Top Tourist Places To Visit In China

Top Tourist Places to Visit in China

Best Places To Visit in China And Unique Things To Do In China

Here we have set a list of top places to visit in China, if you are a nature lover then this list is much to consider.

China is a vast and diverse country and a great tourist destination. Compared with any other country in the world, China has more major cities and densely populated countries than any other country. Any visit to this Asian giant is a wonderful fusion of traditional culture and modernity. China has 53 different ethnic groups and more than 292 languages, and each destination is different from the previous one.

Tourists who come to China for the first time tend to choose big cities. More experienced Chinese tourists will travel in other directions, because of the language barrier, traveling there may be more frustrating, but for independent travelers, this can of course be done. With so many products, the only problem is how to find the best attractions in China during the journey.

Top Tourist Places to Visit in China

China is one of the most visited tourist destinations. The country is full of rich folklore, ancient temples and palaces, fantastic landscapes, futuristic cities, and delicious food. This eastern country is your ideal place if you want to start a journey across the Asian continent.

Stay tuned to explore the best tourist attractions in China! Get ready to experience one of the most exciting and unforgettable experiences. You will have it in your life.


You can start your trip in the capital of the country, located in northern China. This city is one of the most populous places in the country and even in the world. The population of Beijing exceeds 22 million!

In addition to people, it has many places worth exploring. In Beijing, you can find architectural wonders such as the Temple of Heaven or the Forbidden City. Both have many thousand years of history. The Forbidden City is shining because of its historical connotation.


Top Tourist Places to Visit in China

Places to Visit in China: Beijing


It was built in 1406 and was ordered by Ming Emperor Yongle. This place has witnessed the deaths of dozens of emperors and the most important historical events in China.

You can also visit Tiananmen Square or the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong. It will leave you speechless next to skyscrapers, flagship stores, and restaurants. The city of Beijing is modern and traditional, full of beauty.

Great Wall of China

 A few hours’ drive from Beijing, you will find this famous monument, world heritage and one of the best engineering works in human history.

Contrary to myth, the Great Wall of China is invisible in space, but the Great Wall is about 9,000 kilometers long and is one of China’s main attractions. Its construction began in the 5th century BC, but to protect the city from invasion, it continued to be expanded and rebuilt until the 15th century.

Although some areas of the Great Wall are very old and damaged and, the Great Wall is still standing and you can visit it from Beijing. The best-preserved part, therefore, the most tourist-worthy place is Badaling, 80 kilometers from the capital.


 Are you a fan of pandas? These black and white bears in Chengdu will not let you down! Chengdu concentrates most of the giant panda breeding centers

Places To Visit In China

Places To Visit In China: Chengdu

In these gardens, you can see many semi-free bears surrounded by bamboo. Chengdu is also the capital of Sichuan Province and has one of the hottest and most interesting cuisines in China. There is nothing better than going to a safari park to taste absolutely delicious food!


Want to see the army of more than 8,000 men in the 3rd century BC? This is possible. This life-size terracotta warrior and their knights and chariots are here to protect the dead emperor. The city is considered the eastern end of the famous Silk Road and has everything it needs.

Places To Visit In China

Places To Visit In China: Xian

In Xi’an, you can find the most representative of traditional China, beautiful city walls, and magnificent bell and drum towers. There is also a very real Muslim community, you don’t know if you are in an Asian giant or Morocco.


This city is considered the second capital of China! The Shanghai skyline is one of the most impressive places. Especially from the colonial-style waterfront of the Bund Shanghai.

Places To Visit In China

Places To Visit In China: Shanghai

In the second capital of China, you must stroll along the prosperous modern commercial artery of Nanjing Street in Shanghai, visit the old city, and enter the beautiful 16th-century gardens. Every corner makes you want to take pictures.

Hong Kong 

If you plan to visit Asia, Hong Kong is an important destination. This city is the city that never sleeps in China. It is one of the most international capitals in the world! The light show at 8 o’clock every night lights up the skyscrapers here. From Xingjie. The highest mountain in the city is Victoria Peak, where you can enjoy the most beautiful sunset. Save a few days in your travels, live like a real Hong Kong, and discover Cantonese cuisine in the night market.

Places To Visit In China

Places To Visit In China: Hong Kong

If you like parties, you can go to Lan Kwai Fong or go up and down the escalator in the middle of the longest staircase in the world.

Shangri-La City

 It is a city located in the northeast of Yunnan Province. Formerly known as Zhongdian

This quiet town was renamed in 2002 to commemorate James Hilton’s novel The Lost Horizon. To come to Shangri-La, you must take a domestic flight or take a road trip from the Lijiang area. Zhanjiang is a relatively small place, and tourists can explore it on foot. It is also difficult to get lost because they always take Jishan as their direction. 

Places To Visit In China

Places To Visit In China: Shangrila Lake City

The main attractions include Pudacuo National Park in the urban and rural areas and Ganden Songzanlin Temple in Yunnan. These spaces are the best. If you are looking for a physical and spiritual connection with yourself and nature. The city also has good restaurants for dining after hiking. It is highly recommended to dig, it is located in the center.

Buddha of Leshan 

Besides the cliff at Dadu, Jiang Interchange. Qingyi River and Chengdu are a few hours’ drives away. It is the tallest stone Buddha statue in the world. The Buddha of Leshan is 71 meters high and was carved in the 8th century to protect the wild river. They swallowed any ship that passed them.

Places To Visit In China

Places To Visit In China: Buddha Of Leshan

Currently, you can visit the temple connected to El Dafo, where you can find more Buddha statues, and then admire the Big Buddha with your own eyes.


This legendary city has been under siege for 600 years. It will take you directly into the Ming and Qing Dynasties. This area is located between Beijing and Xi’an, allowing you to go back in time and experience the best side of true China.

Pingyao is not a typical Chinese city, it is full of luminous skyscrapers and financial centers. On the contrary, it is a tourist attraction rich in Chinese culture and history.

Places To Visit In China

Places To Visit In China: Pingyao


One of its main attractions is the medieval city wall of Pingyao on the outskirts of the city. This huge building is about 12 meters high and contains 72 watchtowers. You will also see the Ming-Qing Market Block A, which is 18 meters high and has three floors. It is the tallest skyscraper.


Zhouzhuang is known as the Venice of Asia and a landmark of China. It is located in Kunshan Administrative Region. Zhouzhuang is one of the most beautiful and romantic places for couples to travel.

Places To Visit In China

Places To Visit In China: Zhouzhuang

On the first day of strolling along the Zhouzhuang Canal, you will fall in love with it, because its tranquil environment and beautiful scenery will surprise anyone. You can also visit the Shenting Tower in Jiangnan, built-in 1712. You can also visit Milou, which is famous for gatherings of literati.

Final Thoughts

 There is no doubt that China is a country we should all go to. We mentioned top places of china you will go to when you travel to China next time, but we assure you that we did not do this because this country has so much to offer! There is no doubt that this is a different country and a great way to start your trip to Asia, so pack up, enjoy and love China!

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