Monument Valley Guide: Best Travel Guide


Monument Valley: The Best Travel Guide For Tourist 

Monument Valley has sandstone hills, huge plateaus and panoramic views, and is one of the most famous landscapes in the United States.

Of course, you can drive through Monument Valley and visit the main attractions within 2-3 hours, but if you really want to explore it, you can consider staying here for at least one day. You will be surprised at what Monument Valley can do. If you are looking for more activities to enrich your time, you can even quickly hike and explore the scenic engine in the nearby area.

What is Monument Valley?

Monument Valley is located on the border of Utah and Arizona and is part of the Colorado Plateau. It is not an official national park because it is located in the Navajo National Reserve. Most of the areas visited by tourists are called the Monumental Navajo Tribal Park.

Until the 1930s, Monument Valley was a dark and little-known place. The only person who really understands the beauty of this place is the Navajo Indians who live on earth. As Monument Valley began to gain popularity, John did not even appear in his famous movies (including Stagecoach and the Rio Grande).


Now, Monument Valley has appeared in a series of popular movies, including Forrest Gump, National Holiday Vacation, and Mission Impossible: A Space Odyssey and the new HBO series “Western World”.

How to reach Monument Valley?

Monument Valley has nowhere to go, which is why it has been out of sight for a long time. The nearest airport is Flagstaff, 176 km away. However, to go to this airport, you usually have to change planes in Phoenix, which does not save you time.

Distance to nearby airport:

  • Phoenix-320 miles
  • Albuquerque-324 miles
  • Las Vegas-400 miles
  • Salt Lake City-380 miles

Distance to nearby cities and national parks

  • Four Corners Monument-105 miles
  • Peggy, Arizona-125 miles
  • Grand Canyon (South Rim)-180 miles

The access road to Monument Valley Tribal Park is located at US-163, on the northern border of Utah and Arizona. The cost of entering the park is USD 20 per vehicle (up to 4 people). After paying this fee, you can come and go as you please.

Top-Rated Monument Valley Attractions

Tribal Park Loop

This 17-mile journey (also known as Valley Avenue) is a scenic journey through some of the most popular attractions in Monument Valley. This is a dirt road and gravel that started at the Monument Valley Visitor Center.

You can handle this plot. 4×4 is not necessary; the car can drive this road without difficulty. This is an uneven road, full of dust and very slow, but well, you want to spend some time enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Please note: If it rains, this road will become unstable even with four-wheel drive.

This is the only part of Monument Valley that you can visit without visiting. To exit Valley Drive and explore more, you must arrange a trip with one of many companies.

If you only have a few hours, it is best to spend time driving Valley Drive. Travelling in places like Mystic Valley and Teardrop Arch is great, but if you skip the points or gloves of John Ford, you will miss something.

Take the Wildcat Trail

This is the only self-guided hike you can take in Monument Valley. All other walks must be accompanied by a guide. This height is 3.2 miles around Mitten Butte and Merrick Butte. Click here to learn more.

Monument Valley Tour

Depending on your interests, there are many travel options. If you want, you can start the day from sunrise until sunset.

A Drive Tour

You can use the Navajo Guide to explore the Valley. This tour will take you to the same place you may see, but you can take it during the guide and the ride. This is the best choice for people who are uncomfortable driving on dirt roads or who just want to sit back and relax and enjoy the scenery.

Lower Monument Valley

The second lap deviated from Valley Drive. Can only be accessed through tours. This trip will take you to the nearby totem pole and pass through the rocky valley and other plateau areas. If you only have Valley Drive, you may miss it.

Take a sunrise trip in Monument Valley, Lower Monument, which was a great experience. Even in late April, the temperature is very cold, which is, of course, the beginning of the day, but it is amazing to see the sunrise in Monument Valley.

Monument Valley Image 3

The average price is $ 80 per person (depending on the travel agency) for the last 3 hours. Photo excursions (usually offered at sunrise or sunset at a higher cost, about $ 125 per person).

Mysterious valley

This is a very popular tour, and it takes three hours for tourists to visit the rock carvings and Anasazi ruins. This is a cultural experience, not a panoramic and panoramic experience.

The average price is USD 90 per person (depending on the travel company), the last 3 to 4 hours.

Teardrop Arch

This is an unwelcome trip, unlike any other. This is why you can do it. Does it worth? Of course. You can manage to take a short trip, explored the cave, and obtained one of the most unique views of Monument Valley.

It is not for everyone, especially if your time is short, but if you want to take risks or want to get rid of it, recommend that you do so.

The average price is around the US $ 80 per person and lasts two to three hours.

