Shangrila Chilas Hotel

Shangrila midway hotel chilas is most decorated, famous and quality hotel in longevity of Chilas desert. After tiresome journey form Rawalpindi Islamabad in endeavor to reach Gilgit baltistan shangrila Chilas hotel presents your great comfort and relief from somewhat really painful suffering of Karakoram Highway which is awesome yet very tiring for majority of people. Shangrila Hotel chilas can be reached form Rawalpindi and Islamabad via Karakoram highway in normally 12 to 13 hours. This time is reduced if visitors come via Babusar top which is normally open during Summer Seasons.

Major Attractions:

Shangrila chilas has various places nearby to visit for history lovers chilas has various Buddhist carvings scattered in Diamir District but some of other tourist destinations are listed below.

  1. Fairymeadows of NangaParbat Near Raikot Bridge 
  2. Gilgit City
  3. Skardu City
  4. Astore
  5. Babusar Top
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