Best Things To Do In Valley Of Fire, Nevada


Best Things To Do In Valley Of Fire, Nevada

Valley of Fire is a bright and colorful place in Nevada, just an hour away from Las Vegas. It is full of magnificent scenery, hiking trails, carvings and magnificent red and pink rock formations, making it a wonderful day trip from Las Vegas.

What is Valley of Fire?

Valley of Fire is a government park located 50 miles northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada. The red rock formations made of Aztec sandstone cover 46,000 acres. On sunny days, these rock formations seem to be burning, making the garden named Valley of Fire.

Several films have been filmed here, including “Total Recall”, “Viva Las Vegas”, “The Professionals” and “Star Trek Generation“.

If you choose to explore every corner of this place, then visiting Valley of Fire can only last for an hour or two (if you drive through the park, just stop and enjoy the panorama, then walk One or two short circuits) or all-weather.

We spent about four hours here, toured a few roads, and saw the main attractions.

The Best Thing about Valley of Fire

This is a map with main attractions and hiking trails in the park.

How to use this map: Click the map icon to get more information about each point of interest. Click the asterisk next to the map title to add this map to your Google Maps account. To view the map on your phone or computer, open Google Maps, click the menu button, go to “Your Location”, click the map, and you will see the map in the list.

Best Things To Do In Valley Of Fire, Nevada

Appreciate The Natural Scenery

Valley of Fire

Driving through Valley of Fire is the easiest way to enjoy the view. Pink, red and orange sandstone rocks create stunning views, which you can see from the car.

The main road, Rat Groove, passes through these rock formations, creating beautiful landscapes. You don’t even have to get off to enjoy this!

Elephant Rock

This arched rock formation is located near the east entrance, like an elephant, with little imagination.


These strange-looking sandstone formations can be seen in just a few minutes. Get off the bus, take a picture, or climb to the top of the higher dome to enjoy the beautiful view of the park.

Best Things To Do In Valley Of Fire, Nevada

Mouse’s Tank

The height of the Mouse Reservoir is relatively short (only 0.75 miles back and forth) and ends in a natural rock basin, accumulating water after rain. This is a simple but not exciting journey, you can see petroglyphs on the rock along the way. If time is limited, you can skip this hike to save time for some of the best tracks in the park.

Rainbow Vista

This height is more valuable. It’s just a round trip. At the end of this hike is a large hillside with panoramic views of Valley of Fire.

You can continue to drive east at the crossing point after the observation point, but you can also skip it. The best part of Rainbow Vista is the view from the top of the mountain.

Pink Canyon

Pink Canyon, also known as Pink Canyon, is a place that many people don’t seem to understand. This is not a good place to visit, but it is one of the most beautiful places we have seen in the Valley of Fire. Parking spaces are limited to one or two vehicles (GPS coordinates: 36 ° 28’47 “N 114 ° 31’36” W). Drive east from the parking lot towards the valley.

It takes only 10 minutes to walk through this shallow and short valley, and the undulating pink walls are beautiful.

Fire Wave

This is one of the most beautiful places in the Valley of Fire. The white and red sandstone with zebra pattern creates an excellent photo opportunity. It is 1.5 miles back and forth.

White Dome

This hike within a 1.25 mile circle is our favourite park hike. This is also the most challenging, first going downhill and finally going to the parking lot. However, it is not difficult, it is a good place to take children, let them climb rocks on the trails and hike in the narrow valley.

Hiking Trail in Valley of Fire

The easiest way to go on this hike is to rotate clockwise, starting and ending in the parking lot. In this way, you can raise a relatively sloping rocky path and then uphill on a gentle slope on one path.

Seven Sisters

Located on the Valley of Fire Highway, it is a quick stop for viewing seven sandstone rock formations.

Atlatl Rock

Climb the ladder on Atlatl Rock and enjoy the best rock painting performance in Valley of Fire.

This huge sandstone arc can be seen from the scenic ring road near Atlatl Rock.

Fire cave

There are two other curved areas on the scenic ring road fire cave and wind stone arch. If you like photography, it is worth a visit.

Best Things To Do In Valley Of Fire, Nevada

Top 5 Most Popular Experiences


If you have limited time and want to appreciate the essence of the Valley of Fire, here are our five favorite places:

Firewave: This 1.5-mile hike will take you to one of the most valley parts of the Valley of Fire.

Mouse Tank Road: The main road through the park. Everywhere can enjoy the magnificent scenery.

Pastel Canyon: A short but very pleasant stroll through the pink pastel valley.

Beehive: Climb to the top of the beehive to enjoy the panoramic view of Valley of Fire.

White Domes Walk is another delightful short walk for all ages.


Best Things To Do In Valley Of Fire, Nevada

How to get here?

Valley of Fire is located 50 miles northeast of Las Vegas. Drive for about an hour. Most units are located on Interstate 15, which is a large highway. After going to the Valley of Fire Highway, it turned into two lanes through the desert landscape.

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Important information about Valley of Fire

To enter the park, each car costs $ 10, and you will pay this fee at the price booth before entering the market. You will get a map of the park and suggested places to visit.

If you plan to camp at Valley of Fire, the cost per night is $ 20.

Valley of Fire is open all year round, from sunrise to sunset. The visitor centre is open from 8:30 am. 4:30 pm

For more information, please visit the official website of Valley of Fire.

Do you have a plan to visit Valley of Fire? If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment below!

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