10 Easiest Countries To Immigrate From Pakistan

10 Easiest Countries To Immigrate From Pakistan

10 Easiest Countries To Immigrate From Pakistan

The dream of living in another country can be very tempting, depending on where you currently live. Whether the domestic political climate is heating up, or you just long for a new scene, emigrating to another country is an exciting challenge that can provide endless life lessons and tremendous personal growth.

Unfortunately, this is not easy to achieve. But before you lose hope, the immigration process in some countries is easier than average. Read on for ten possibilities you might swing. Even if you do not obtain citizenship, many of these places are happy to live there indefinitely.

List of Best Countries To Immigrate From Pakistan


At the high end of the financial scale, Austria is an expensive option for living. But it does provide 10 different types of residence permits. If you can afford it, you may be eligible for at least one.

10 Easiest Countries To Immigrate From Pakistan

Immigrate From Pakistan: Austria

Austria has incredible views, such as the snow-capped Alps, wild valleys, and sparkling blue ice caves. Residents say they are very satisfied, so why not do it and live a “resident holiday” life? Austria is a beautiful small country and a gateway to many European capitals.

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The right of abode in Paraguay is easy to obtain, largely because the landlocked countries of South America are so dark. Bordering Argentina to the south and Brazil to the east, Paraguay’s history is bloody,, to say the least. But today, this completely independent country can enjoy friendly people, open panoramic views, and a low cost of living.

10 Easiest Countries To Immigrate From Pakistan

Immigrate From Pakistan: Paraguay

Because the demand for immigrants is very low, it is easy to accept. You must deposit a sum of money approximately 35 times the minimum monthly salary in a bank in Paraguay. Before you freak out, it’s only $4,500-5,500. After that, you will be allowed to move around and live in Paraguay, but you must live there for three years to apply for citizenship. 

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Certain parts of Mexico are involved in the deadly drug trade, but not all! There are safe places to enjoy stunning scenery, including clean beaches, historic colonial towns, mountain views, and unique towns. Also, don’t forget the wonderful variety of original cuisine.

10 Easiest Countries To Immigrate From Pakistan

Immigrate From Pakistan: Mexico

A good way to start your life in Mexico is to hold an FMM visa. You can buy it at any airport or border station. However, this will cost you up to $21, and the visa is valid for six months, after which you can renew it endlessly. The problem is that you will not be able to work with the FMM visa. However, there are many options for temporary resident visas, and you can upgrade to these visas without spending a lot of money. No matter what your major is, you should be able to find a suitable one. You may need to leave the country temporarily to apply.

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Costa Rica

For a long time, Costa Rica has attracted past customers for its beautiful beaches, world-class healthcare, and friendly population. Life in Costa Rica is calm and easy-they don’t even have an army. The cost of living is reasonable, and couples need about US$2,500 per month to live comfortably.

10 Easiest Countries To Immigrate From Pakistan

Immigrate From Pakistan: Cost Rica


Costa Rica has a pension plan that requires a monthly income of US$1,000 to qualify. Otherwise, you will need a job to continue to obtain permanent residency and eventually citizenship. This is why it is not the easiest country on our list to immigrate to, but it is not impossible. If you have the skills needed in Costa Rica, you should be able to navigate the whole process.

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To be sure, it is well known that Nicaragua was affected by left-wing coups, civil wars, and right-wing opposition in the 1980s. Yes, it is said that it is currently experiencing the worst political crisis in its history, but let’s look at it in the long run.

10 Easiest Countries To Immigrate From Pakistan

Immigrate From Pakistan: Nicaragua


At present, the people of Nicaragua have lost confidence in the government and protested in large numbers. Some of them lost their lives in the struggle. The government blamed the chaos on the country’s young people. Therefore, if you think you can afford to live in the United States, then Nicaragua may also be on your list.

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Beautiful little Belgium is one of the smallest countries in Northern Europe. It has many charming towns, full of breathtaking architecture, breathtaking natural beauty, and some of the best beers and chocolates.​​​​ Coupled with the booming art and music venues and various community facilities, Belgium will be a very attractive option.

10 Easiest Countries To Immigrate From Pakistan

Immigrate From Pakistan: Belgium


To obtain permanent residence in Belgium, you need a job. Obviously, this can be difficult because most countries prefer to hire locals rather than outsiders. Belgium is a bit more tolerant in this regard. You can apply for a job in your country, and once you find a job, you will get a residence permit after two weeks of holding a residence permit. Although it was not an invitation to obtain permanent residency at first, as long as you keep your job, you will move towards this goal.

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Do you like the sound of palm trees, soft sand, and clear water? What if it is also an English-speaking country with a very low cost of living? Guess what-this place already exists. Located between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize is a small country about the size of Wales and has a smaller population than Bakersfield, California.

10 Easiest Countries To Immigrate From Pakistan

Immigrate From Pakistan: Blize


Belize allows foreigners to apply for permanent residency after living there for one year. Enter a 30-day visit visa and renew it monthly until you have been there for 50 weeks. All that is left is a $1,000 fee and some bureaucratic red tape before it can stay forever.

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Canada is known as one of the friendliest countries in the world, which is reflected in its immigration policy. Unlike the United States, Canada recently opened its borders by expressing sympathy for refugees from war-torn countries. However, if you are not afraid of life-threatening, Canada will carefully review your professional qualifications before inviting you.

10 Easiest Countries To Immigrate From Pakistan

Immigrate From Pakistan: Canada


If you have professional skills or education that meet the current needs of Canada, you may be able to use the express entry program to get immediate approval. Just fill out an online form that will award points based on your education level, the industry you have worked in, and whether you speak French. Other things like starting a family in Canada or studying there are also helpful.

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If you like scenery, please consider Ecuador. It has mountain peaks, volcanoes, beaches, and islands. History comes to life there through pastel-colored old colonial towns and even the oldest Mayan ruins. All of this can be enjoyed at a very low cost of living. If you are an American, you will understand that the US dollar is the official currency.


10 Easiest Countries To Immigrate From Pakistan

Immigrate From Pakistan: Ecuador


In order to realize the dream of an ex-pat in Ecuador, all you have to do is show that you will always earn at least $800 per month. It is called the retiree visa, but there is no age requirement to obtain it. Therefore, if you have a reliable return, compensation, or any other guaranteed income other than work, moving to Ecuador may come in handy.

On the bright side, Nicaragua is a very beautiful country, located between two unspoiled coasts. Conveniently, Nicaragua offers a retirement plan similar to Ecuador. In this case, you only need to show your monthly income of $600; in theory, you must be at least 45 years old, but depending on your provable income, this requirement may not apply.


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If you are American (or enjoy the American landscape) and want less drastic changes, Panama is a good choice. Although officially an independent country in Central America, Panama’s landscape is reminiscent of Florida, with many English speakers, and the U.S. dollar is its currency. The country also enjoys a reputation for security and development.


10 Easiest Countries To Immigrate From Pakistan

Immigrate From Pakistan: Panama


Once again, retirees visas are one of the most common ways people live in Panama. It requires a monthly income of $1,000. For the youngest child, a deposit of $5,000 in a Panama bank opened the door to permanent residency. If you are from one of 50 “friendly” countries, then it is officially determined that all you have to do is to find a job. Some eligible countries are the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and Austria. Check the complete list to see if you can get a visa to a friendly country.

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