American United Airlines ended its social distancing

American United Airlines ended its social distancing

American United Airlines Ended Its Social Distance And Will Book A Full Flight

Travel analyst Henry Harteveldt said that American Airlines “obviously put its profitability on the health of passengers and employees.” American Airlines aircraft can be seen at O’Hare Airport.

American Airlines will start booking full-power flights next week, and even if the United States sets a record for reported coronavirus cases, it will stop any efforts to increase the social distance of its aircraft.

The US move is consistent with United Airlines policy but in stark contrast to competitors restricting bookings to make room between passengers and reducing the risk of infection.

Henry Harteveldt, a travel analyst at Atmospheric Research Group, said that Americans “apparently put profitability on the health of passengers and their employees.”

American United Airlines ended its social distancing

American United Airlines ended its social distancing

He added:  “In the absence of a health check, filling the aircraft with 100% of the aircraft is a dangerous business decision.” “If someone is infected with the COVID-19 virus on 100% of the aircraft, he will prosecute American Airlines.” Just because another airline does this does not mean that this is the right business decision. ”

Since April, the United States has reserved about 85% of the aircraft’s capacity by retaining about half of its middle seats. Starting Wednesday, the airline will start selling as many seats as possible.

A spokesperson for the United Pilots Association, representing American pilots, said the move could undermine the fragile public’s confidence in aviation.

Union spokesman Dennis Trader said: “I can’t imagine a worse time to notify passengers that the plane on the plane will be full.”

The Pilots Association hopes the airline will reconsider but decides to use inactive aircraft and crew to increase flights.

American United Airlines ended its social distancing

American United Airlines ended its social distancing


American Airlines said on Friday that it would continue to inform customers whether its flight will likely be complete and allow them to change flights for free. The airline said that if there is enough space and stays in the same cabin, passengers can change seats on the plane.

Delta said that until September 30, the number of seats could only be limited to about 60% of the capacity, and the number of seats in the southwest region should not exceed 67%. JetBlue said that unless the middleman travels with passengers in nearby seats, it will leave the middle seat empty by July 31.

However, United Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Americans are taking different approaches, arguing that other steps, including strict cleaning procedures and the requirement that all passengers wear masks, no longer need to lock some seats. Kirby, the chief executive of United Scott, said that social separation is not possible on the plane anyway. People are less than six feet away, even with an empty middle bench.

The photos and videos of the entire journey of the United States and the United States have been criticized for lack of social distance.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the number of new COVID-19 cases diagnosed in the United States on Friday reached a record high of 40,000, which is higher than the record on April 24. Many of the busiest airports in the United States are located in states with high infection rates, such as Texas, Florida, Arizona and North Carolina.

The US headquarters is in Fort Worth, Texas, and Governor Greg Abbott withdrew some steps that the state took two months ago in an attempt to reopen the economy on Friday.

Starting Tuesday, Americans will ask passengers to confirm that they have not experienced COVID-19 symptoms in the past 14 days.

Travel agency agent Brett Snyder, who wrote Cranky Flier’s blog, said that the United States might have data to support his decision from a business perspective.

Snyder said: “If they make changes to sell each seat, they will know that people talk a lot.” They prefer empty middle seats, but in the end, if the price is right, they will still fly.

American United Airlines ended its social distancing

American United Airlines ended its social distancing


Since April, the United States has proposed to rebook those who may be complete, but according to the airline, only about 4% of passengers have made this choice.

Snyder said that most people now travelling leisurely think this is an acceptable risk. He said the rules of masks, additional cleaning procedures and an efficient air purification system made the aircraft a “relatively safe place.”

With travel reduced by nearly 95% to its lowest level in April, this epidemic has severely damaged airlines. Since then, there has been a slight increase in traffic: the number of people who passed through US airport security checkpoints on Thursday was 77% lower than last year.

American Airlines spokesman Ross Weinstein (Ross Weinstein) said that the airline is considering booking full capacity for a few weeks as the number of passengers increases. He said that the US traffic volume on Monday was the highest since March.

Many planes in the United States have landed because of this epidemic, and inactive pilots and flight attendants must stay on the payroll until September, which is a condition for obtaining federal financial assistance.

If you want to fly at full capacity, “Why not take another plane?” the Federation of Merchant Pilot’s spokesperson.

The United States is increasing flights. Including its regional subsidiary American eagle, the airline arranged 3479 flights in July, a 60% increase from June but still 48% lower than last July’s plan.

Since the beginning of March, airline revenues have been declining, forcing airlines to rely on billions of dollars in federal aid and private loans to survive until travel is resumed. This will not happen unless vaccines are available.

Border Airways tried to charge other passengers to ensure they would be next to the empty half seats. The low-cost airline had to quit last month because the airline attempted to use people’s fears of being infected with deadly viruses.

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