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Swat tour packages for 2024 start from 65,000 PKR  or 200 USD. Let’s plan a family trip to Swat with our top-notch services. Explore the breathtaking beauty of Swat Kalam Valley with our customisable Swat kalam tour plans.

Facts About Pakistan: longest paved road KKH

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Explore Exciting Activities in Swat Kalam Valley

Experience the thrill in Swat Kalam with a free fall, zoom through the breathtaking landscapes with ziplining, and carve your way down snowy slopes with skiing. Navigate the rushing rivers through white water rafting, try your hand at trout fishing, and explore the lush surroundings with invigorating hikes. Swat Kalam offers various adventures for nature enthusiasts and adrenaline seekers alike. Explore the thrill of Swat Kalam with these exciting activities:

Free Fall Icon
Free Fall

Experience the adrenaline rush of free-fall adventures, adding extra excitement to your Swat Kalam visit.

Zip Line Icon

Soar through the picturesque landscapes with the exhilarating ziplining adventures, offering a bird’s-eye view of Swat’s natural beauty.

Skiing Icon

Embrace the winter charm with skiing in Swat Kalam, where snow-covered slopes provide the perfect backdrop for this classic winter sport.

Rafting Icon
White Water Rafting

Navigate the rapids and feel the rush of white water rafting on Swat’s rivers, an adventure combining nature and excitement.

Fishing Icon
Trout Fishing

Indulge in the tranquillity of Swat’s rivers with trout fishing, a relaxing and rewarding activity for those seeking a peaceful connection with nature.

Hiking Icon

Tidy up your shoes and explore the scenic trails around Swat Kalam. Hiking unveils the region’s hidden gems, from lush valleys to panoramic mountain views.

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