Islamabad-Muzaffarabad Railway Track

Islamabad-Muzzaffarabad Railway Track

Islamabad-Muzaffarabad Railway Track: Muzaffarabad, The Capital Of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Islamabad will get Railway Track very soon. Amazing Muzaffarabad is located in Muzaffarabad District on the banks of the Jhelum and Neelum rivers. The population of Muzaffarabad is touching one million or slightly more.

According to Daily Express Newspaper, Prime Minister Mr Nawaz Sharif is taking a keen interest in the development of Azad Kashmir. During his election campaign in 2013, one of his promises to local people has now been materialised.

Kashmir Railways Authorities in Azad Kashmir Government has selected the route. Prime Minister Sharif has located sixty million Pak Rupees for the feasibility of a project, which was handed over to the Austrian Company in late 2014 that is expected to be completed in March 2015.  Austrian Company won the contract for 57 million, and the report is near completion.

The expected plan has been laid out. According to Authorities Track shall start from Margalla Station, then it will curve through Aapara Market, leading towards the busy town of Baharkhu. The track then will slide towards Islamabad Expressway towards the right side, reaching Lower Topa Murre. At Lower Topa, a tunnel consisting of five kilometres shall be built. As per the plan, four tunnels shall be constructed on 110-kilometre Railway Track.

This Railways track shall increase mobility in the two capitals. The tourism industry shall flourish as it would reduce the travelling time. Right now roads are receiving weighty traffic every day so having parallel transport facility shall be beneficial for tour operators, students, business people.

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