Will The Travel And Tour Change After A Coronavirus?


Will The Travel And Tour Change After A Coronavirus? In the Light of Expert’s Words

When the world begins to reopen, this experience seems to be different from what it seems, but people can still count on the positive impact of travel.

The outbreak of coronavirus and its rapid global spread has had an unprecedented impact on the tourism industry. Although some airlines are still flying, including rescue flights to return people to their countries of origin, many airlines are currently closed. The hotel laid off thousands of employees. After several ships were trapped at sea for several weeks, many cruise ships abandoned their trips during the summer. Passengers strive to cancel flights, get refunds or save plans. In short, the tourism industry has not faced panic, change and imbalance on this scale.

To find ideas about how coronaviruses may change the way we travel in the future, we collect information from experts in the fields of aviation, hotels, cruise ships, finance, and even epidemiology. Although some people made predictions and expectations, everyone said that the only thing they expected was uncertainty in the future.


Passengers will focus on the health of themselves and others


According to Dr Nabalon Dasgupta, an infectious disease epidemiologist at the University of North Carolina, this epidemic will force consumers to consider health issues in their travel choices, even more than before. It is recommended that you check for a verified application, such as Bud near me, before taking a trip to a new destination to take appropriate precautions.

Also, he added in his conversation that “I warn people not to go to hotspots even if they are immunized because they don’t know what kind of obstacles will be encountered if the situation suddenly escalates when they return.” “Many countries, even some US states. In the US Tourists must now require isolation for two weeks. This should be taken into account in the travel plan. “Dr Dasgupta also said:” If there is an anti-virus vaccine, according to the safety profile, even if you are not going out, Thinking will also be useful. “

Passengers will focus on the health of themselves and others

Finally, he said that people should start thinking about how their travel plans affect the health of the places they visit. Additionally, In terms of our health considerations when travelling, we must be sympathetic because we realize that we will carry this virus unintentionally.” “For remote and prominent destinations like Rapa Nui, this may be devastating.”

Air travel will slowly recover nationwide and be socially excluded.

Henry Hartfeldt, an aviation expert in the Atmospheric Research Group, hopes that, like other economies, tourism will gradually recover with the different challenges faced by different cities, states and regions. He added in his conversation: “You can expect airlines to start flying from their main centres and cities, where public health conditions are better and demand is stronger.”

OAG Chief Analyst John Grant said: “This may mean fewer airlines and less frequent travellers have fewer opportunities to choose. Some city pairs or routes operate less frequently, such as In a week, the frequency of operation in the city is less than once, it may be completely deleted. We generally hope that passengers will also choose a more direct route to avoid having to stop at other airports at the station.

Hatfield said: “Once the example becomes very clear, I hope that public health officials will continue to encourage social exclusion. Airlines can continue to limit average seats or limit the number of people in premium cabins. We can see flight attendants wearing masks and gloves, and Found service on the plane. “

Air travel will slowly recover nationwide and be socially

Airlines may need to perform good health checks before allowing passengers to fly, such as the newly opened Etihad test station in Abu Dhabi. Hatfield said: “As far as boarding is concerned, airlines can limit the number of people who can board the jet bridge at any time.”

People are still worried about travel bans and rapid restrictions, mandatory stone felling and the State Council’s warning that people may want to stay near the house for a while. This is also partly due to the economic impact on passenger wallets. According to the OAG grant, “Ctrip is a large travel company that has surveyed in China, claiming that 74% of Chinese citizens are interested in domestic flights shortly and importantly, what will happen if we face full position”.

Hart says you do not want to see a lot of investment on board or in the airline’s new seats. Airlines will focus on the basic elements. They will do anything to help increase revenue or increase the need for competition, but if they have not ordered a new seat, opened a new salon or restored an existing salon, it will take some time to modernize the fleet, and add seats. “

Alex Wilcox, the CEO of private airline JSX, said that this may make some people think of private flights for the first time. “Also we are entering two years, and also travellers will be eager to get space without touching anything. Travelling without crowds and problems is the way forward.” Therefore, it is not surprising that by adopting current social exclusion measures, Private companies will fly like your flights, greatly increasing the interest of individuals and corporate customers in private flights.

