Best Places To Visit In Oman: Tourist Sites in Oman

Best Places To Visit In Oman: Tourist Sites in Oman

Want to know where to go or is it time to explore new places? Oman, located on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula, may be of interest to you. Oman is surrounded by mountains and seas, and it is a place with many things to offer. Famous landmarks highlight the rich Islamic architecture, as well as modern architecture, dominating the beautiful skyline. Food and festivals in the region are also highly regarded. 


Oman is not a country that many people want to go to. It is a pity, because it has a lot to offer, and it is one of the safest countries in the Middle East.

In Oman, you can visit forts, deserts, mountains, beaches, mosques, markets, and swim in charming valleys.

How to Get Oman eVisa from Pakistan?

Those who wish to travel to Oman with a Pakistani passport must first apply for an Oman visa for Pakistani citizens. Fortunately, thanks to the new Oman eVisa for Pakistanis, some people may apply online.

Please note that before you apply for the Oman eVisa, you must have a residence permit from a GCC country. The Gulf Cooperation Council countries are Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

There are three types of Oman Visa for Pakistanis

Pakistani nationals can obtain various Oman visas, depending on their reason for travel, supporting documents, and the length of time they wish to stay in the Sultanate.

Best Places To Visit In Oman: Tourist Sites in Oman

Evisa Oman For Pakistani

The easiest and fastest Oman visa that can be obtained is the e-visa or e-visit to Oman for Pakistanis. If Pakistani citizens have a valid residence permit in a GCC country, they can apply online within a few minutes.


Other visas, such as work visas, take longer to obtain and require additional supporting documents. If you are interested in obtaining a non-electronic visa, it is recommended to contact the nearest Oman embassy or consulate.

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List of Top Places To Visit In Oman This Year


These are our picks of the best sights in Oman. In this section, let us explore some of the famous things in Oman and let you know what to do when you visit. Oman offers a variety of activities suitable for you. Have a look:


Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Muscat

Most trips to Oman start from the capital Muscat, and everyone’s first task is to visit the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. The main prayer hall of the Great Mosque of Muscat, one of the most beautiful sights in Oman. Above all, this is an amazing modern mosque, worthy of its name, with a capacity of 20,000 worshippers.

The solemn main prayer hall has a huge chandelier, delicate blue mosaic tiles, and the world’s second-largest hand-made Iranian rug it has been knitted by 600 women for four years. The grounds of the mosque are a peaceful place to stroll and admire the harmonious lines and arches of various buildings and beautiful gardens. It is definitely one of the best attractions in Muscat.

Best Places To Visit In Oman: Tourist Sites in Oman

During our visit, a rare shower turned the marble floor into a reflecting pool. Women need to cover their hair, arms, and legs when visiting the mosque. Men should wear long pants. The Grand Mosque is open to non-Muslim visitors from 8:30 am to 11 am every day, except Friday. There is no entrance fee.


Don’t worry about the accommodation, as Beach Bay Hotel has comfortable rooms and a hearty breakfast. It is only a two-minute walk from Shatti Al Qurum in the Diplomatic District of Muscat. You can use the adjacent Grand Hyatt swimming pool for a small fee.

Mutrah Corniche, Muscat 


Before sunset, cross the Mutrah Corniche from Muscat. Walk with the locals along the beautiful waterfront, where whitewashed buildings, mosques behind rugged mountains, and forts glow golden at dusk. Nearby, you can shop in the narrow alleys of Muttrah Souq, one of the oldest markets in Oman and one of Muscat’s top tourist attractions.Best Places To Visit In Oman: Tourist Sites in Oman

Browse the stalls to buy frankincense and myrrh, ceramic incense burners, silver jewelry, cashmere, headscarves, lamps, exquisite camels, and more. One of the best places to say at is the Beach Bay Hotel, but Muttrah Hotel is only a few steps away from Muttrah Corniche, and it is cheaper (but slightly basic).


Jibrin Castle


From Muscat, it is recommended that you travel inland to the Nizwa region, where you can explore fortresses, mountains, and ancient villages. Jibrin Castle (also known as Jibreen Fort) dates back to 1675 and looks like a sandcastle in an oasis of palm trees.

You can wander through the labyrinth-like room and see the defensive technology used as a killing hole, and the cracks in the floor used to pour boiling jujube oil on the enemy. The entrance to Jibrin Castle is 500 BC. Open from 9 am to 4 pm from Saturday to Thursday, and from 8 am to 11 am on Friday.

Best Places To Visit In Oman: Tourist Sites in Oman

Here you can stay at Nizwa is a good base. As, self-catering apartments at Al Karam Apartments are spacious, comfortable, and affordable.


Nizwa Castle

One of the most famous sights in Oman is the 17th-century Nizwa Fort. It has a huge circular tower, and you can climb up to see the mosque, the market, the Rocky Mountains in the distance, and the palm trees that surround this oasis.

