UK Travel Advisory Now Accepts “Road Travel” In “Northern Pakistan”


UK Travel Advisory Now Accepts “Road Travel” In “Northern Pakistan”

The United Kingdom changed its travel recommendations on Friday to reflect improved security in Pakistan.

A press release issued by the Office of the High Commissioner in Islamabad said that the proposed changes to travel “are based on a comprehensive review conducted after a comprehensive assessment of the country’s security situation.”

This is the first major travel advice update since 2015.

According to the press release, the improved security situation led British Airways to return to Pakistan in June 2019 and visited the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in October 2019.

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Among other changes, the council now allows crossing roads to northern Pakistan and the Kalash and Bumburat valleys.

Commenting on the topic, Dr Christian Turner, the British High Commissioner in Pakistan, said: `after my arrival in December 2019, a review of travel suggestions is a priority. This is a high recognition of the hard work of the Pakistani government over the past five years to improve security.

He concluded, “I am glad to see that British citizens have more to offer than Pakistan.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan welcomed the measure and went to Twitter to express his appreciation.

“This is good news because it will address two of the most important economic issues Park currently faces: employment and our current account deficit, and attracting tourism and investment, which in turn will write a letter to our youth for the Prime Minister. People provide special employment opportunities.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmoud Qureshi said the changes in travel recommendations were encouraging. He tweeted: “Pakistan, a land of peace and progress, with incredible natural beauty, warmth and hospitality.

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This change in travel advice is encouraging, the first major update to the UK’s advice to travel to Pakistan since 2015. This will strengthen the link between Britain and Pakistan. Welcome to Pakistan! “

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