Kaliningrad, Russia Is The Emerging Destination By TripAdvisor


Kaliningrad, Russia Is The Emerging Destination Of Choice For Travelers By TripAdvisor


TripAdvisor launched stylish destinations in 2020, and the Traveler Review Platform added a promising list of destinations to the Travellers’ Choice Awards. The Russian city Kaliningrad tops the list.

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TripAdvisor has announced the Travellers’ Choice Awards 2020, which ranks global destinations based on positive reviews posted on the site and reviews of restaurants, accommodations and attractions. Since the establishment of the new TripAdvisor website, travellers have been able to spread their ideas to future trips, so that people know which destinations will become more and more popular in the coming months.

Kaliningrad ranks first among these emerging destinations. The area with the same name is located between Poland and Lithuania and is therefore geographically separated from Russia. Since 2019, access has been made easier due to the process of obtaining a free e-visa.

On a slightly warmer side, the city of Saranda in Albania is making a fuss, second only to Beirut in Lebanon. Although France is still an important destination for tourists from all over the world, this year it picked up a rabbit from its hat and appeared in emerging destinations in the form of l’île d’Oléron.

In terms of modern destinations, the coastal city of Kochi ranks first, followed by Luzon in the Philippines and Port of Portugal.

Kaliningrad Attractions

For centuries, Kaliningrad has been known as Königsberg, a city in eastern Prussia, founded by the Teutonic Knights in the 13th century. The refurbished 14th-century Königsberg Cathedral is the main attraction of the modern capital, and its magnificent organ is often used for short concerts for visitors to enjoy. Travellers call it “the most visible building in a German town”, thanks to its Gothic brickwork. Today, the church has a chapel, one is a Lutheran church, the other is a Russian Orthodox church, and the Kant’s tomb, the so-called Königsberg saint.

Don’t miss the gate of the 19th-century king, which used to be an important part of the city’s defensive walls. Today there is also a museum dedicated to the development of the dungeon in the area. One of the 12 fortresses that make up the outer fortifications of the city is the 11th Dunov Castle in the late 19th century, as it eluded a full-scale attack during World War II and is still well preserved. One critic described his visit to the castle as “the best experience I’ve had in Kaliningrad”, thanks in large part to experts and collaborators.

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Discover Kaliningrad’s exemplary life in the pre-war Ales Haus Museum, Altes Haus is a private museum in an old house dating back to 1912. Here, as if the beginning of the twentieth century has passed, furniture and objects evoke the local history and culture of Prussia. Not only do museums contain a lot of interesting information, but unlike other museums, visitors can touch and manipulate things.

Visitors to Kaliningrad must also visit the Bunker Museum, which became one of the most transformative periods in the city’s history. The museum exhibits are located in the former museum of the German air strike and tell the story of the city’s final battle in early 1945.

Finally, be sure to visit the city’s ancient fishing village, which has impressive restaurants and buildings. As one traveller put it: “If you don’t have much free time, this is a beautiful place to take a walk and enjoy the views.”

Don’t Get Lost

The Kaliningrad coast is home to the world’s most harvested amber, and the country is known for its fossil resin products. Be sure to stop at the Amber Museum, where there are about 14,000 pieces of amber, including the second largest in the world.

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While you are there, please take some time to visit nearby Virgenie Lake, which travellers recommend to take a “quiet walk on a nice day”.

What Shall You Eat?

The food in the Kaliningrad restaurant ranges from Russian and German to international cuisine. Tourists’ response to the salt Gastrobar is almost consistent, and this restaurant offers a unique mix of local ingredients that critics have called “amazing, creative and delicious.”

Those who love sweets can visit the Marzipan Museum in Kaliningrad. Taste your free tour once or twice.

Out Of Town

To the north of Kaliningrad, there is a local geographic wonder: Curonian Spit. The 61-mile sandy peninsula that separates Lake Curonian from the Baltic Sea is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is shared by Russia and Lithuania. A day trip to the coastal city of Svetlogorsk is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the area. During the trip, you will find the beautiful beaches, forests and dunes of the Baltic Sea

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