Flooding Frigid Water in Hunza Damages Karakoram Highway


With heavy rain, there is always an alarming situation about the flood. As per local police of Gilgit Baltistan, flooding frigid water has tarnished a bit of the street and Karakoram Highway has been shut down for vehicular traffic at the purpose of Hassanabad.

The progression of frigid water at Hassanabad town in Hunza has flooded and made disintegration Karakoram Highway. However, flooding chilly water has defaced a bit of the route and Karakoram Highway has been shut down for vehicular traffic at the purpose of Hassanabad. Because of the circumstance, traffic from Hunza has been occupied to Shayar Chowk and from Ganesh to Zilla Nagar, police said. Little vehicles could go on substitute Nagar Street rather than the Karakoram Highway, authorities said.

The work has been started for reviving of the expressway at Hassanabad point, police additionally said. As of late Shisper ice sheet, found west of Hassanabad town, had flooded and a gigantic supra-frosty lake was shaped and local people were dreading it can blast or flood causing broad harm.

Gilgit-Baltistan Disaster Management Authority (GBDMA) had additionally guided inhabitants of the town to stop their homes and move to higher elevations on the off chance they hear an alarm from a close-by FWO camp. The Shisper Glacier flood and consequent formation of a dammed lake had made the dread of a calamity in Hunza. The Shisper Glacier, a couple of kilometres from Hassanabad town in Hunza, began to flood in May a year ago.

The strange flood blocked water from a stream beginning in close-by Muchuhur Glacier, which ordinarily falls into Hunza waterway at Hassanabad, in this manner shaping a counterfeit lake.

Saba Ghani
Saba Ghani

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