If You Are Willing To Book, There Will Be Many Discounts

Scott Keys, the founder of Scott Chips Aviation, said: “In the short term, airlines will expand fare exemptions to make it easier for travellers to make and change plans.” “We used to live in the golden age of cheap flights, but this kind of epidemic has increased the price of air tickets.” After that also pointed out a fact that the economic pressure on ordinary people and said that this will make finding special air tickets more important for people who want to travel.

However, Harteveldt warned against showing great enthusiasm for certain transactions we are seeing now. “We do not know how long this virus will last, and even airlines do not decide within a few months. Please refer to the airline’s cancellation and cancellation policy. If you accept the booking change option, that would be great. But I want to encourage people to wait until we close to know when the United States can return to a more normal state before we start booking a trip. “

If You Are Willing To Book There Will Be Many Discounts

Gary Leff, the founder of the loyalty blog View From the Wing, said: “There will be many transactions in a while, including mileage and cash, because there will be vacant seats and empty rooms to fill.” Please be sure to check your points and mileage account So that you can take advantage of any upcoming offers. “This will only last until a good time comes back, however, Lev added”. Also, when the demand for travel is fully restored, there will be fewer seats allocated and the rooms will become much more expensive than ever before.”

The Hotel And Rental Industries Are Facing Slow Reopening And Low Prices

Robert Cole, the senior research analyst for accommodation and leisure travel at research company FocusRight, said: “There will be several stages of recovery that are related to adapting to demand.” We must bring the conversation with the hotel owners who are concerned because of social distancing and travel restrictions. The needs of the local community and assist the medical community and local government to help place key workers.”

Chip Rogers, president and CEO of the American Hotel and Residence Association, expects that the economic recovery will take place in stages, from leisure travellers to business to group bookings. If all goes well, AHLA expects the American hotel industry. By next year, the United States will return to 70% to 80% before the coronavirus outbreak. However, Roger said: “There will be fewer hotels in operation and fewer hotels in development.” Travellers can also see that the hotel only opens a small portion of its rooms and is looking for alternative employees and cost savings. Technical solutions.

The Hotel And Rental Industries Are Facing Slow Reopening And Low Prices

According to Bjorn Hanson, a former dean of New York University’s TCH Hotel, Tourism and Sports Management Center, and hotel industry consultant, so far, in 2019 and 2020, hotel occupancy rates have peaked at 40 years. He said that despite this, house prices are still relatively cheap, and this situation will not change. He said: “Travel will be stimulated through preferential rates.” Focuscase’s Coca-Cola said: “In an economic recession, it usually takes twice as long to return to the pre-recession level to reach the lowest point.” Decades of trading.

Having a conversation is also added that, “Travelers may consider it riskier to live in someone else’s house than a hotel. Vacation rentals may be negatively affected, but hotels will raise hygiene standards and employee engagement. Ensure guest safety. For Airbnb and others, it will be more difficult for short-term rental teams to set and apply standards for thousands of independent landlords.

Rogers also pointed out that the rental market is composed of millions of individual owners who may decide to re-enter the market at a time of their choice. Instead, he added that the hotel will welcome guests at the time allowed, and the price may be better than the price people have seen for many years.”

The Travel Agency Will Bounce Back

In recent years, since most consumer only books air tickets online, travel agencies have become a place. Today, many agents focus their business on commercial and luxury accounts. However, given the changing nature of the crisis and the difficulties some travellers encounter when returning to their homes, more people may turn to agents for travel planning, just because if something goes wrong, the lawyer is at their corner of.

The Travel Agency Will Bounce Back

“During the coronavirus outbreak, even people who did not originally book with travel consultants turned to them for help,” said Misty Bills, managing director of global public relations at Virtuoso, a luxury travel consultant. Network consultants can rely on the Virtuoso Crisis Toolkit, which provides real-time updates from ground operators and the US State Department. United States of America and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Agents can also browse changing airlines and cancellation policies more smoothly than ordinary consumers.

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