Best Places To Visit In Oman: Tourist Sites in Oman

Nizwa Castle has been renovated and now displays historical objects such as jewelry, tools, and a timeline of the history of the area. You can also watch women making handicrafts and baking bread over an open fire. The killing slot can also be found here. The entrance fee to Nizwa Castle is 5 OMR. Opening hours are from 8 am to 8 pm (Friday from 8 am to 11:30 am and 1:30 pm to 8 pm).

Jebel Akhdar

By Jebel Akhdar, it means green mountain, but you may wonder why its burnt gray and orange sides climb, except for some dry thorny bushes, it is barren.


Green represents the Siq plateau village at an altitude of 2,000 meters, where heavy rain has allowed pomegranates, grapes, peaches, apricots, and roses to grow. Rosewater is used to make Omani sweets and as perfume.

Best Places To Visit In Oman: Tourist Sites in Oman

When the roses are in full bloom and the plants on the balcony are vibrant green, spring is the best time to visit. Jebel Akhdar is an easy day trip from Nizwa (or even Muscat), but you need 4WD to walk up the steep and winding roads.


The scenery at the top of the village is surrounded by stunning jagged peaks, and the cool air relaxes from the warm plains. In case, you are confused about your accommodation, then you can live in Al Karam Hotel Apartments, a 15-minute drive from the foot of Birkat Al Mouz. If you can afford it, Alila Jabal Ahdar on the mountain looks great.

Misfat al Abriyeen 

Most of the ancient Omani cities have been abandoned, but Misfat al-Abreen is still inhabited and is one of the most picturesque cities in Oman. This is a city, shaped like a labyrinth of adobe houses, which collapsed into narrow alleys and descended from the hillside. Below the city, you can walk along the aflaj irrigation canal, through lush date palm and banana plantations; the surprising green after the desert.

Best Places To Visit In Oman: Tourist Sites in Oman

After that, you must visit Misfah between Nizwa and Jebel Shams. For interesting local experiences and home-cooked food, please stay at Misfah Old House Guesthouse.


Jebel Shams


It takes a long time to reach the top of Jebel Shams, the highest mountain in Oman, across steep and rugged roads.

Pakistan Government Dispatches E-Travel Visa Policies For Omanis

This is worth it because you can enjoy the magnificent view of the depths of Wadi Al Ghul, known as the Arabian Canyon. It is one of the most beautiful places in Oman. Our highlight is the balcony walk, which is a fairly simple but compelling 2.5-hour hike that winds along the slope to the middle of the valley edge to the abandoned Al Shaab village. The small house of stone and dirt sits precariously on the edge of the canyon under the rock ledge, which is a dangerous place to live.

Best Places To Visit In Oman: Tourist Sites in Oman

The best experience to can get is to stay at Jebel Shams Resort, as it is the best of the two hilltop hotels. You can surely enjoy the view from the cabin at sunset, and it is easy to reach the viewpoint and Paseo Balcón.


Wahiba Sands 

For a real wildlife experience, head to the Wahiba Sands for rolling dunes, camel rides, and 4×4 adventures.

Best Places To Visit In Oman: Tourist Sites in Oman

Here, you can spend the night in a goat-hair Bedouin tent at the foot of the huge dunes, and climbed for sunset and sunrise. Also, it is must watched camels pass by, drinking tea by the fire, and stare at the stars. It is very calm. Moreover, the desert retreat is our most interesting place in Oman. Tourists must enjoy simple tents, delicious traditional food, and a quiet location.


Wadi Bani Khalid


Regarding Oman, one of the favorite places is river valleys, rocky valleys, or dry river basins. These basins only have water at certain times of the year, but many have swimming pools.

Best Places To Visit In Oman: Tourist Sites in Oman

Wadi Bani Khalid is a picturesque desert oasis with crystal green waters, surrounded by palm trees and rugged mountains. The swimming pool is large and swimming in the hot desert is very refreshing. This is an ideal place for a relaxing afternoon.

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One of the most visited places is Wadi Bani Khalid on the way from the Wahiba Sands to Tyre. If you want to live nearby, Oriental Night Hotel is one of the nearest hotels.


In the south, the desert meets the sea. You will find long empty beaches, a picturesque Al Aijah fishing village, a dhow construction site, and the turtle sanctuary in Ras Al Jinz to the north. Turtle watching tours (9 pm and 5 am) must be booked in advance. Unfortunately, there were no turtles on the beach when tourists went in December. The peak season is from May to September.

Best Places To Visit In Oman: Tourist Sites in Oman

However, you can live in the turtle sanctuary, but you should choose the cheapest hotel in Ras Al Hadd. After visiting the reserve, you should move to the Basic Sur Hotel in the center of Tyre, which is a cheap and comfortable hotel.

Wadi Shab

Wadi Bani Khalid is all about relaxation, and Wadi Shab is about adventure. You can take a boat across the river, walk 45 minutes through the picturesque valley, and then swim through a series of ponds to a cave with a waterfall. This is beautiful and one of the best activities in Oman.

Best Places To Visit In Oman: Tourist Sites in Oman

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Additionally, if you visited Wadi Shab on the way south to Muscat. One of the closest hotels to the valley is the Tiwi Sunrise Hotel by the sea.

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