Karachi (The city of Lights)


Karachi – Capital of Sindh Province – Largest by Population in Pakistan 


Previously Karachi fame as the Capital of Pakistan, later Islamabad replaces it. Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan as according to geographical and population. Capital of Sindh province situated at the bank of the great Arabian Sea. It is one of the 10 largest metropolitan cities in the world. Karachi falls in the large province of Pakistan Sindh. That is formally known as Babul Islam, the gateway of Islam. Karachi has a strong religious presence on the map along with that Karachi is also well known for its archaeological sites at Thatta, Mohenjo-Daro and Kot Diji.

Pakistan gains its 54% of yearly revenue because of its being premier industrial, commercial and financial centres. Full of monuments, landmarks, and seaports make the city, the biggest city of Pakistan. The title given to this city has much significance, as in the early years of Pakistan independence, a local political party choose its icon as a lantern and give a lantern to each of the houses as a promotional purpose so the city was full of lights and became the city of lights. On the other way, the great commercial city as amazing nightlife. Law and order situation is satisfactory and up to the national security policies. A must place to visit while exploring Pakistan.

Top 10 Karachi Attraction

With approximately 21 million population, Karachi bears numerous attractions for the local community and foreigners as well. There are several parks, food corners, grounds, shopping areas, museums, monuments, landmarks, beaches, hills and much more to explore. Below is the list that shows the top 10 most visited places in the large metropolitan city of Karachi.

1. Clifton Beach Karachi

Clifton Beach is the only seaside in Pakistan as it shares its soft grey sand with the great Arabian Sea. The beach is one of the busiest places in the whole Karachi because it is available for the richest to the poorest, a picnic without paying a big amount. The beach as its amazement in every second of the clock whether it’s the early morning or the night when the moon is spreading its light. All of this moment capture the visitor’s attention and the most loveable view for the visitor is the dusk time. Karachi’s life is full of colours and the sea adds more thrill to it.

2. Mizar e Quaid

The city of lights Karachi is also commonly known as the city of Quaid as it’s the birth and buried place of the Founder of Pakistan, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. It’s also formally known as the Jinnah Mausoleum and contains the grave of the great leader Jinnah along with the graves of his brave sister Mader e Millat Fatima Jinnah and the first Prime Minister Liaquat Ali khan. The magnificent white marble building is an iconic symbol of Karachi. Official and Military ceremony on each special occasion notable 23 March, 14 August, 11 September, 25 December especially. The tour to Karachi is incomplete without visiting the Tomb.

3. Mohatta Palace

The Palace was built in 1927 by a successful Marwari entrepreneur, Shiv Rattan Mohatta. Later after the independence of Pakistan, the Government of Pakistan acquired the building to house the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1947. After that, it became the residence of Jinnah’s sister Fatima Jinnah. Many renovations made after her sudden death, the interior is magnificent and luxurious in its style. Since 1999 it has been operating as a museum open to the public. Museum has devoted to the arts of Pakistan and also presents a small collection of Queen Victoria and soldiers of Raj as well.

4. Karachi Safari Park

Well maintained and well-organized safari park of Pakistan is inhabitant many of animals with the two natural lakes and a ride of the chairlift. The safari was inaugurated by Lt. General Atiq ur Rehman and falls in the area of Gulshan e Iqbal in 1970. The park has much attraction for the visitor, a great place for a family picnic. Citizen enjoys quality time there.

5. Frere Hall

Considered as the most iconic place of Karachi, Frere Hall is an important landmark. One of the most ancient buildings of the colonial-era and for now it serves as the exhibition space and library. It’s strategically placed in the centre of the city and a very impressive colonial building with very high ceilings. The ceiling was decorated by unmatchable artist Sadequain. It holds the famous Karachi eat festival in January in its extensive grounds Bagh -e-Jinnah and it contains a fabulous gallery within. The architect of the building is a combination of the British rule and local architectural elements.

6. National Museum of Pakistan

Established in 1950, the National Museum of Pakistan collects preserves and studies various artefacts associated with Pakistani cultural heritage. The museum was relocated to its present address at Burnes Garden in 1970 with four galleries. The basic objective of establishing the National Museum was to collect, preserve, study, and exhibit the records of the cultural history of Pakistan and to promote a learned insight into the personality of its people. Today there are eleven galleries including the Quran gallery which exhibits 300 identical copies Quran. Other galleries showcase, collections sourced from the Indus & Gandhar civilization, Islamic Art and Pakistan’s political history. The museum also exhibits an auditorium and 250 seat capacity.

7. Pakistan Maritime Museum

Running under the supervision of naval force as it is the only naval museum in Karachi. The museum consists of six galleries and an auditorium that displays a wide range of artefacts of maritime and naval heritage have been incorporated through attractive dioramas, relief sculpture, murals, and miniature paintings, touch screen computers, taxidermy, and ancient weapons. The museum also contains Daphne Class Submarine PNS Hangor (S131), the minesweeper, PNS Mujahid (M164), Breguet Atlantic aircraft that was offered by Majesty to Naval Chief in 1960. Great place to visit and explore the naval force and their achievements.

8. Port Grand

Port Grand is one of the most popular food courts in town. It is a recreational seaside area built along with the Native Jetty Bridge of 19 century. It was renovated and open for the public on 28 May 2011. The port grand connects the history with the present era. The idea of bringing a new life to an old bridge is amazing. There is a range of best restaurants that offers an exotic blend of Mexican, Italian, Chinese food with a wonderful environment. One of the great places to visit in Karachi.

9. Shrine of Hazrat Shah Abdul Ghazi

The shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi built on the sandy shores of the city almost 10 centuries ago. The shrine has remained a centre of attraction for people belonging to different religions, sects, ethnicities, and sections of society. Not only religious people but also many politicians. The majestic saint connects his heritage to the last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) and gains equal respect from Muslims and non-Muslims. Many renovations made in the best year to accommodate more and more devotees. One of the most popular urban myths of Karachi is related to what is perhaps its largest Sufi shrine, for a long time the saint’s many admirers have believed and still stick to it that the reason cyclones usually miss hitting Karachi is squarely due to the mystical power and presence of Shah Ghazi’s spirit that resides within the shrine.

10. Empress Market

The most crowded and shopping area of Karachi is the empress market and road. The site has much historical significance, the building was constructed in 1884 to 1889 and a well-chosen site that is visible from every corner of the city. The building was arranged around a courtyard, 130ft by 100ft, with four galleries each 46ft wide. The galleries provided accommodation for 280 shops and stall keepers. Karachi shares a lion amount in the total revenue of the country through the trades. Empress Market is the most popular shopping area for every lot of generation and for the richest to poorest.




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