Traveling With Credit Card; Things You Should Consider

Traveling With Credit Card; Things You Should Consider

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Gone are the days when travelers could only rely on traveler’s checks or cash when traveling outside the U.S. The twenty-first century has brought convenient and practical credit cards at home and abroad. Americans couldn’t be happier.


However, there are a few things you need to know about credit cards. If you’re traveling outside the U.S. – and in destinations frequently visited by U.S. tourists, you’ll pay for everyday expenses with your credit card without any issues.


When traveling to international destinations such as Mexico, Tokyo, London, and more, you can use your creditcard to purchase goods and services. This is based on a ranking of the 100 most searched international destinations compiled by the Hipmunk website.


However, if you travel to the countryside of some of these destinations, you will be required to use cash on any purchases, and for good reason.


For example, in a place like Havana, Cuba — which ranks 82nd on the list — a U.S. creditcard can get you so far. This can be a big inconvenience when traveling. Here are some other essential tips you need to know when traveling abroad with a creditcard.


1. Carry a globally recognized credit card with you


As a travel lover, it is imperative to carry a widely accepted credit card around the world with you. Mastercard and Visa are good examples. Almost all international destinations accept them wherever you go.

Traveling With Credit Card; Things You Should Consider

American Express is also accepted, but in limited destinations worldwide. So if you’re traveling in the U.S. with your own credit card, consider using a Visa or MasterCard credit card as a backup when traveling abroad.


But there are countries around the world that accept less popular international creditcards, such as China. They accept the Discover creditcard, which is the least widely accepted creditcard in the world.


The use of UnionPay creditcards is also predominant in China, so if you own any of these cards, you will enjoy the same international shopping pleasures in Japan, Beijing, and Shanghai. Do not take these cards with you abroad unless you travel to China or other Asian countries.


2. Have a backup credit card


Make sure to carry more than one creditcard with you when you travel abroad, as well as some extra cash to meet the needs that may arise if one card fails. Alternatively, you can use an online service to find a lender who can provide you with instant funding in case you can’t solve the problem based on your credit history alone. This is to your advantage, especially if a single card is rejected. Get into the habit of traveling with a credit card that gives you extra rewards for travel outside of the United States. You can take advantage of rewards, especially when searching for transportation, booking a hotel, or dining at a restaurant.

Traveling With Credit Card; Things You Should Consider

3. Carry local currency


Sometimes credit cards don’t work, especially in rural areas where you’re heading. In this case, carrying local currency will come in handy. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and trouble in the process.


The same is true when traveling in certain areas of the United States that do not accept credit cards. Having the local currency allows you to travel without any obstacles. For example, get rupees in Mumbai, euros in Paris, pounds in London, etc.

Traveling With Credit Card; Things You Should Consider

Consider keeping some of these local currencies in your wallet and some in your pocket in case your wallet is stolen or lost. During your international flight, anything can happen.


4. Notify your credit card insurance company where you are going


If you don’t want to get a credit card for suspicious purchases while traveling thousands of miles from home, notify your credit card insurance company before traveling.

Doing so will reduce any inconvenience and confusion that may cause insurance companies to deny any purchases or use of credit cards. So make sure your credit card insurance company knows ahead of time that you will be traveling. This will help keep your funds safe and unfrozen.

Traveling With Credit Card; Things You Should Consider

5. Get a credit card with no extra foreign fees


Traveling outside of the U.S. may result in your credit card insurer charging your card high transaction fees for any foreign purchases you make.

Traveling With Credit Card; Things You Should Consider

In most cases, the credit card will charge you the typical 3% rate. This means that if traveling abroad will cost you $1,000 in travel expenses, $30 will be deducted from your card’s foreign transaction fees. You can save this amount when you have a credit card with no additional foreign fees.


6. You have a SIM card and a PIN card


When planning to travel abroad, consider using chip and PIN cards. Most international destinations accept this card.

Traveling With Credit Card; Things You Should Consider


Before you can buy anything with a chip and PIN card, you must use your authentication transaction in the form of a code (such as a signature). It’s useful when you want to keep your credit card safe.

Today, almost all credit cards in the US contain a Europay, MasterCard, Visa, or EMV chip. However, all transactions must be verified by signature.

You’ll need a similar card to use outside the US for fast, easy, and efficient transactions. That’s where chips and PINs come in. In places like Europe, self-service stores require a chip card and a PIN. It’s important to have one if you’re traveling to these destinations.


7. Avoid trading


When traveling abroad, it’s easy to want to transact in the US, especially when using the dynamic currency conversion feature. This is good because you can see the item cost in USD.


But this feature may cost you. These are the high exchange rates that arise when using the dynamic currency converter. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not fall into the temptation to “check your dollar totals” every time you buy in your local currency.

Traveling With Credit Card; Things You Should Consider

In fact, if your credit card insurance company converts your purchases into dollars to use on your credit card statement, that fee will be more than what they charge you. Stay away from any dynamic transitions.


8. Know your card’s travel protection


Traveling abroad doesn’t mean you won’t have any problems along the way. There will be many of them, including accidents (God forbid), canceled flights, lost luggage at the airport, delayed flights, and more.

Traveling With Credit Card; Things You Should Consider

When you have the right travel credit card, you can protect yourself from all of the above possibilities and enjoy a smooth trip. How to do it? Find the necessary travel protections before purchasing a travel card. He knows all the ins and outs.


9. Use a credit card to enter the airport lounge


Most credit cards allow users to use Priority Pass lounges at any international airport. This is a welcome step, especially if you’ve traveled for miles and all you need is a lounge to rest your tired body.

Traveling With Credit Card; Things You Should Consider

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Complimentary food, snacks, and even drinks are easily accessible at most Priority Pass lounges, and in rare cases, spa treatments come with all the bells and whistles. If you’re a luxury travel credit cardholder, it’s no surprise that you’ll enjoy spa treatments and other free perks at some airport lounges in different countries.


Final Words


Nine handy card tips to help you make traveling abroad less difficult. Whether you’re planning a trip anywhere in Nairobi, Paris, or Kathmandu, be sure to have your credit card travel tips handy to make your trip not only smooth but enjoyable and secure.


You’ll make great strides when you travel outside the U.S., and you’ll enjoy additional services and utility purchases when you travel abroad with your credit card.




If you’re a new traveler, or you’ve recently started traveling outside the U.S., don’t forget to bring a widely accepted card, including Mastercard and Visa. If necessary, for your convenience and advantage, you may use more than one credit card while traveling.


In addition to having your own credit card, it’s also a good idea to have some cash. It’s also a good idea to tell your insurance company in advance where you’re going to travel. If your card is frozen for a suspicious purchase miles away from home, you’ll save yourself some hassle down the road.


Remember, all of these tips for traveling with a credit card are important, but not mandatory. It’s up to you whether you want to use your credit card to enjoy foreign travel. And if you want your ride to be as smooth as possible.

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