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Classic Travel Tips to follow – Lists of travel INSIGHTS!


The fact that something is classic advice does not mean that it is good advice. Travel itineraries may change overnight, but tips from the Global Traveler community are not always updated. Some claims are still pending or have been converted and reformulated to advise today’s travelers. However, the wisdom and other goodwill that deserves to be shared and appreciated have been transferred from the travel guide to the friend who has just returned from abroad. Buy your flight and think twice before subscribing to these classic travel tips.

Plan your entire trip in advance to ease travel anxiety.

Worries about travel are much more common than you might think, and this desire to follow a scheduled itinerary has allowed travel agencies to work for decades. But according to research in the Journal of Tourism Analysis, this temptation may waste money and opportunities and even show more anxiety during the trip. Reaching a new destination with a flexible mindset and flight route will allow you to get better deals on the ground and follow unexpected recommendations found along the way. This flexibility can also help relieve stress that may arise, such as weather conditions that collide with previously planned paths. Try to balance before flying: Make enough plans to make sure you feel comfortable and excited, such as the home you choose when you arrive, walk or die on a road, not just the trip, so there is no room to explore.

Skip Tourist Attractions

Tourism is experiencing an identity crisis. Mobile friends reported how their visits to “travel traps” like Mona Lisa or Angkor Wat became crowded and disappointing, which was discussed online It was confirmed that the discussion praised modern travelers as “different.” But these standards are iconic for some reason; they are a key element in determining the identity of a destination and how its history and culture have changed over time. This is your way. Visiting the Instagram site can be disappointing, but learn and understand why today’s landmarks can portray culture and geography in a way that prepares travelers to explore. Deeper fate. If your destination is considered a “tourist”, you can do homework or visit the attraction, and travel a lot, and hugging famous attractions can add value and direction to more unknown encounters in unknown locations.

Don’t eat street food

Just using a horror story about foreign food poisoning can raise doubts about foreign cuisine. Add another unknown item and eat on the street and the restaurant’s sense of security becomes tempting. But this anxiety is unfounded, and travelers risk losing the true way to experience the country’s culture. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, households in regions such as Africa and Asia spend up to half of their food budget on street stalls. Usually, this price is not only cheaper but also more reliable, and it is usually set in cleaner conditions than when the door is closed. Michelin stars and other culinary awards are found in street stalls around the world. Take local advice, or if you find locals are lining up, line up! This indicates the quality of the food, and high turnover means a fresh kitchen.

Roll up your clothes for the extra bag space

Initially, the owners of the aviation industry shared this trade secret to maximizing the space for travel bags. With the support of organizational experts such as Mary Condo, recycling technology has become more popular on homes and flights More and more popular. But here is inherent schizophrenia that any student at Condo can recognize: wrapping clothes and other popular packaging techniques will definitely make him stronger, but should he? Kondo himself jumped into the field of travel and urged something special about effective packaging. Pack wisely, but do not intend to reuse the kilograms allocated to your checked baggage. Kondo recommends leaving up to 50% of her luggage empty to preserve memory, but it can also reduce anxiety and reduce valuable travel time wasted by finding items and continuing to unpack.

Bargain to save your travel costs

The art of bargaining has its place in many cultures, and every major travel blog has guides on how to bargain to help you navigate your local market. After all, “tourist prices” can be found all over the world, where sellers don’t advertise or suggest higher prices to foreigners. This is not discriminatory in nature: it is usually done with the expectation of some kind of friendship with Jupiter. Successful negotiation is about your focus and expectations. First, understand where it is appropriate to negotiate. Cheap and second-hand goods markets are expected to be negotiated in Turkey, but you probably won’t get friendly negotiations on taxis like Thai tuk-tuk drivers. And don’t expect your bargaining skills to cut your budget significantly. This is an interesting commitment to local sellers and respects a flexible market, which can save a few dollars here and there, without detracting from the local things or experience they deserve.

