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Famous Hospitals in Islamabad

Famous Hospitals in Islamabad: Any accident can happen every day or every minute of life. Any location is incomplete without a hospital. One of the essential locations in the hospital where one can get quality health care services. The quality of health can be count on the OPDs settlement along with an organized and purposeful setting. Moreover, the hospital should be fully equipped to handle any kind of emergency whether it’s related to maternal or a severe road accident.  We have created a list that shows some of the Famous Hospitals of Islamabad, which are fully equipped and ready to serve all of their patients equally.

A-List of Famous Hospitals in Islamabad That is Ready to Provide You with The Best Health Care in Islamabad

Counting on the Famous Hospitals in Islamabad, there are both of private and public sector healthcare which considered to be the best in Pakistan. Unfortunately, according to the top 40 hospitals in South Asia by Ranking Web of World Hospitals in 2016. Only three of them is from Pakistan. The parameter that counts when talking about the best health care is the number of facilities, equipment, and the experts working in the hospital along with the scholars affiliated with the hospital. Moreover, the reputation also being checked up whether it is preferred during an emergency. Without any doubt, Pakistan is struggling hard to compete with the international standards of health care that will surely take time. For now, let’s take a look at the list of Famous Hospitals of Islamabad.


Taking the top position on the list of Famous Hospitals of Islamabad and public sector hospitals in the country, PIMS (Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences) provides for a number of facilities. The hospital is supreme in its services and management and considered to the best for handling any kind of emergency. Moreover, the prime factor of this hospital is the treatment of Thalassemia. There is a large number of capacity to accommodate more patience but due to the higher population rate, it’s comparatively low.

PIMS (Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences)

For instance, there are 592 beds in a total of which 230 beds are reserved for children’s. In addition, 125 beds are for maternal and others are reserved for other departments its worth reading both medical oncology and radiation oncology. Furthermore, The hospital is specialized in pediatric care, obstetrics, and gynaecology department. The hospital is located in G-8 Markab spread over 3.5 hectares of space.

Maroof International Hospital

The hospital is second on the list is the private hospital, Maroof International Hospital built-in 2009. Since then it is working hard to provide supreme health care services to the resident of the city and nearby areas. In a short period of time, Maroof considered being the best private hospital in Islamabad. Located in F 10 sector, the hospital is equipped with the latest equipment and technology for minor and major surgeries. The well-trained staff is ready to handle any kind of emergency round the clock.

Maroof International Hospital

Moreover, the building of the hospital is kept tidy and clean. Along with. The ambience is so unique in style that healing word so apt for a hospital. Furthermore, the diagnostic lab along with seven Operation Theater is equipped with the latest technology that caters to most types of surgical treatments. Competent staff will give you the possible comfort during your hard time.

Shifa International Hospital

Shifa International Hospital is one of the major hospitals in the whole of Pakistan. Each department of the hospital is well equipped with ultramodern facilities. It was built in 1987, now located in Pitras Bukhari Rd, H-8/4, to serve the natives with international health care services. Today, the hospital is consist of Block-A, B, C, D, E and F, ICU beds, new ORs etc. other than the hospital offers 398 IPD beds with quality care and OPD facility in different specializations.

Shifa International Hospital

Above all, the Shifa International Hospital is the first in Pakistan for a successful Liver Transplant. Furthermore, Urology that deals with all urinary tract infections, stones, prostate, diseases, infertility, and impotence to major urological cancer surgeries for kidney, bladder, and prostate. On the other hand, Heart Center and Orthopedic centre have specialized experienced doctors and surgeon. Last but not least it’s the Cancer centre which provides the cure for cancer in both medical oncology and radiation oncology.

KRL Hospital

KRL Hospital located in G-9 Islamabad and it is one of amongst hospital that proudly certified with IOS in 2008. The hospital is considered to be a fine hospital with a large capacity to serve the patient. There are 350 beds for the patient with a different disease.


Furthermore, hospital management maintains its excellence according to the international standard. OPDs along with the diagnostic centre and pharmacy lab is open 24/7. There is a list of the specialist that is ready to serve the general public. The hospital management offers its services to handle any kind of emergency. Whether it is because of workload, stroke cases, those heart attacks, road accidents and many others. The list may include, Cardiologist, Dermatologist, Gastroenterologist, Eye Specialist, Child Specialist, Nephrologist, Neurologist, Neurosurgeon, Gynecologist, Ophthalmologist, Orthopedic Surgeon, Psychiatrist, Diagnostic Radiologist, and Urologist.

Kulsum International Hospital

Last but not least is the Kulsum International Hospital, which is one of the small private hospitals. It is located on the main Jinnah Avenue Road. The hospital gains popularity because of its services for the general public. The small building consists of 67 beds for patients. Moreover, there is excellent general health and cardiac care. The doctors and the paramedics both are quite efficient. Along with this, it also owns an efficient set of professionals for the patients. Offered services include; Physiotherapy, Cardiac rehab, Diet and nutrition, Emergency services and General Surgery.

Kulsoom International Hospital

Kulsum International Hospital is also one of the IOS certified hospitals in Pakistan due to its commitment to providing a high standard of customer satisfaction. Also, ensuring best practices consistently meeting customer’s requirements including quality, safety, cost and service delivery. Lastly, the hospital is affordable as compared to most of the hospital in town.

I hope you like our list of Famous Hospitals in Islamabad, if you have any suggestion, write in the comment section below:

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