Weak Passport With A Strong Visa- Visa-Free Entry With Valid US-Visa

Weak Passport With A Strong Visa- Visa-Free Entry With Valid US-Visa

Turn Your Weak Passport Into A Strong Passport With A Strong Visa 

There are many reasons why some passports are strong and some are weak. Economic and political stability, bilateral agreements, reciprocity, and many other factors can affect the strength of a passport.

Passports from war-torn countries tend to suffer greatly these days. Countries with population problems seem to have weaker passports.

What are the strong and weak passports in the world?

Most developed countries tend to have strong passports. Additionally, governments have strong economies and stable political environments.

According to the Henley & Partners Passport Index (February 2020), some of the most powerful passports in the world are Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Germany, and Italy. However, the Japanese passport is the most powerful passport in the world, offering visa-free access to 191 countries

Passports in developing countries are often weaker. These countries are struggling or recovering from political and economic instability.

According to the Henley & Partners Passport Index (February 2020), some of the most vulnerable passports in the world are Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, and Somalia. Moreover, Afghanistan passports are the weakest in the world, with only 28 countries visa-free.

How to turn your weak passport into a strong passport?

Weak passports are a struggle, but it’s not the end of the world. With a little effort and planning, you can turn a weak passport into a strong passport. Maybe not the strongest, but it’s much more powerful than your current passport.

Here are three steps to having a strong visa on a weak passport.

01. Get a US visa (or Canadian visa)

Of course, you can travel to the US with a US visa. But you can also travel to 49 other countries and territories with a U.S. visa.

With a US visa, you can add another 49 countries (including the US) and territories to your visa waiver list.

If a US visa is difficult for you, get a Canadian visa. Canadian visas are equally powerful. You can travel to 36 countries (including Canada) and territories with a Canadian visa.

Weak Passport With A Strong Visa- Visa-Free Entry With Valid US-Visa

US Visa on weak passport

US and Canada’s visas are long-term visas. They are usually issued for a period of 10 years. You get the US or Canadian visa once and your passport stays strong for the next 10 years.

Complete Information About US Visa From Pakistan

02. Get a Schengen visa


Secondly, you can travel to 26 Schengen countries with a Schengen visa. But also for 39 non-Schengen countries. There are 65 countries in total. These 39 non-Schengen countries respect Schengen visas. These countries do not require separate visas.

Weak Passport With A Strong Visa- Visa-Free Entry With Valid US-Visa


 Unlike the US/Canada visa, the Schengen visa is a short-term visa valid for 90-180 days. The validity of the visa will increase with subsequent applications. The combination of a US visa and Schengen visa expands the list to 80 (*depending on passport). 

Complete Schengen Visa Proces from Pakistan

03. Build a travel history

Travel history may not make your passport strong, but it will increase your chances of getting a visa. The more travel history you have, the better your chances of getting your visa approved. 

Your travel records indicate that you have no intention of immigrating illegally. If you intend to stay illegally, you can do so in any country you have visited so far. Your travel history makes you trustworthy in the eyes of the consulate.

Weak Passport With A Strong Visa- Visa-Free Entry With Valid US-Visa

Strong travel history

US, Canada, UK, Malaysia, Bahrain, etc. visa applications specifically require a copy of your travel history.

So fill your Pakistani passport with visas and stamps to make it stronger.

Top Visa-Free Country With Valid US Visa On A Pakistani Passport 


Selecting and obtaining a travel visa for a specific destination can be a challenging task, especially when you are traveling with a “weak passport“. You have to consider many factors, especially the visa policy of the country of your choice.


So, given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic crisis, you can only imagine the headaches you will experience when trying to get a travel visa. It gets worse when the process of getting a visa to the country of your choice requires an appointment in person at an embassy or consulate. But, did you know that you can travel visa-free to more than 23 countries around the world with a US visa such as a B1/B2, F1, J1, or H-1B visa. This is a little-known secret that not many U.S. nonimmigrant visa holders know about.


Weak Passport With A Strong Visa- Visa-Free Entry With Valid US-Visa

Map showing Covid 19 cases around the world


When you travel with a passport from a developing country, having a valid US visa in your passport (an unexpired visa) will make your “weak passport” stronger (at least until the US visa expires). Another little-known secret is that even after your US visa expires, you can travel to certain countries (assuming you meet their travel requirements) and use the automatic revalidation rule to return to the US with this expired US visa. While it is possible to use an expired visa to travel to the United States, there may be some level of risk for some people. The level of risk varies from person to person. Therefore, it is best to consult an immigration attorney for customized legal advice.


List of Top 10 countries for visa-free travel 


Here, we’ve handpicked 10 of the best countries for visa-free travel with a valid U.S. F1, J1, or H1B visa from a list of 23 countries. The countries are ranked based on how widespread their visa policies are for citizens of all countries, the cost of traveling from the United States, and the amount of excitement and adventure each country offers visitors.

So, in a world without a pandemic, you should definitely add these countries to your list of travel destinations so you don’t have to carry the burden of applying for a tourist visa. Remember that having a visa does not guarantee entry into a country, the customs officer at the port of entry ultimately decides whether you will be admitted into the country.


Mexico tops the list not only because of its proximity to the United States but also because of its world-renowned tourism industry. With a valid U.S. visa on a weak passport, you can stay in Mexico for up to 180 days without a visa. Tourism in Mexico is largely concentrated in Caribbean and Pacific resorts and beach resorts. These popular vacation spots in Mexico offer soft, smooth sand, crystal clear waters, and other amazing tourist attractions. If you are in Mexico, you must visit Tulum, famous for its Mayan ruins and beautiful beaches. If you’re looking for a party, Los Cabos and Cancun won’t let you down.