Drink bottled water

According to the World Health Organization, drinking water pollution is one of the main sources of traveler health problems. In many cases, the immune system is new to certain foreign pathogens, or old infrastructure makes it difficult for countries to provide drinking water. But prescription treatments that only drink bottled water are a stigma that travel and developing countries are trying to counter. From Bali to Mexico, plastic is the main enemy, and local governments and non-profit organizations provide as much better-filtered water supply as possible. Bring a reusable flask when you travel, and use a filtered gas station at airports, hotels, and restaurants to save costs and reduce the impact on the environment. For added peace of mind, there are many reliable micro water filters and purification pads that can be easily stored in a tote.

Plan a trip for the best time of the year.

The “peak season” of the area usually coincides with the best weather forecasts for travelers. But traveling in the chase of clear skies raises expectations and leads to disappointing destinations, not to mention artificially increasing costs and busy tourist routes. Sometimes traveling during the high season is useful. Beach vacations or snorkeling trips may not match the monsoon season. But traveling during the “off-season” may enrich your journey in unexpected ways. With fewer tourists around, locals stand out more authentically. Everything from flights to accommodation is cheaper and you can spend less time lining up to local restaurants and popular attractions. Off-season flights also offer greater travel flexibility. Due to the greater availability of transportation within the country, it is easier to change routes or change the entire route at any time.

Completely disconnected

A poll conducted by Intel’s security department found that 49% of millennials want to leave their smartphones at home while traveling, but most have failed. This idea of ​​digital detoxification is of virtue. However, your phone should not be ashamed while on vacation. According to mental health experts, communication can improve your travel and help reduce travel anxiety, which is just to set your limits. Disable work email alerts and remove social media applications to reduce the need to spend your holidays “on your liking”. Instead, check out the local apps and resources available to visitors. At many important destinations, there are apps designed to show how many people are currently in a popular attraction, so you can schedule a tour at a less crowded time (sometimes you get discounts). Others can help to single travelers get to know other tourists, get real-time reviews of local food, or explore the city through shared tours.

Youth hostels are only suitable for young travelers

According to the International Youth Hostels, this hostel was originally developed and sold for young budget travelers across Europe. But this outdated vision has changed the tourism industry in recent decades, and today’s hotels estimate the value of the interconnectedness between the guests they travel,

According to the International Youth Hostels, this hostel was originally developed and sold for young budget travelers across Europe. However, this outdated vision has transformed tourism in recent decades, and today’s shelters value communication between travelers, regardless of age or income. Design and design focus on the common feelings of society while expanding the family choice of bedrooms to include private rooms while providing travelers with this social environment while ensuring travelers’ comfort. Some hotels known as luxury hotels offer facilities similar to those offered by resorts. Those hotels that are looking for more luxury facilities bring an ancient atmosphere to people.

Digital security

Personal travel has been growing rapidly over the past decade: Last year, a Hostel World report showed that bookings for personal travel have almost doubled since 2016. However, a simple Google search revealed that many travelers are still worried about the possibility of traveling alone, and young travelers struggle to convince their parents that it will be safe for them to travel abroad. The same rules apply for group and solo travelers to enjoy safe travel, and due to the increase in size and actual coverage, experts believe that solo travelers are indeed more attentive than group travelers. Regardless of your travel plan, use common sense, pay attention to your surroundings, and do n’t risk not operating at home.

Say “yes” to everything

Born to travel is to leave the comfort zone, which can put you under great stress. We call it “the fear of getting lost,” or the “yes” of professional ethics today becomes free time. If you are not interested in any “compulsive” activities, then ignore the site visits in the afternoon and don’t feel indulged while resting in the hotel pool. There are many ways to explore them without harming your interests or severely consuming them. After all, you don’t want to return to work and feel like you need a vacation to recover from your vacation. Don’t be afraid to say no and maximize your time by creating adventure activities specifically for you.

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