Swat Kalam 5Days 4Nights

Swat Kalam 5Days 4Nights Winter Tour

Swat, a stunning valley in Khyber Phatunkhawn, is known for its panoramic views. Pakistan Tour Travel offers the Swat Kalam 5Days Basic Tour, specially designed for family and honeymoon tours. The tour is for five days and four nights, during which we cover the whole valley of Swat along with neighbouring valleys. Further details of this Swat tour are listed below. Read our Facebook reviews here. 

Swat Kalam 5Days Winter Tour Price: 1,000,00/-pkr

  • Day 01: Start the tour in the morning from Islamabad at 8 am and move towards Fizzaghat. Shortly stay in a few locations. Reach the hotel in Fizzaghat, and bonfire in the evening.


  • Day 02: Breakfast in Hotel, then move Towards Madayan Bahrain in 3 Hours, Short stay there and then Move towards Kalam Valley in 4 Hours.


  • Day 03: Have breakfast in a hotel, visit nearby areas like Ushu Jungle, and move towards Bahrain for a night stay.


  • Day 04: Breakfast in the Hotel, then move to Malam Jabba, Enjoy 3 to 4 Hours there and stay in Fizzaghat.


  • Day 05: Breakfast in Hotel White Palace, then Move towards Rawalpindi/ Islamabad for the End of Tour.

Tour Includes:

  1. Dedicated Private GLI Car with Driver & Fuel
  2. Breakfast for Couple
  3. 4 Nights Hotel Stay
  4. Road Taxes
  5. Bonfire in Hotel on First Night
  6. Visit Malam Jabba Included

Things Not Included:

  1. Lunch
  2. Dinner
  3. Any Refreshments
  4. Any Air or Train Tickets
  5. Anything other then Agreed

Hotel Stay:

  1. Hotel Rock City Fizaghat ( 2 Nights Stay )
  2. Hotel Diamond Hills Kalam Valley ( 2 Nights Stay )

If you need to know the price of Swat Kalam 5Days 4 Nights with all the standard Pakistan Tour and Travel services, then message our managing director here.

Swat Winter Tours 2024

For instance, Swat Valley is accessible through the Lahore motorway, which is almost a 4-6 hour drive. The roads are newly constructed and in excellent condition. Moreover, the tour plan also covers the famous Kalam Valley, a 6-hour drive from the central Swat Valley. Meanwhile, with the Swat Kalam Pakistan Tour Package, we shall explore other parts of Swat Valley, including the fantastic sceneries and waterfalls.


Furthermore, the Swat Kalam 5Days 4Nights tour plan covers Ushu Jungle, Matalan Village, and Kalam River. Each one of these locations is worth witnessing and staying. The swirling water of the Swat River adds more delight to this tour. Couples find complete serenity in staying in the nearby hotel near the river to look at evening bewitching dusk while having a cup of coffee. Fantastic location, outstanding services, and a pleasant climate are all that a traveller needs on any tour.

"Great company. Take good care of their customers and go above and beyond. Highly recommended. Would repeat a trip with them 10/10." May 19, 2024 - Sebastiaan Boonstra Read 47 reviews of Pakistan Tour and Travel
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