Top 10 Place To Visit In Quetta, Pakistan



Top Places To Visit In Quetta Pakistan

Quetta is the capital of the Province of Baluchistan. Because of the many production farms that produce a variety of fruits and nuts near and around it, it is listed as the ninth-largest city in Pakistan’s “Pakistan Fruit Production Center”. In the past, it was called “Mini Paris” because of its impressive appearance and location.

Quetta is located 1,680 meters above the northwestern lowlands of Baluchistan Road Branch, near the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, and is a commercial and continuous nerve between the two states. Moreover, it is a city with many grasslands, mountains, different plants and beautiful creatures. Quetta is one of Pakistan’s most densely populated cities, with a population of nearly 2 million.

Quaid Residency

Quaid Residence, known as “Quaid-e-Azam Residence“, 8 km from Ziarat, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, spent his last two months and ten days in this place. It is the most famous wooden landmark used as a sanatorium and was built in the British Raj in the summer of 1892 before entering the federal agent headquarters. Residence Quaid-e-Azam is a historic site with green grass, pine trees and flower gardens all over the valley.

Places To Visit In Quetta Pakistan: Quaid-Residency

Places To Visit In Quetta Pakistan: Quaid-Residency


Ziarat is the capital of Pakistan’s Baluchistan province. It is 8,850 feet above the low ground and is about 125 kilometres from Quetta. Wooded and beautiful border hills.

The disputed mountain is characterized by the highest peak of Ziarat, at 11,400 feet. Most tourists go on summer vacations. It is famous because Pakistan’s Founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the greatest commander, rested here for the last two months of his life. The hills are surrounded by lush trees, forming the base of the world’s most famous juniper bush. Juniper is considered to represent the actual value of access. There are many trees in the valley that are nearly 7000 years old.

Places To Visit In Quetta Pakistan:

Places To Visit In Quetta, Pakistan: Ziarat

Pishin Valley

It is located in the Pishin Valley in the northwestern part of Baluchistan Province, about 50 km from Quetta in Pakistan’s Pishin District. It has 1,000 Acco fruit farms, plus Pishin Valley is a prolific land with many fruits and crops, which makes Pishin Valley a popular place for crop production. Besides production, it is also known for growing vegetables and fodder. Today it is known for its gardens and agriculture in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Pishin Valley is the heart and soul of the festival, the colourful crops and the transfer of cultural festivals. However, the Pishin Valley is the most important tourist destination, with many beautiful sights in Baluchistan.

Places To Visit In Quetta Pakistan: Pishin valley

Places To Visit In Quetta, Pakistan: Pishin valley

Quetta Museum

Whenever you want to relate to the history and civilization of western Pakistan, go to one of Quetta’s most famous museums, located near the bazaar, the Archeological Museum. Weapons, manuscripts, tools and unique clay products of the “Stone Age” family are in the museum. The Geological Survey of Western Pakistan has a Historical Geological Museum in Quetta, which displays exhibited fossils and aquatic fossils dating back to 540 million years ago.

Places To Visit In Quetta Pakistan: Quetta Museum

Places To Visit In Quetta Pakistan: Quetta Museum

Hannah Lake

Lake Hanna, 14 kilometres from Quetta, Pakistan, has an impressive appearance surrounded by mountains. Hannah Lake was built side by side with the reservoir during the British Empire in 1894 and was the starting point of Hannah Lake. The lake’s water source provided a picture of the water mirror in an exposed brown environment. Visitors can easily rent Hannah Lake by speedboat and steamboat and wander around the unique islands in the middle of Hannah Lake. Hannah Lake is a very irresistible terrain point. Lake Hanna has no other fantastic places to travel. Hannah-Lake Quetta, without visiting Lake Hanna, is useless.

Places To Visit In Quetta Pakistan: Hannah-Lake

Places To Visit In Quetta, Pakistan: Hannah Lake

Hazarganji Chiltan National Park

Hazarganji Chiltan National Park is the most popular and influential place for tourists during Quetta’s visit. Hazarganji means “a thousand gems”, which has to do with more than a thousand legendary jewels hidden in the 35,000 Acco parking lot. Hazarganji Chiltan National Park is only 16 km from Quetta City, and its purpose is to protect Markhor or Barbary Chiltan goats. The park is home to unfamiliar plants such as juniper, pistachio and almond trees.

Places To Visit In Quetta Pakistan: Hazarganji Chiltan National Park

Places To Visit In Quetta, Pakistan: Hazarganji Chiltan National Park

Quetta Local Market

For buyers who like local commercial product disputes, Quetta is the foundation of three popular and traditional markets. Suraj Gang Bazaar and Liaqat Bazar are located in Shah-e-Liaqat. Kandahari Bazar is located in Shehrah-e-Iqbal. The bazaar offers local handicrafts, especially Baluchi mirrors made from world-renowned carpets and dressing rooms. In addition, you can see fur coats, jackets, shirts, jewellery, shoes and sandals on the market.

Places To Visit In Quetta Pakistan:

Places To Visit In Quetta, Pakistan: Local Market

Urak valley

Known as the “Hometown of Orchards“, it is 22 kilometres from Quetta. The Urak Valley produces a variety of selected fruits, such as peaches, apple trees, pomegranates, and more. The waterfall at the other end of the valley gives you incredible scenery.

Places To Visit In Quetta Pakistan: Urak-valley

Places To Visit In Quetta Pakistan: Urak-valley

Quetta Recreational Park

In addition to Chiltan National Park, there are many great places near Quetta, which makes the Karkhasa theme park only 10 kilometres away and the impressive Urak Valley 21 kilometres away. Orchards and wild rose bushes surround the road to the valley. At the end of the valley, visitors can fall between the apricot and apple trees. The impressive emerald-green lake Hanna is in the mouth of the Urak Valley. On the ring road in Quetta, a stable mountain bike departs from the bus base.


Places to visit in Quetta: Quetta Recreational Park

Kan Mehtarzai Railway Station

Last but not least is the Kan Mehtarzi Railway Station, which probably falls on one of the oldest railway lines in Pakistan. Kan Mehtarzai is the world’s most famous railway station, 2224 meters from Quetta, and it takes two hours by car. It’s not wrong to say that it became a Monument of Quetta; the tourist visiting Quetta must visit this railway station.

Places To Visit In Quetta Pakistan: Kan-Mehtarzai-Railway-Station

Places To Visit In Quetta, Pakistan: Kan Mehtarzai Railway Station

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