Explore Magnificent Karoonjhar Mountains, Tharparkar Sindh

Explore Magnificent Karoonjhar Mountains, Tharparkar Sindh

Karoonjhar Mountains-A Natural Wonderland In Tharparkar District, Sindh

Pakistan has impressive topographic features and dozens of hidden tourist attractions. These fantastic natural wonders are all over the country.

A notable example in this regard is the Karoonjhar Mountains. Surprisingly, it is located in one of the most remote and barren areas in Tapaka District, Sindh Province. Since this place has some attractive natural landscapes and tourist attractions, we decided to compile a detailed travel guide to the Karoonjhar Mountains in Taparkar, Sindh.

Simple fact: “Karoonjhar” is a term formed by combining two words in Sindhi; “Karoon” means black, and “Jhar” means “dot”.

About Karoonjhar Mountains, Sindh


The Karoonjhar mountain range is one of the lowest in the country, 305 meters above sea level. Its total length is 19 kilometres. Geologists predict that this mountain range may be about 2.5 billion years old.

That was active geological activity on the entire earth’s surface. As we know today, continents are forming. This is why the whole region has interesting and uneven-sloping strata and belongs to one of the oldest rock systems on earth. This place can be listed as one of the oldest tourist attractions in Sindh, but it has not yet been fully explored.

Explore Magnificent Karoonjhar Mountains, Tharparkar Sindh

Explore Magnificent Karoonjhar Mountains, Tharparkar Sindh


If you drive east from the central mountain range, you will see an area dotted with hills and sparse vegetation, reflecting the specific area’s topography. In addition, there is a temporary waterway named Bhetiani and Gordhro. These ocean currents flow during the rainy season, usually from July to September. This is also the best season to visit the Karoonjhar Mountains in Tharparkar, Sindh.

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Where Is Exactly Karoonjhar Mountains located? 

The Karoonjhar mountain range is located near the India-Pakistan border. This is why Pakistani Rangers guard the entire area. It is located in the Nagarparkar area on the southeastern edge of Tharparkar, Sindh Province.

The mountain range is about 132 kilometres southeast of Mithi City, Sindh Province, passing Islamkot Road. If you are departing from major cities such as Karachi or Hyderabad, this is also the best way to reach the Karoonjhar Mountains in Sindh. You can also stop at Mithi to explore the city and continue your journey.

Explore Magnificent Karoonjhar Mountains, Tharparkar Sindh

Explore Magnificent Karoonjhar Mountains, Tharparkar Sindh

This place is connected to some major roads in the area. This makes it one of the most accessible tourist attractions in Sindh. If you depart from Karachi, the fastest route to your destination is National Highway 5. It would be best if you flew more than 450 kilometres; the total flight time is approximately 7 hours.

On the other hand, the distance between the Karoonjhar Mountains and Hyderabad is approximately 350 kilometres. In this regard, the fastest route you can choose is the Hyderabad-Badin Highway, which takes about 5.5 hours.

Don’t forget to stop and explore some of the most impressive historical sights in Sindh, which you will encounter on your road trip. Let us learn more about these heritage sites, and the measures stakeholders take to protect them.



Karoonjhar Mountain Tourism


The entire area of ​​Nagarparkar and Tharparkar has a long history, which is why it is vital to the tourism industry in Sindh. Sindh Tourism Development Corporation (STDC) lists it on its official website and recently developed Sardharo Picnic Point in Karoonjhar, Nagarparkar, for the convenience of tourists.


A pedestrian bridge was recently built between two slopes in the area to facilitate tourists. Like other popular tourist attractions in Sindh, the Sindh Tourism Development Authority (STDC) also plans to improve the infrastructure around the Karoonjhar Mountains in Nagarparkar.


In addition, the authorities are also working to restore and restore historical sites near the Karoonjhar Mountains. Notable things in this regard include the 16th-century Jain temples, Marvi’s Well (called “Marvi Jo Kunh” by the locals), and the Budisar Mosque.


These historical sites near the Karoonjhar Mountains are places of worship or sacred ceremonies that can be traced back to ancient times. Therefore, if you are interested in exploring these historical sites in Sindh, please let us know about the best season to visit the Karunga Mountains in Tapakar, Sindh.


Weather in Karoonjhar Mountains

To know the best season to visit this mountain in Sindh, we will have to observe the weather in the area. It is one of the tourist attractions in Sindh Province, and it remains dry and dusty all year round. The Karoonjhar mountain range is mainly dry and dusty because it is part of the Thar Desert, one of the largest deserts in Pakistan.


However, as discussed, there is almost no precipitation in the area during the monsoon season, which usually lasts from July to September. If you have already started packing your luggage for your trip, you should know the following before visiting this mountain range in Sindh.

Importance Of Karoonjhar

Sindh province, known for its sweets and hot weather, has many attractions that anyone can consider. The Almighty God has given Pakistan pure beauty. Karoonjhar is one of the most beautiful places in Sindh, with natural minerals.


The Karoonjhar mountain range is located in the city of Tharparkar. This is a hill near Nagarparkar on the northern edge of the Kachi River. Contains granite and Chinese clay. The Karoonjhar mountain range is 19 kilometres long and 305 meters high. These mountains have rich mineral deposits.

Explore Magnificent Karoonjhar Mountains, Tharparkar Sindh

Explore Magnificent Karoonjhar Mountains, Tharparkar Sindh

The Karoonjhar dam supplies water to the residents of the Nagarparkar district. During the monsoon season, rainwater flows out of the mountains and into more than 20 streams. A few of them are Bhatiani, Mau, Gordaro, Ranasir, Sukhpur, Ghatiyari, Madanuah, Mundaro, Bhodeser, Lolray, Drah, Puranuah to Rann of Kutch.


In addition to its beauty, Karoonjhar is of great economic significance to the locals in the area because of its rich mineral deposits and medicinal plant value.


Karoonjhar is of great economic significance to the locals because it has rich mineral deposits and medicinal plant value. This mountain is so important economically that there is a local proverb: “The Karoonjhar often produces 100 kilograms of gold.”


But as the Frontier Works Organization (FWO) destroyed these hills, Karoonjhar’s fate changed. According to the source, FWO demolished Karoonjar without any lease contract. The Supreme Court has banned them, but FWO is still destroying these hills, and the Sindh provincial government has passed a law prohibiting them from cancelling all leases.


Things to remember when visiting the Karoonjhar Mountains


Choose a cloudy day for the tour because you cannot easily explore the mountains in the hot desert and hot sun. The temperature during the day may exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

If water flows, avoid going to the Sardharo picnic area in Karoonjhar, Nagarparkar. During the rainy season, landslides often occur in this area.


So far, the road through this mountainous and hilly area is thin and bumpy, and there is no carpet. When driving, focus all your attention on the road instead of staring at the mountain view.

Explore Magnificent Karoonjhar Mountains, Tharparkar Sindh

Explore Magnificent Karoonjhar Mountains, Tharparkar Sindh

Since Karoonjhar has no lighting arrangements, it will become very dark at night. Therefore, please try to leave the site before sunset.


As mentioned earlier, the area is under the control of the Pakistan Rangers. This means that professional cameras or drone cameras are not allowed. You can only use the camera on your smartphone to take pictures of your journey.


For your safety, please bring all necessary hiking equipment with you. This area’s mountainous surfaces and hills can become very steep for hikers.


Although you can easily find some local cafeterias and dabas along the way, it is best to pack your food for safety reasons.

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