Hunt’s Mesa

The best trip in Monument Valley is a day trip to Mesa in Hunter (you can choose to stay for one night). Per capita is about the US $ 300, which is too expensive for our budget. However, you will get great sunset views of Monument Valley and steak dinners cooked on a campfire. This is a long journey that lasts about 7 hours, and most of the time is spent on the terrain of Saki Terrain. Sounds great, it can look difficult, but the price is high. However, if you are looking for adventure tours and best performances in Monument Valley, please put Hunt’s Mesa on your list.

How To Choose A Travel Company?

There are at least ten famous companies in Monument Valley that provide tourism. You cannot only use Trip Advisor to select travel companies, but also accommodation and restaurants. Check the reviews on Trip Advisor and then visit the pricing website and all its travel details.

Monument Valley Quick Tour

If you have extra time to explore more, here are some ideas. By the way, just drive along this road, there is magnificent scenery everywhere. This is indeed a beautiful place in America.

Forrest Gump

Located on US-163, you can’t miss the view of the famous monument mountain that appeared in the movie “Forrest of Forrest Gump”.

Only 20 minutes drive from the visitor center. This place attracts a lot of tourists, so be patient when trying to take pictures, and don’t let others block the road.

Professional travel advice: The best shooting time is morning, noon and afternoon. In the afternoon and evening, you will encounter the sun. This created a terrible God nation. You can go to Monument Valley whenever possible.

Valley of the Gods

The landscape of Valley of the Gods is similar to Monument Valley. This may not be surprising, but its tourist flow is much less. If you like spectacular scenery and want to leave the crowd behind, please add this location to your list.

Mexican Hut

The rock formation is named after the appearance of the Mexican hat. You can see it on the way from US-163 to Valley of the Gods. If you want, you can participate in training.

How Much Time Do You Need?

Since it takes about three hours from anywhere else in the vicinity to Monument Valley, it is helpful to leave it overnight for at least one night. If you wish, this allows you to take a sunrise and/or sunset trip.

Worth seeing is the scenery of Valley Drive and Forrest Gump Point. Undoubtedly, it’s worth at least one trip because it allows you to experience more of Monument Valley.

Monument Valley Image 2

However, if your time is short, then you can go to Valley Drive, if you want to cross the area, it will only take a few hours.

When To Go?

The best time to go to Monument Valley is in spring and autumn, which are pleasant temperatures. It will be very hot in summer. Again, this is when the valley is very crowded and many people are here during the summer vacation. In winter, the weather is very cold and it may snow here. This will be a scene!

Monument Valley Accommodation

There are not many options nearby. But there are few, however, nature enthusiasts love to explore nature while do camping here. 

View Hotel

The View Hotel is located in Monument Valley Tribal Park and offers different types of accommodation. The most expensive option is the hotel rooms, all overlooking Monument Valley. The higher the floor, the more you pay, but you will also get the best price.

Premium cabin. This is relatively new. These cabins look down on gloves, and some have better visibility than others. You can live in the hut in the first row and like it. You can also have a balcony with a view and lie in bed and see Smitten Butte. The cabin was very clean and warm (down to 30 during our visit).

Camping. There is a camp and RV position. This is the cheapest option. The camp is located between the cabin, the hotel, and the glove vision. This is also a popular place to watch sunrise and sunset.

Goulding’s Lodge and Campground

Located outside Monument Valley Tribal Park, Goulding’s Lodge offers rooms with scenic views and a camping site. It also operates one of the only restaurants in the area.

There are two B & B in Monument Valley, including Teardrop Arch B & B and Firetree B & B (sleeping in Hogan). The next cities are Kayenta and Mexican Hat.

Where To Eat In Monument Valley

This is not a place to eat. Before going, expect expensive and average food in Monument Valley and the surrounding area.

Dining room Stagecoach Goulding. You can have dinner here for one night. Tickets are around $ 25, but the food is average. They also served the salad. This is nothing special, but it only accounts for a small portion of the main course price.

Landscape restaurant. They provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Like Gould’s cabin, its price is high and the food is average. However, you can eat breakfast hereafter the sunrise photography trip and thought the food was good.

Friends with coffee. The restaurant is in Kayenta, a half-hour drive from the visitor center. This is a cozy restaurant with a local atmosphere, serving Mexican and Navajo cuisine. You can order a taco Navajo for your craving. This is enough for two adults. The Navajo fried bread, if not sweet, resembles a funnel or doughnut dough. Delicious! In addition to fried bread, there are beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and onions. If you do not mind driving, consider visiting Amigo Café.

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