K-P Invites Spring In Slightly Different Manner


K-P Invites Spring In Slightly Different Manner; Love , Peace And Harmony

Spring is a period of bliss for everybody, particularly the Hindu and Sikh of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, however no place more than Khyber District, where both minority networks praised the ‘Nau Asud’ celebration. Tirah Valley, which is the home to the biggest networks of Sikhs and Hindus in Khyber Agency, has seen several families move to Peshawar and Punjab looking for better openings for work and security, yet regardless of the military tasks in the inborn area, many still remained in their hereditary homes.

Adjacent to Peshawar and Khyber innate region, Buner is likewise home to expansive Hindu and Sikh people, a considerable lot of whom are moved in a zone named for the Hindu holy person Pai Pana Sahib, where they have a past filled with more than 200 years. Pai Pana Sahib is just around 10 kilometres from the principle Buner Bazaar, however, because of the landscape, it takes hours to achieve the zone. In spite of cases of the commonplace government about thinking about minorities, there is as yet not an appropriate cleared street to get to the profoundly critical territory.

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Pai Pana Sahib is somewhere around 200 years of age, however, the beautiful religious site is as yet holding on to be found by the common government. Despite the fact that it is basically a Hindu religious site, it holds essentialness for Sikhs also. A large number of Hindus and Sikhs fill the zone to participate in the celebration.

Hindus from Punjab, Sindh, and Baluchistan likewise visit the region, and local people are known to offer them milk or water amid their stay in the region. Moreover, the celebration is intended to respect the new season and offer uncommon petitions. “Hindus observe Nau Asud in the wake of locating the new moon and with the landing of another season. It is much the same as Nowruz. People offer uncommon supplications for harmony and success for the nation and the network,” said Sardar Gorpal Singh, a main figure in the Sikh people group in Khyber innate region.

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In spite of different cases of the commonplace government to have distributed attractive spending plans for Malakand Division, the region where the celebration is occurring still needs present-day offices, for example, streets, water, and open transport in spite of being a legacy site. There is likewise no billboard close-by to show the area of Pai Pana. “A year ago the locale organization gave security and furthermore masterminded transportation to the celebration, yet there are still no street markers or signs to control explorers and guests here from the fundamental street.

Sardar Sarethak Singh said Sikhs of the territory had loving ties with Hindus and they normally go to one another’s celebrations. “We additionally welcome our Muslim siblings and they make it a point to go along with us in our festivals.

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