5 Muslim Countries That Are Trending Holiday Destinations This Summer

5 Muslim Countries That Are Trending Holiday Destinations This Summer Banner

5 Muslim Countries That Are Trending Holiday Destinations This Summer

It could be reasonable for a state that probably the most misguided legends on the planet are about Muslim countries. For some in the West, venturing out to any Muslim nation is viewed as risky, rough or perilous.

However, we’ve seen a flood of Westerners investigate some Muslim nations and post their encounters via web-based networking media, busting generalizations of movement wellbeing. Accept Pakistan for instance, with outsiders, for example, Eva Zu Beck, Drew Binsky and Alex ‘Lost with Purpose’ coming here and visiting spots even locals don’t go to.

This ‘halal’ the travel industry is additionally one of the quickest developing features of the worldwide travel industry. Muslim voyagers around the globe are eager for encounters and this is driving its wonderful development.

As per the State of the Islamic Economy Report 2018/2019, Muslim spending on movement will develop to US$ 274 billion by 2023, up from US$ 177 billion of every 2017. In 2019, the number of Muslim explorers will keep on rising.

Things being what they are, what are some drifting Muslim goals and why? We’ve ordered a list of desire commendable nations, from the snow-topped heaps of Albania to the astounding nourishment of Morocco, right to a grand island-country you most likely haven’t known about.

Azerbaijan, A Shabby Central Asian Country

Having a Muslim population almost 96.9% Azerbaijan possesses some of the most amazing tourist spots of the world. On the off chance that you haven’t seen, Azerbaijan is turning into a top goal for Pakistanis as a result of its vicinity and generally low travel cost. It is known as the place where there are mountains and mud volcanoes, multiculturalism and Maugham music.


Straddling the East and West, it mixes hitting scenes with a people and culture that mirror its captivating area at the junction of Turkey, Russia and Iran. Baku, the capital is the most favourite tourist spot of Azerbaijan. There’s so much you can pack in a couple of days, from visiting castles to the ultra-present day Heydar Aliyev Center.

Albania, A Little Nation With A Major Heart

An uncommonly well-kept Balkan mystery, Albania has a bunch of characteristic attractions that appear to be on each movement bloggers list nowadays. Everything from snow-topped mountains, to warm, flickering shorelines and a solid Islamic legacy in the core of the cosmopolitan capital. Not just that, Albania has an exceptional history of kindheartedness and acknowledgement. We should not overlook Albanian Muslims broadly went to bat for Jews against the Nazi’s during the Holocaust and each and every Jewish outcast made due in Albania. Albania has the Muslim community around 58.8% of its population.


Albanian Riviera is the most attractive river. Think long sandy and rocky shorelines lapped by turquoise water, cobblestoned lanes and blossoms all over the place. Other than that the best places to visit are Dhërmi, Drymades shoreline, Vuno, Qeparo, and the ocean side town of Himara.

Morocco, A Cross-Mainland Wonder

Hardly any nations have the sort of request that Morocco does. There’s a touch of Europe in its huge African heart; Moroccans talk both French and Arabic. The nation is both desert and ocean; urban and roaming entrancing nearly to say the least. 99% of its population is Muslim.

Islam lies at the establishment of Morocco’s contemporary life and urban communities like Marrakesh and Fes offer one of the world’s most wonderful presentations of Islamic design.


When you talk about Morroco, Chefchaouen is the best place to visit. Social Media Influencers have been swarming there for its beautiful blue-painted houses and clear light. Peruse neighbourhood expressions and specialities in the curious shops of the medina, appreciate fine Moroccan food at a street eatery. The encompassing wide open is likewise loaded with lovely climbing trails.

Jordan, The Land With History

The transcending Wadis of Jordan and the old urban areas settled inside them are a natural wonder not at all like some other. Jordan’s history traverses centuries, and the nation is honoured with a portion of the world’s most suffering landmarks and urban areas. The Dead Sea fringes Jordan on the south, confining the nation with a stunning coastline. It is likewise among the wealthier Muslim nations of the world and local people are very well-off. Moreover, 93.8% of the population is Muslim and you can find a lot of tourists who are on religious pilgrimage there.


Other than the famous Ziyarats, one can visit Petra, obviously. Set out between the red-toned desert slopes in the southern heartlands of the nation, it’s accepted the site was first occupied around the fourth century BC.

Mayotte, The One You’ve Likely Never Known About

Where? Mayotte is a minor island country in the Indian sea, very near Madagascar in Africa. Picture impeccable, exquisite and superbly various, the general population talk four unique dialects. With Muslim populace around 98.8% of its whole population.


The nation is an abroad domain of France and is represented under French law. In any case, it’s imperative to note Mahorans feel that they share in Comorian culture alongside certain Malagasy characteristics and are joined by their routine with regards to Islam. For a wanton French-African island experience, Mayotte is an absolute necessity. Remember the flawless jumping spots. Bandrele is the best place where you can go kayaking in a tidal pond

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