Neelum Valley Tour Packages

Neelum Valley comes as wonderful respite for travellers. First of all, it brings winds of Kashmir, Charisma of Srinagar, peaks of Gul marg. Furthermore, culture is mirror of occupied Kashmir with serenity un match beauty. Neelum Valley Tour Packages showcases tourism wonders in highland of Azad Kashmir. May it be rivers, waterfalls, sky touching peaks, lavish green meadows or heavenly lakes. Furthermore, names depicts feminine touch to bring about exotic touch. Moreover, tour packages for Neelum Valley brings about different taste of tourism, staying in Neelum Valley is lifetime experience, churning of birds in Upper Neelum or floral touch of Arrang Kel with scenic Jhelum pouring from Indian held Kashmir. Most noteworthy, Neelum Valley caste magical spell on visitors in both seasons winters and Summers. Snowy lands of kutton, Keran and Sharda remain open in extremely cold Winters. Whereas, summers poses opportunity to welcome tourists in Kel, Arrang Kel and last village of Taobut. Hence, Neelum Valley tour Packages are unique, articulate and most importantly quite interesting.

Tour Packages of Neelum Valley

Couple Package 85,000 PKR
Couple Package 75,000 PKR
Couple Package 75,000 PKR
Couple Package 35,000 PKR
Couple Package 55,000 PKR
Couple Package 35,000 PKR
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