Skardu Valley Tours for 10 days in 2023

Skardu Tour Package 10 Days 09 Nights

What could be more exciting than visiting Pakistan’s far north before Siachen? Pakistan Tour and Travel offers exciting offers for nature lovers to explore the hidden beauty of Pakistan. Pakistan Skardu Tour Package is designed for tourists who want to explore every corner of the earth without rushing to travel. The Skardu Tour Package includes (10 days / 09 nights), where we will cover all the large and small parts of the Skardu Valley and the surrounding areas.


While traveling to the extreme north, we hall stay at different stopovers so that our journey is stress-free. Our first and foremost stopover would be Chilas after the long drive of 10 hours.


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  • Day 1: Skardu Tour package shall start from Rawalpindi to Chilas. We shall stay at Chilas after a long journey. A good family hotel is offered for an overnight stay.


  • Day 2: We shall leave the hotel early morning and move from Chilas to Skardu via Karakoram Highway. Within 7 hours drive, we shall reach Skardu City. Overnight Stay in a good family hotel.


  • Day 3: Skardu tour package shall involve us seeing Kharpucho Fort, an ancient Skardu fort. Then we shall move towards Sadpara Lake.


  • Day 4: Pakistan tour and travel shall escort our customer from Skardu city to lower Khachura (Shangrila Resort) for an overnight stay. We shall stay at night in the beautiful Shangrila Resort.


  • Day 5: Visit Upper Khachura presented its 20-minute walk from Shangrila Resort to upper Khachura, a beautiful lake Upper Khachura lake; stay overnight in Upper Khachura.


  • Day 6: Khaplu Fort is our next destination, so we move from upper Khachura to Khaplu Fort. It is 100-kilometer away from Skardu city. Overnight stay in a good hotel.


  • Day 7: We shall visit Shigar Fort from Khaplu. In the evening, we shall return to Skardu City.


  • Day 8: Deosai National park is a fantastic gift of God. Deosai national park is the second highest plateau on earth, so we shall like to show you Deosai national park.


  • Day 9:  Reach Skardu to Chillas in 9 to 10 hours via Karakoram Highway.


  • Last Day: Breakfast for 13 hours. Journey via Babausar Top or Karakoram Highway for the End of the Tour towards Islamabad.

Tour Includes:

  1. Dedicated Private GLI Car with Driver & Fuel
  2. Breakfast for Couple
  3. 9 Nights Hotel Stay
  4. Road Taxes
  5. Jeep Ride to Deosai National Park Private
  6. Bonfire in Hotel for one night only in Shangrila Lake Area
  7. Entry Tickets for KHaplu & Shiger Forts

Things Not Included:

  1. Lunch
  2. Dinner
  3. Visit to any other Valley
  4. Any Refreshments
  5. Any Air or Train Tickets
  6. Anything other then Agreed

How this plan goes? 

Starting from the Karakorum Highway, you will find an enormous, picturesque scene to capture. Skardu 10 days 9 Nights Tour includes the visit to these great valleys that are:


  • Khaplu Valley
  • Shigar Valley
  • Deosai Plains


In these valleys, we shall visit some of the breathtaking places on the Skardu tour, have a look:


  • Sheosar Lake
  • Badapani,
  • Kalapani.
  • Shangrila Resort   
  • Deosai National Park
  • Kharpucho Fort
  • Khaplu Fort
  • Sadpara Lake
  • Upper Khacura
  • And Many Nearby Places.


This tour plan allows exploring all the fantastic areas you haven’t explored. Also, we will explore inaccessible tourist attractions like Badapani and Kalapani. Moreover, there are Sheosar Lakes, Upper Kachura, and the most famous Shangri-La resort. It looks like heaven on earth—the alluring combo of the desert and the stunning plains of Deosai.


The winding path to the Khaplu valley, covered by tall trees and jeep to Wadi Shigar, surprised everyone. This is the best time to visit this wonderful land.

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