Visit Gwadar: Complete Travel Guide To Gwadar And Its Places

Visit Gwadar: Complete Travel Guide To Gwadar And Its Places

Complete Travel Guide Of Gwadar: 

Top Places of Gwadar: Gwadar is one of Pakistan’s main trading ports in Balochistan province. Although the area has a long history, it became a bustling tourist destination only a few years ago when the undeveloped areas of Balochistan began to gain fame on social media. Today, Gwadar is one of the most frequented areas by tourists, especially those who wish to escape the gloom of the big city. This is all the information needed to travel to Gwadar.

Is Gwadar worth visiting?

Of course, YES: 

Located on the southwest coast of Balochistan, Gwadar is a port city that has been a regional settlement for centuries. However, many hidden gems have recently appeared in Balochistan, such as Moola Chotok, Hingol National Park, Astola Island, etc., which have promoted tourism in the area.


The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has made Gwadar a further focus of attention because China has not only built a highway connecting Gwadar Port and northern Pakistan but also improved the port and surrounding coastal areas. This includes creating various housing solutions for Pakistani and Chinese nationals who will work in the port. Most of the construction works were carried out near Jinnah Street behind the old town of Gwadar.

How do you get to Gwadar?

  • A straight path through the park leads to Kund Malir.
  • Crossing the Hingol National Park to reach the destination

As more and more people are eager to explore the golden and silver beaches and stunning sunsets during their trip to Gwadar, we see more and more travel agencies offering relaxing weekend trips to coastal areas.

However, going to Gwadar is a trip you can afford. It is an 8-hour drive from Karachi via the hub and the Markan Coastal Highway. You will pass Hingol National Park, Kund Malir Beach, and Ormara Beach on the way there. The road is well paved, from Gwadar to Ocean Avenue, where most motels are located.

Is Gwadar safe to visit?

Yes, Gwadar is safe for everyone. Gwadar has golden beaches, beautiful scenery, numerous mountaineering opportunities, and opportunities to change lifestyles. If you want to invest in Gwadar’s fast-growing coastal areas, new projects such as Gwadar Golf City, the Canadian city of Gwadar, and the naval anchorage Gwadar are some of the best projects.

What is the best time to visit Gwadar?

Although Gwadar is a port city, it often prides itself on the hot and dry climate typical of Balochistan. The best time to visit Gwadar is September to March during the low tide season, but December to February are the coldest months here, with temperatures as low as 1 to 2 degrees Celsius. This is why the tourist season starts from September to November and then to March.

Why is Gwadar famous?

Gawadar is famous for its large port and breathtaking views. Zalzala island, Gwadar Bay, and Astola Beach are some of the most prominent places in Gwadar that capture tourist attention. 

What should you take to travel to Gwadar?

Since you can visit Gwadar comfortably on the weekend, stay in your car during the trip, and then spend the night in a modest but comfortable hotel, there is very little you need. If you go in the middle of winter, please wear warm clothes and bring enough warm layers. Here are some key elements you can consider:

  • Warm Clothes/Light Jacket/ shawl/
  • Sweatpants or comfortable shoes
  • Warm hat/ A cap
  • Sunglasses/flashlight/Sunscreen
  • Toothpaste/toothbrush/ wipes/hand sanitiser
  • Bottle of water

A Bonus Tip For Gwadar Tour

  • Stop at Buzzi Pass and take amazing photos
  • Bozy twists and turns on the road to Gwadar

When travelling, remember the following tips:

  • Set the arrival and departure times for sunset and sunrise
  • The roller coaster from Karachi to Gwadar is long and tiring. Bring some toys or music.
  • The water can be icy in winter, so if you decide to snorkel, please keep this in mind.
  • Hiking Hope Princess and Koh-e-Batil need stamina. If you are afraid of altitude, please avoid this part of the trip.
  • Weekend trips can be stressful but exciting, so please join the journey with a positive attitude.


Best Place in Gwadar you should visit at any time of  year

The emergence of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor doubled the importance of Gwadar. In addition to its economic potential, this port city has some worth visiting places.

Then let us look at the beautiful and unseen places of Gwadar.

1- Astola Island

Stola Island, also known as Gezira Haft Talar Satadip or “Island of Seven Mountains”, is an uninhabited Pakistani island in the Arabian Sea. It is also Pakistan’s largest island, the epitome of the underrated beauty of Balochistan. This is a pretty secluded place, which gives it a beautiful feeling. You can camp, dive and fish here.

Visit Gwadar: Complete Travel Guide To Gwadar And Its Places

Places of Gwadar: Astola Island

2- Ormara Beach

Ormara Beach is located between Karachi and Gwadar, on the Makran Coast Highway, and is a naval base. It is 240 kilometres away from Karachi, less than 5 hours by car. Omara was one of the stops of Alexander the Great. One of his generals died here, named Ormuz, hence Ormara.

Visit Gwadar: Complete Travel Guide To Gwadar And Its Places

Places of Gawadar: Omara Beach

This is an impressive sight because you can see several aircraft carriers from the beach, and it is one of the best pristine natural beaches in the country.

3- Hammerhead

This rock mass resembled the shape of a hammer whale and was formed by erupting mud volcanoes. Most of the rocks in the Gwadar area were created by these volcanic eruptions. The beautiful view of the Arabian Sea to the south of Hammerhead and the magnificent view of Gwadar to the north.

Visit Gwadar: Complete Travel Guide To Gwadar And Its Places

Places of Gwadar: Hammerhead


4- The Sphinx

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to see the magnificent Egyptian Sphinx in front of it instead of in the photo? Gwadar has a naturally carved sphinx at the top of the mountain that looks like a man-made sculpture. Its beauty and splendour have attracted many tourists from all over the world.

Visit Gwadar: Complete Travel Guide To Gwadar And Its Places

Places of Gawadar: The Sphinx

5- Princess Of Hope

The Hope Princess is in Pakistan’s largest national park and is another top tourist attraction. It is believed that the formation is man-made, but history claims that it was carved in the same way as the Sphinx and the hammerhead shark, formed by erupting the dirt hills that covered these areas.


Visit Gwadar: Complete Travel Guide To Gwadar And Its Places

Places of Gwadar: Princess of Hope Statue


It is presented as a primitive female statue, which is impressive due to its huge size and seemingly man-made shape.

6- Buzzi Pass

As we all know, the main reason to travel to Gwadar is Buzzi Pass. It provides us with the most breathtaking scenery from all aspects, which can not help but be amazed and amazed. Overlooking the Hingol National Park and extraordinary natural sculptures with great views. As we all know, Buzzi Pass is famous because Alexander the Great passed through here, and he lost many of his legions in this passage.

Visit Gwadar: Complete Travel Guide To Gwadar And Its Places

Places of Gwadar: Buzzi Pass


7- Gwadar Desert

Crossing the bridge of the Hingol River, you will find a coastal semi-desert where locals and tourists can hunt in the dunes. Again, this is one of the reasons why Gwadar tourists are becoming more and more concentrated.

Visit Gwadar: Complete Travel Guide To Gwadar And Its Places

Places of Gwadar: Desert of Gwadar


Final Thoughts

That’s all for Gwadar Travel Guide. Let us know if you find this helpful or if we miss anything you want to know. We would love to hear from your side.

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