Pakistan Tourism Summit In The Light of Alex Reynold’s Words


Alex Reynolds Features The Harsh Certainties Of The Travel Industry In Pakistan

Imran Khan (Prime Minister for Pakistan) welcomed the key global travel content makers going to the Pakistan Tourism Summit. The Prime Minister valued the endeavours of the universal substance makers in the projection of Pakistan’s change, the travel industry potential and delicate picture over the world. Significance of web-based life in the advancement of the travel industry was additionally talked about.

All members communicated their feelings about the prospects of the travel industry area in Pakistan. The meeting held between some of the prominent members notably, Trevor James “The Food Ranger”, Alex Reynolds “Lost with Purpose”, Ali Naqi Hamdani, Prime Minister Imran Khan, Mohammad Atif Khan Senior Minister Tourism Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Eva zu Beck, Rosie Gabrielle

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As we all know that Appreciation and Criticism go hand in hand and through these kinds of criticism we can do better for a certain thing. After that meeting, a video of an International travel blogger Alex Reynolds became famous online in which she was seen reprimanding Pakistan and how outsiders are managed in Pakistan.
She told that she was quieted at Pakistan Tourism Summit since she needed to scrutinize Pakistan in her discourse, not at all like the other influencer’s present there.

The coordinators of the occasion suspected that her discourse was not appropriate for the PM board for the travel industry exchange that is the reason she has chosen to make a video rather and pass on her message. The video that became a web sensation had certain focuses that demonstrated that how Pakistan isn’t a simple nation for remote travellers. She addressed in her video, “If individuals are at a movement summit, apparently they definitely realize that Pakistan’s quite cool. So what’s the purpose of going on and on needlessly?”

She discussed the ‘Gora Complex’ in Pakistan, that how we are placed in the complex by the Western individuals from the earliest starting point. On the off chance that we shed some light on our history, we can’t deny that we have that intricate on the grounds that they are better, created and propelled nations and we wish to resemble them.
She additionally discussed how outside voyagers are annoyed by security organizations and she likewise gave declarations of different bloggers as well.

This reality can’t be denied that even Pakistanis are badgering by the security offices of their own nation. It’s about the outsiders as well as each other individual in Pakistan, regardless of whether a native or not is badgering by the security organization. We don’t say that its all wrong and we are the perfect nation is this world. But we have to take this criticism in a positive manner and overcome our flaws so that we can be a perfect travel destination in this world.

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Saba Ghani
Saba Ghani

Since 2017, Saba Ghani has been serving as the talented and dedicated chief content writer for Pakistan Tour and Travel & EMHI Solutions. With her exceptional writing skills and in-depth knowledge of the travel industry, she has been instrumental in crafting engaging and informative content that captivates the audience. You can catch her at [email protected] or Twitter

One reply on “Pakistan Tourism Summit In The Light of Alex Reynold’s Words”

  1. Avatar of Bernard Grua Bernard Grua says:

    Dear Ms Saba Ghani,

    Your article on Alex Reynolds (Lost with purpose) video is a very well-balanced writing, and I value the way you react to what is, actually, a negative feed-back. Like you, I have been impressed by the fact that Alex Reynolds was ready to “damage her business” for telling the truth. More than one year after, I came to the conclusion this was not as simple as I initially believed.

    Bad buzz is a very efficient promotion tool. It worked for this vlogger. Her video became viral, mostly thanks to people who opposed to it… It was seen more than 210,000 times. It got more than 4,500 comments. It promoted, “Lost with purpose”, a rather insignificant Youtube channel, to the top of Google search results about travel in Pakistan. Please look at the audience of her 13 other videos: a few thousands, if not less, views. Alex Reynolds knows social media enough to understand it would be the case. The staged censorship was a brilliant and profitable marketing operation. I leave open the question regarding the fact she did it on purpose, because my concern is somewhere else.

    Nobody can believe, anymore, the truth Alex Reynolds is crediting herself with. Actually, she doesn’t only mention her actual personal experience as I credulously thouoght. She does not refrain herself to share unsupported rumours which are created by malevolent people targeting minorities. Doing so, she does not care on how much she could harm local communities. She does not care about how unfair are her statements, about the fact that issuing these illegal defamation attacks would be condemned in the USA, her country, about the fact she violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights . As long as bad buzz works for promotion.

    I developed this highly questionable behavior in a detailed paper: “Pakistan – Are Alex Reynolds & her travel blog « Lost With Purpose », fact based or reliable?”. You will see Ms Reynolds used sophisms and troll technics to counter any call for discernment and fairness. You will be probably shocked by the insults, the slang words and the arrogance produced by Sebastiaan Rijntjes and Will Hatton, the male partners and watch-dogs, of the “solo female traveler.” Their behaviors are miles away from the fragile, honest and compassionate image built thru an expert “window dressing.” This is actually, the backstage of Alex Reynolds business. It was emphasized on “Lost with purpose” blog thru a slandering update of an article about a high valley of Pakistan. Please have a look to “A Guide to Chapursan Valley in Northern Pakistan – Answer to Alex Reynolds (Lost With Purpose)”.

    Last but not least, mentioning the “Gora complex” could be considered as ironical if not insulting. Ms Reynolds has been invited to the tourism summit because she was a Westerner. She did not bother about the fact that, coming there, she was taking a place which should have attributed to domestic travel operators. A Travel operator, selling tours, this actually what Ms Reynolds is. Please see: Even more disgraceful, Alex reynolds claimed for more, arguing about the fact she did not get, in the tourism summit, the attention she should deserve. Additionally, instrumenting her female condition and her ” brown skin” to make an audience believing she shares the condition of local people is a dishonest method. It just allows this young lady to get the best of locals and foreigners advantages. Is this not a colonial predatory approach? In my opinion, Pakistan, being a country with more than 220 million of citizens, with many highly educated people, with numerous experienced travellers, has its own resources for promoting its tourism. It is time to get rid of foreign agents looking for their own interest, regardless the damages they could create to domestic communities.

    Sincerely yours,

    Bernard Grua, Nantes, France

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