Top 10 Fantastic Trails In Zion National Park


Top 10 Fantastic Trails In Zion National Park: What Is Your Favorite Place?

Under Canvas Zion is located on 196 acres of remote desert land, just 32 kilometers from the entrance of Zion National Park and the charming town of Springdale. Glamping safari-style destination works under the open desert sky of Virgin, Utah, a reclusive paradise in the southwestern United States, surrounded by sandy cliffs and majestic red rocks.

Zion National Park is one of the best hiking spots in the United States. From amazing hikes to angel landings to riverside trails to full-day adventures, there is something for everyone.

These are 10 Best Trails  in Zion National Park. This is not a complete list, but there is definitely enough to keep you busy for a few days.

The list starts with the shortest and easiest ascent and continues with the longest and most difficult effort.

Zion Walking Guide

The weeping rock trail is one of the shortest walking routes in the park, so it can be crowded. The end of the trail is weeping rock, a large rock ledge that can drip water.

Important note: The “Crying Rock” track is currently closed due to rock damage. Get track status updates on the Zion National Park website.



  • Distance: 0.4 miles / 0.6 kilometers
  • Duration: 0.5 hours
  • Difficulty: steep and steep hike
  • Zion Bus Station: Weeping Rock, Station 7

Canyon Overlook Trail

The canyon overlooking the trail is a gem of hiking in Zion National Park. It’s short and fun, and it can take you to the stunning landscape overlooking the Zion Canyon. This is the ideal height for all ages and skill levels. Therefore, if this is the first time or even the second time in Zion, please list Canyon Overlook Trail on your worklist.


Photography credit: Joe Braun Photography

  • Distance: 1 mile
  • Duration: one hour
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Corridor: Route 9 east of Carmel Tunnel

Emerald Pool Trail

The road to the Emerald Baths is one of the most popular parades in Zion. This is an easy path to start, and the intensity will increase as you progress. From Zion Lodge, it is easy to reach the Lower Emerald Pool. In addition to this, the path begins to climb, but the scene is improving. Eventually climbing to a higher emerald bath is more difficult, but it will take you to a large pool on three sides.

The most common way to walk to the Emerald Pool is through Zion Lodge. You can also reach the swimming pool via Kayenta Trail of The Grotto.

Moving forward to the Emerald Baths on Kayenta Road. Here timing plays an important role in devotion and disliking the trail. If the weather is very hot and crowded, you will not be affected by the Jade Supreme Pool. If you want to take a short and scenic stroll in Zion, it is recommended that you go over the Canyon Overlook Trail on the Emerald Pools.


Photography credit: Joe Braun Photography

  • Distance: 1.5 to 3 miles, depending on the distance you walk
  • Duration: 2 to 4 hours.
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Zion shuttle station: Zion stop, stop 5 or grotto stop, stop 6

Riverside Trail

This flat paved path runs along the Virgin River and ends at the beginning of the strait. This height is ideal for all ages and all skill levels.

Photography credit: Joe Braun Photography

  • Distance: 2.2 miles round trip
  • Duration: 1.5 hours.
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Zion Shuttle Station: Senawa Temple, Station 9

Hidden Canyon

The rise of the hidden canyon exceeded our expectations. Hiking is very interesting because the driveway clings to the cliffs and picturesque valleys for you to explore.

This height part is similar to “Angel Landing”, with a rotor stimulation track and a chain to help you maintain balance. The boardwalk did not climb high, nor did it have a landscape like Angel Landing, but the hidden canyon also attracted fewer tourists, which made it less crowded and pleasant.

Important note: Due to the damage caused by the collapse of the rock, the hidden Canyon Road is currently closed. Get test status updates on the Zion National Park website.

Photography credit: Joe Braun Photography

  • Distance: 3 miles
  • Duration: 2 to 3 hours.
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Zion Bus Station: Weeping Rock, Station 7

Angels Landing

Angel landing is the most popular promenade in Zion National Park. The final climb included hiking a narrow chain above the valley floor. With the rock flap part supported by the string, the magnificent view and height stimulate the rotor, which is really exciting hiking.

For those seeking adventure, this is definitely a huge hike on your group list. So many tourists visited many places around the world and this hike is one of the favourites.

Important note: On the way to the landing angel, there will be a large number of people. Surveillance points (“Crying Rock”, “Hidden Canyon” and “Crying Rock”) have been closed, providing limited options for parking personnel in Zion National Park.

Photography credit: Joe Braun Photography

  • Distance: 5.4 miles
  • Duration: 3 to 5 hours.
  • Difficulty: tired
  • Zion Shuttle Station: Cave, Station 6

Observation Point

For the magnificent scenery of Zion National Park, it is difficult to exceed the observation point. Although height is beautiful, it is challenging. It climbed 8 miles and climbed 2,300 feet, which was a stable climb to the final observation point. This is a classic Zion trail, and it is worth your time and effort, especially if you want to admire the beauty of Angels Landing and the rest of Zion National Park.

Important note: The road leading to the observation point is currently closed due to falling rock damage. Get track status updates on the Zion National Park website.

Photography credit: Joe Braun Photography

  • Distance: 8 miles
  • Duration: 4 to 6 hours.
  • Difficulty: tired
  • Zion Bus Station: Weeping Rock, Station 7

Zion Narrows Hike

For many hikers, Narrows is a wish list. This is the ideal height of the valley opening. This is a challenge, its beauty is breathtaking, and this is a very memorable experience.

You can walk along Zion Narrows along with the fast pace of the day and then go up from the bottom. You only need to walk in the opposite direction to the direction you are going, and you can turn around when you start to get tired. Or, whether it is a long and difficult one-day trip or a return trip two days later, it is necessary to take a full stroll on both sides of the strait. Whatever you choose, this is an adventure!

In the spring, the narrow canyon was closed due to melting snow, which caused a large amount of water to flow into the river. If you want to go up and down, you need a permit.

Photography credit: Joe Braun Photography

  • Distance: 16 miles
  • Time: a few hours to two days (top to bottom backpack)
  • Difficulty: tired
  • Zion Shuttle Station: Senawa Temple, Station 9


Similar to the Strait, the subway walks on the left fork of North Creek. The classic method of walking on the subway is from top to bottom, but this technically difficult hike requires rowing skills and exposure to cold water. However, you can cross the subway from below to avoid swimming and cold swimming, but you will miss the most beautiful part of the valley.

Photography credit: Joe Braun Photography

  • Distance: 10 miles (from top to bottom)
  • Duration: all day.
  • Difficulty: tired

West Rim Trail

The West Rim Trail takes a long stroll in Zion National Park. Along with the magnificent scenery, there are few hikers along the way and have the opportunity to walk along Zion National Park, this hiking tour will reward your efforts. The West Rim Trail can be used for hiking or backpacking for two days.

Photography credit: Joe Braun Photography

  • Distance: 17 miles
  • Duration: 9 to 12 hours.
  • Difficulty: tired
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