List Of Top 10 Foods To Eat In Northern Areas


List Of Top 10 Foods To Eat In Northern Areas

While exploring the amazing regions of Pakistan, you will some of the notable things, that is breathtaking scenic location, snow-topped mountains, lush green woodlands, superb sights and customary winter sports, traditions, history and above all the food that made the Pakistani Culture more enrich and beautiful.

On a Trip to Northern Areas of Pakistan, you can witness a wide scope of stunning dishes prominent among locals with their unique touch. Generally, meat dishes are among the most loved on the menu in many places up north. Natives in North Pakistan like sheep and hamburger when contrasted with Punjab where goat meat and poultry is very prominent. With access to significant waterways, a portion of the territories is famous for freshwater fish. Along with that, a game bird in hunting season is also common in different areas. Take your palette on an outing towards the north and have these mouthwatering food or add up in your wish list to try them later. We have made List of Top 10 Foods to Eat in Northern Areas, these are some of the famous food items to taste while touring to Pakistan.


1.        Chapli Kebab

Chapli Kebab

Chapli Kebab, the speciality of the north, tops the list of our food items. It served hot with naan, bread is the ideal supper wide open to the harsh elements climate. Going on the Silk Road, you can’t miss eateries gaining practical experience in selling Chapli Kebab. The minced kebabs are famously made with hamburger and blended with tomatoes onion and flavours. Traditionally the Chapal kebab are cooked in meat grease and presented with newly heated bread. One gigantic kebab with bread can make a good supper. Along with that it is marinated with a few herbs and flavours and presented with sides of various sauces Chapli Kebabs are prevalent in Peshawar, Abbottabad and the majority of the urban areas up north along the silk street. Also, it’s a must try the food on your trek toward the north.

2.        Shanwari


“Chicken Karahi” or “Sheep Karahi” is untouched most loved in the north as a great many people eating as a gathering like to eat from the Karahi (or wok) in which the meat is cooked. “Shanwari” eateries have some expertise in serving Karahi made in sheep fat, green chillies and salt. You have to try this before taking any other dish, its taste is beyond words.


3.        Tikka


Meat on the sticks or “Chicken Tikka” or “Sheep Tikka” is prevalent the nation over. Northern Pakistan is especially well known for BBQ eatery. The meat is marinated with salt and a touch of fat is added to the sticks which add substantial flavour to the meat on the sticks. In different pieces of the nation, the meat is typically marinated with various blended flavours and spices. Nonetheless, the northern palette is for progressively substantial flavours with an insignificant measure of flavours included to the meat the sticks.

4.        Katwa


KatwaAdditionally, in Peshawar “Namak Mandi” is acclaimed for well-known meat dishes. In Abbottabad “Kalay Khan” (presently his child running an eatery in Missile Chowk) is must strive for astonishing meat dishes, especially “sheep tikka”. Another prevalent dish around Attock regions is Katwa. This delicate meat in the sauce is cooked in huge earthen pots and served in mud pots (katwa) with broiler heated bread. This dish is ending up exceptionally prominent over weddings and other get-togethers.


5.        Afghani Food; Kabuli Pulao, Afghani Bread

Afghani Food

With the entry of Afghan displaced people in Pakistan, Afghan bread has turned into a fundamental piece of the eating regimen in the north. The bread has received marginally to nearby taste and looks somewhat more white and not heated exceptionally hard and red in shading. This is on the grounds that local people will eat the bread when it hot and don’t save it for eating later on as expended in certain zones of Afghanistan. Afghanis have brought bread as well as Kabuli Palau and other neighbourhood dishes filled in as a platter in most Afghan eateries. Afghani Palau is embellished with raisins and improved carrots and presented with lumps of meat or chicken. The taste is very not quite the same as Punjabi Yakni Palau which is more zesty than sweet.

Initially a dish from the city of Kabul in Afghanistan, the Kabuli Pulao is a somewhat popular food in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Produced using basmati rice in a mix of various flavours, carrots, nuts and raisins and presented with sheep, lamb, chicken or meat.

6.        Mamtu


Mamtu is heavenly shapes supper flour midway loaded up with sheep/Beef and zesty fixings. Life is so perpetually scrumptious. Plan a visit to Gilgit Baltistan. Take a sample of Mamtu and catch the minute for your life. There is no affection sincerer than the adoration for food. Made your affection for Mamtu lifetime. Mamtu, the dumplings of North, is a special and extremely delicious dish in Gilgit Baltistan. Mamtu is extremely tasty cheap food initially originated from China. In Pakistan, you can just discover Mamtu in Gilgit Baltistan. Some may think of it as customary food of Gilgit Baltistan. It cooking process is extraordinary as its taste. It isn’t cooked by any immediate methods. It is cooked in a stream of steam.


7.        Berckuzh/Chap-churro


Chapshoro is a standout amongst the tastiest dishes of Gilgit Baltistan. It is the Gilgit Baltistan adaptation of pizza. Chap Shuroo is a bread loaded up with a blend of cleaved Beef/Yalk meat, onion, and different flavours. Chapshoro is loaded up with slashed meat (sheep, hamburger), onions, chile peppers, tomato and crisp coriander leaves. They are prepared on medium warmth on for 15 minutes, until brilliant dark coloured. Jugloot Gouro is the well-known spot for most delightful Chapshoro in Gilgit Baltistan.


8.        Charsi Karahi Charsi Karahi


In spite of the fact that “Namak Mandi,” is the most famous food street of Peshawar, is loaded up with the smell of everything meat, the fragrance of Charsi Karahi is particular and one that abandons you mesmerized. Accessible in Chicken, hamburger, sheep and sheep, local people lean toward and demand that you attempt the legitimate Charsi Karahi in sheep and without individual alterations.

9.        Trout Fish

Trout Fish

Most importantly, the beauty of Naran Kaghan food is hidden in Trout Fish. It is the most favorite dish alongside the mesmerizing Lake Saif Ul Malook. All you have to do is yourself, tourist love to go fishing at the lake. The taste of live cook with a perfect backdrop is all you need while exploring the magnificent valley of Naran.

10.    Potato Pakora

Potato Pakora

Last but not least is the Pakora, no matter which place you are visiting or staying, you can find these stalls each and every place of Pakistan. The most common snack in Pakistan. The Potato Pakoras are marinated with chickpeas glue blended with flavors. The Pakoras are presented with sauces and chutney (sauce). Pakoras are ordinarily devoured as snacks as opposed to a supper. Different tidbits that are delighted in around Northern Areas incorporate “Channa Chat” (chickpea-onion talk). Dray organic product is accessible in plenitude all during that time as dried apricots, walnuts, almonds, peanut and cashew nut are developed widely in sloping territories. A large portion of the natural product is dried and traded to different pieces of the nation.

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