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Hunza Serena Inn is a 2-hour drive north of Gilgit in the ancient town of Karimabad, formerly Baltit. The Inn stands in a magical setting surrounded by lush green fields, apricot apple orchards, and awe-inspiring snow-capped mountains and offers breathtaking views of Mount Rakaposhi, Diran, Golden Peak, Ultar, Lady Finger and the Hunza Valley. Hunza Serena Baltit Inn stands in a magnificent setting with astounding views of the Hunza.

Furthermore, Hunza Serena Baltit Inn is one of the most popular tourist resorts. For this reason, the management provides its best service to the visitors to enjoy their tour amply. The Inn, surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks such as the mighty Mount Rakaposhi and the vast glaciers of Ultar, Hunza Serena Baltit Inn, is a popular and preferable destination for leisure travellers seeking adventure.

The Hunza Valley provides outstanding natural beauty and is incredibly rich in culture and history. At Hunza Serena Inn, one can experience unforgettable adventure culture and take a warm breath in the serenity of Hunza Valley. Therefore, Hunza Serena Baltit Inn offers different services according to their requirement by keeping within your budget. There are well-occupied 20 rooms along with two deluxe rooms and 7 Tents. Serena Hotel Chain has a total of 11 Serena hotels in Pakistan that are perfect for tourist.

The cuisine varies from Regional to Chinese to Continental with, of course, touch light snacks. In its Diran Garden, entertain you with local artists along with BBQ. As it’s the 21st century, all the Satellite and Internet services are provided. 24-hour room services, laundry, and a Doctor is available. Moreover, Welcome Drinks, Buffet Breakfast, Fresh Fruit, Mini-bar, Daily Newspaper, Wi-Fi Access, Accommodation and Breakfast for Spouse, and Access to Maisha Health Club are the inclusive services that will be provided at standard rates. Hence, one never wants to miss the chance to enjoy natural beauty and luxurious services.

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