Best Things You Can Do In Key West, Florida


Best Things You Can Do In Key West, Florida


Key West is at the southernmost tip of the United States and is known for its water sports, vibrant nightlife, beaches, historical sites, and pastel shell buildings.

Duval Street is one of the most active shops, bars and cafes in the world, with Sloppy Joe’s Bar, which is the favourite Key West by novelist Ernest Hemingway. Key West. The most realistic thing is that there are Ernest Hemingway museums and houses.

Key West hiking is the best way to see the charming houses, terraces and gardens on the island. From the Key West Cemetery to the downtown area, you can see Key West’s past and a distinctive sense of humour, as the tombstone said: “I told you that I am sick” and “At least I know him Where to sleep tonight “.

When you consider Key West, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Beautiful sunset at Mallory Square? The bar jumped up in Duval Street.

Are you resting on the beach shaded by palm trees? Key West may be a small place, but there are many places to keep you busy. This list shares some of the main ideas of the best thing you can do in Key West.

Visit Mallory Square

Mallory Square is located in the centre of Key West. Hundreds of people gathered here in the afternoon to watch the legendary sunset on Key West. As street artists, musicians and food sellers gather to provide food and entertainment, the square becomes a venue for events. This is a very festive atmosphere, so join the party when visiting Key West.


Ernest Hemingway’s house

Ernest Hemingway invited Key West to live from 1931 to 1939. Now, his residence has become a historical landmark, and one of the most popular tourist activities in Key West is to visit here.

During your visit, you will not only learn about Ernest Hemingway, but also the history of West Key Island.


Just prepared to see a lot of cats. Look at their little feet, Cats roaming in Hemingway’s residence are famous for having six and seven toes!

Enjoy The View From Key West Lighthouse: Opposite Hemingway’s house is the Key West Lighthouse. Climb the stairs and enjoy one of the best views of the city.

Bar Hopping on Duval Street

One of their favourite activities may be from the bar to Duval Street for more than 21 years. In fact, many people go to Key West just to attend countless bar parties and parties.


Duval Street


Duval Street is located in Key West’s most popular bar. The day after the ban, it opened in 1933. Ernest Hemingway is a regular visitor here.

Duval Street

Caravan wharf is another popular place. We are here at noon because this place is full of people. Is it five o’clock now?

Schooner Wharf


Other popular places include Pig’s Breathing Salon, Green Parrot and Bourbon Street. Bar and bull and whistle bar. We really like Caroline’s Other Side, this is a small bar that serves gourmet mixed drinks.


Green Parrot Bar


If you like the idea of ​​watching a drag show (it’s great in Key West!), the best clubs are Aqua, La D’Ada and Bourbon  Saint-Bar. Visit the Key West Butterfly and Nature Research Institute.


This place is great! Walk-in a small and charming greenhouse full of tropical plants and birds, and of course butterflies. We like to see the flamingos, Reet and Scarlett in the mating ceremony. Their crying is very interesting.


Butterfly House


Note: If you do not like the idea of ​​butterflies falling on you, you can skip this step. Butterflies and flamingos seem to be attracted to blue-green and blue.


Visit Rum Distillery


If you want to know how to make and taste rum, there are many options in Key West.

The first rum winery opened in Key West in 2013 and offers free tours from Monday to Saturday.


Papa’s Pilar is a newer city game whose literal rum is called Ernest Hemingway. We tried their dark rum, which was very good. Key West Distilling offers free distilled rum, vodka, gene and whiskey.


How About A Walk In The Floating Tiki Bar?


If you are looking for something interesting and unique, what about taking a Tiki boat? Imagine browsing the beautiful Key West, drinking tropical drinks, all sitting at the tiki bar.

Beach Lounge


Without visiting one of Key West’s beaches, Key West’s visit will be incomplete. Some are more beautiful and farther than others. This is a summary.

Smasher Beach. The two-mile stretch of white sand is the most popular beach in Key West. It is located on the south side of the island, close to the airport.

Taylor Beach of Fort Zachary. This is our favourite Key West beach because it is beautiful and does not look as crowded as other beaches. This is also a good place for diving.

Zachary Fort Taylor Beach

Higgs Beach and the rest of the beach. These beautiful beaches are side by side. From here, you can walk to Edward B. Knight Pier, which is a great place to watch the sunrise and sunset.


Harry S. Truman Little White House

This historic building served as President Truman’s White House in 1946. Since then, it has been used as a haven for other US presidents such as Eisenhower, Kennedy and Clinton. We bet you do not know that you can learn anything from American history when you visit Key West.


Through Key West

Key West has some great restaurants to try. These are some of our favourites.

Must see blue sky for breakfast and lunch. In this exotic and newly decorated restaurant, you can enjoy outdoor dining and provide exquisite food. A table that arrives early or prepares to wait an hour.

Blue Heaven

The queen of Cuban coffee. We had one of the best meals at the outdoor food stall. This small restaurant is near the historic Key West harbour and serves Cuban cuisine and the best coffee that Key West has.

Blue Heaven

Cuban Coffee Queen

Latitude is an upscale restaurant on Sunset Key. The food here is great, this is another great place to enjoy the sunset.

San Diego Wine. Spanish tapas, anyone? Again, this place is good. Also, it says the best food on the island? If you like the idea of ​​gourmet side dishes, but this place is on your list.

Tapas Key West

Better Than Sex – A Dessert Restaurant. If you like the idea of ​​tasting decadent desserts in a private environment, please consider this unique restaurant. This is another unique experience in Key West. She will sit in a semi-private booth and order sweets such as The Morning After, Italian Stallion and Cookie Nookie Pie. Tim and Kink Butter Kink shared it, it was delicious. The atmosphere of this restaurant is completely unique, but there is always a feeling that we are in a strip club.

Southernmost Point

Well, unless you like to wait in line, this is not one of the best things you can do in Key West, but you can not seem to ignore it because it is so common.

Southernmost Point

At noon, wait for a row of people. Does that worth it? This is up to you.

Stroll Through The Historic Key West Harbour

This is a beautiful place. Hundreds of ships and yachts dock here. There are many restaurants and bars along with the port. When you are here, stop by the Schooner Wharf bar or have a cup of coffee at Queen Coffee Coffee.

Tortugas Day Trip

Dry Turtle Island National Park is composed of seven small islands. The coral reefs around these islands caused many shipwrecks. The United States has advantageously used these coral reefs to create one of the most strategic ports in American history.

You can stroll around these islands and the historic Fort Jefferson.

Dry Tortugas is 67.2 km from Key West, which is his day trip in the city.

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  • Blue Heaven
  • Southernmost Point


Final Words

There are many options to leave the mainland and explore Key West and the nearby sea by boat. For those seeking action, a Wave runner sunset cruise on the island is great. Come visit once in your life and make one of the favourite main memories of Key West.

You can take an ecological tour of Crimean trees, a SUP tour, a dolphin tour or a raft tour at sunset.

Have you been to Key West? What do you like most about doing here? Leave a comment below!

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