many boutique hotels provide extra amenities like free Wi-Fi, room service, gyms, and business centers. You’ll save hundreds per night compared to the average U.S. or European hotel prices.

For a splurge, check into a historic luxury hotel like the Movenpick in Karachi, a modern high-rise in Islamabad, or an iconic landmark like the Faletti’s Hotel in Lahore, which dates back to 1880. These upscale hotels provide lavish rooms, fine dining, pools, and gyms at a fraction of the cost of a standard Marriott or Hilton. You can live like royalty without the royal price tag.

World's Cheapest Country: hotel in Lahore in less than 100$

World’s Cheapest Country: hotel in Lahore for less than 100$


If cost is still a concern, consider bed and breakfasts, budget hotels, or Airbnbs. Pakistan’s hospitality is renowned, and hosts will welcome you into their homes, providing cozy rooms, home-cooked meals, and lots of chai for under $30 a night. You may need to sacrifice some amenities on a budget, but you’ll gain an authentic cultural experience.

World's Cheapest Country: hotel in northern areas at low rates

World’s Cheapest Country: hotel in northern areas at low rates.

Head to one of Pakistan’s luxury mountain resorts for an opulent stay. Set amidst stunning vistas, resorts like the PC Bhurban, Pearl Continental, and Serena Hotels offer world-class service, infinity pools, golfing, spas, and gourmet dining. However, the room rates are comparable to an average hotel in other countries, allowing you to enjoy a lavish getaway without breaking your budget.

Whether you’re a backpacker on a budget or seeking a lavish escape, Pakistan’s wide range of affordable luxury accommodations means you can travel in comfort and style, all at a price that won’t make your wallet wince. The savings from your stay will allow you to spend more on experiencing all the festivities, good people, and adventures this captivating country offers.

Final verdict

So if you’re looking to travel on a budget and craving an exotic getaway filled with adventure, look no further than Pakistan. However, with breathtaking scenery, vibrant culture, delicious food, and friendly locals, Pakistan gives an unparalleled travel experience without disturbing your budget. 

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While the media often portrays Pakistan as unsafe, many foreign tourists are discovering it and find it as propaganda. You can check all the relevant videos on Pakistan’s safe for tourists n Youtube. Pakistan is always open to the tourist community and eager to show its unmatchable beauty and hospitality. Don’t miss out on exploring this gem of a country – your wallet and sense of wonder will thank you. Start planning your trip to Pakistan today!


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