Weak Passport With A Strong Visa- Visa-Free Entry With Valid US-Visa

Free Countries to Travel with US Visa: Mexico

Antigua and Barbuda


Visas on arrival are issued to holders of U.S. visas and are valid for up to 30 days. With beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and friendly people, you won’t want to leave Antigua and Barbuda. Antigua has 95 miles of stunning coastline flanked by the Caribbean Sea, while its sister island, Barbuda, is surrounded by coral reefs and a large lagoon with a flock of frigate birds. If you’re adventurous enough, you can enjoy scuba diving and other water sports in Antigua, or swim in the sun.

Weak Passport With A Strong Visa- Visa-Free Entry With Valid US-Visa

Free Countries to Travel with US Visa: Antigua-and-Barbuda


Anyone with a valid U.S. entry visa (such as an F1, J1, or H1B visa) can enter the country of Panama without a Panama visa. However, a U.S. visa must be used to enter the U.S. and must be valid for the next 6 months when you apply to enter Panama. Panama’s proximity to the United States and the use of the U.S. dollar as the main currency make it a very easy choice for American tourists. It is a tropical paradise with rich biodiversity and a surprising number of undeveloped islands.

Weak Passport With A Strong Visa- Visa-Free Entry With Valid US-Visa

Free Countries to Travel with US Visa: Panama

Visit Panama City, famous for its sugary white sand beaches and many other outdoor adventures. Of course, you want to visit the Panama Canal in Panama City. A brilliant work of engineering and one of the seven wonders of the modern world.


As of 2018, a valid U.S. visa on a Pakistan passport can enter Belize without a visa. Despite being a small country, Belize is full of exciting and adventurous places. Visit ancient Mayan ruins and go on a variety of outdoor adventures. Belize is a small country, but its land location, views of the Rocky Mountains, exciting beaches, aquatic life, and Mayan ruins make it a true playground for tourists.

Weak Passport With A Strong Visa- Visa-Free Entry With Valid US-Visa

Free Countries to Travel with US Visa: Belize


Another ideal destination for visa-free travel to the United States is Bermuda. Influenced by the British colonial past, Bermuda has beautiful traces of Anglo-Saxon architecture. Known for its pink sandy beaches and stunning underground crystal caves, Bermuda is a true paradise on earth. Don’t let the urban legends about the Bermuda Triangle scare you, Bermuda is a place worth visiting. Just a two-hour flight from New York City and close to the US East Coast, Bermuda is perfect for a quick weekend getaway.

Weak Passport With A Strong Visa- Visa-Free Entry With Valid US-Visa

Free Countries to Travel with US Visa: Bermuda



Not to be confused with the US state of Georgia, which is a great place to visit in Eastern Europe. Many consider it a photographer’s dream place. A valid U.S. visa on a weak passport can enter Georgia without a Georgia visa for 90 days in any 6-month period. Georgia’s rich culture and diverse landscape make it an ideal destination for history buffs. Visit the picturesque city of Tbilisi, which is emerging as one of the most fascinating cities in Europe. The beauty of the city makes it attractive and interesting for most tourists.

Free Countries to Travel with US Visa:

Free Countries to Travel with US Visa: Georgia


Qatar Doha Skyline is one of the countries you can visit visa-free with a valid US visa. Citizens with a valid non-immigrant US visa can obtain an electronic travel authorization free of charge by completing the online application here. Once a sandy land, Qatar is now one of the fastest-growing tourist regions. Admire Doha’s lavish skyline, tour the dunes on an off-road vehicle, and traverse the desert on an ATV.

Free Countries to Travel with US Visa: Qatar

Free Countries to Travel with US Visa: Qatar



Skyline of Istanbul, Turkey, which can be visited without a visa with a US visa. Travelers entering Turkey with a valid US visa can obtain an electronic visa instantly by completing an online application here.

Free Countries to Travel with US Visa: Turkey

Free Countries to Travel with US Visa: Turkey

Tourist visas to Turkey are usually valid for 90 days. Turkey is a wonderful country with a very rich history and culture. From food to stunning scenery and architecture, Turkey is sure to satisfy your travels. You can start your journey in Istanbul, the magical meeting point of Asia and Europe, and there is so much to do. Also on your list should visit the beautiful city of Antalya, with its rich ancient heritage, and the ancient city of Ephesus.

Dominican Republic

Visa waivers are available for those with a valid U.S. visa. The Dominican Republic is the most visited country in the Caribbean. With crystal clear waters, stunning beaches, all-inclusive resorts, and a bustling nightlife, the Dominican Republic has something for all types of travelers. Whether you’re visiting a city on the island’s northern coast, such as Puerto Plata or Punta Cana in the east of the island, you can easily find beautiful beaches.

Free Countries to Travel with US Visa: Dominican Republic

Free Countries to Travel with US Visa: Dominican Republic

In Conclusion

As you can see, thanks to a valid US visa, you can explore various tourist attractions without having to apply for a visa. We worked hard to select the most exciting and attractive destinations from the list of countries that allow visa-free travel with a US visa. If you have a Pakistani weak passport, these 3 steps will help you turn your weak passport into a strong passport. This won’t make your passport the strongest. But these steps will definitely make your passport stronger and your travel easier.

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