Virtual Tourism of Pakistan; Is It Worth Taking?

Virtual Tourism of Pakistan; Is It Worth Taking in 2022?

Virtual Tourism is not fiction anymore: The tourism industry has suffered the most since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, as entire economies depended on tourists collapsed. The world is now on a path of gradual recovery. Now that the tourism industry is open again, this is an excellent opportunity to attract tourists and explore Pakistan on a virtual tour. 


What is virtual tourism?


When you search for virtual tours on Google, many definitions pop up due to the variety of topics. However, as the name suggests, this is a tour of a place that doesn’t exist. Virtual tours can be as detailed as a VR headset or as simple as a high-definition POV video. POV videos are shot from the user’s perspective using a 4K HD camera for an immersive experience.

A virtual tour is a person enjoying the scenery away from the comfort of home. It can be satisfying your curiosity or getting information about a destination you plan to visit.

Virtual Tourism of Pakistan; Is It Worth Taking in 2022?

Virtual Tourism of Pakistan; Is It Worth Taking in 2022?


Virtual tours are also shot using specialized camera platforms that can provide a 360-degree view of the tourist destination, giving 360-degree panoramas and unique perspectives of entire structures or landscapes. A 360-degree virtual tour that goes against traditional concepts and does not require special hardware. These youtube videos can be viewed and scrolled for a 360-degree effect.

What are the benefits of virtual tourism in Pakistan?

The main benefits of virtual tours include the ability to travel anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home. Users can experience the beauty of their destination without booking flights, time zones, travel logistics, and weather conditions.


Another advantage of virtual tours is the cost-saving features. Anyone from around the world can choose to travel anywhere without worrying about fares. Virtual tourism creates a demand for the real thing and requires more people to save and visit their favorite destinations virtually.

Virtual Tourism of Pakistan; Is It Worth Taking in 2022?

Expected benefits of Virtual tourism


A virtual tour is a free, high-quality presentation of the travel industry. It allows marketing and those who cannot afford to travel to experience highly organized events and more. Virtual tours offer hotels the opportunity to showcase their facilities for those visiting a specific destination. Traveling abroad, the hotel is a significant inconvenience. This is because you must pay dearly for a good hotel, and cheap deals are usually an unpleasant experience.

Companies Offering Virtual Tours of Pakistan 


A company is currently working on offering virtual tours of Pakistan’s many historically relevant buildings. Virtual Pakistan has many destinations on its website to explore at will in stunning HD photos. It offers 360-degree views of all significant historic sites. This can aid travel guides and help tourists plan their trips accordingly. The platform also provides an opportunity to market Pakistan’s luxurious natural beauty to the world and make it a tourist paradise.

Virtual tours offer tourism stakeholders an opportunity to market better the amenities they offer tourists. With the cost of 360-degree cameras falling, filming virtual tours is now easier than ever.

Virtual Tourism of Pakistan; Is It Worth Taking in 2022?

Virtual Tourism of Pakistan; Is It Worth Taking in 2023?

Pakistan has beautiful cities like its capital Islamabad, and it is a sight to behold when exploring on a rainy day. A picnic on a rainy day on Jinnah Street can be filmed in HD and posted on YouTube.

These videos have huge potential and are popular on Youtube, with millions of views on average. Video content is the most popular way of consuming content and offers an excellent opportunity to reach millions of users worldwide.

Virtual tours are a versatile and diverse medium that offers much flexibility in storytelling. In more developed countries such as the UK, BBC David Attenborough has curated a unique virtual experience on the Great Coral Reef. This includes reef sounds, high-quality interactive footage, and information on the different life forms that live within.

However, virtual tours are broad, and many other companies offer tours besides tour companies. For example, construction companies show land to clients through virtual reality, universities offer virtual tours before accepting admissions; and more.

RockvalleyTour in Pakistan offers Virtual Tours in Pakistan, which is indeed a great initiative to boost virtual reality tourism in Pakistan. Northern areas of Pakistan are highly reliant on tourism. For that matter, maintaining a solid online presence is crucial to marketing its various services. Like all the areas in Northern Pakistan, it will give you a closer view of this majestic beauty even if you are far away. HD 360 is another top tourism company that offers Virtual tours in Pakistan.

Pros and Cons Of Virtual Tours

Each emerging technology has its advantages and disadvantages; some common ones are listed below:

Pros of virtual tours in Pakistan include low cost and instant global access. Combining virtual tours with augmented reality can create a unique experience, such as watching gladiators at the Colosseum. It provides a way of marketing experience like never before. The possibilities of this medium are endless.

On the other hand, since it’s not gold that shines, virtual tours cannot replace real life. It just simulates it, which puts some constraints on techniques like smell and smell. Virtual tours often have no immediate financial benefits. Virtual tours can become an expensive liability if they don’t provide an adequate ROI.

Final Thoughts 

Virtual tourism presents an excellent opportunity for Pakistan to utilize and market its natural resources. This will help boost the country’s economic growth. This approach offers great potential. If used creatively, it will lead to massive increase in tourism.

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