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Overview to Beauty of Saidpur Village – Ancient Village of Islamabad

The beauty of Saidpur Village is hidden behind its history and its interior. Located on the inclines of Margalla Hills in Islamabad is one of the most established towns of Pakistan. More than five hundred years of age, Saidpur Village is known for its legacy, history and old stories.

Nowadays the town is filling in as one of the most loved outing places in Islamabad for both nearby and outside guests. The town slanting on the inclines of Margalla Hills introduces an alluring perspective in the delicate light of morning and night.

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The beauty of Saidpur Village

The town was named Saidpur after Sultan Said Khan child of Sultan Sarang Khan. Amid the standard of Mughal Emperor Babur Sultan Sarang Khan was the Lord of Pothohar area (from Jhelum to Attock).

Later Said Khan skilled this spot to his little girl who was hitched to Mughal ruler Jahangir child of Mughal head Akbar. Jahangir’s history, Tusk-e-Jahangiri refers to him remaining in Saidpur while he was en route to Kabul. The town used to be a greenery enclosure resort around then.

A Hindu officer Raja Man Singh later changed over Saidpur into a position of Hindu love. He built little lakes and sanctuaries for the love of Hindus. Those sanctuaries have been saved to demonstrate the history and culture of Hindu human progress in the district.

The work to change over Saidpur into a multicultural and chronicled vacation spot was begun by Capital Development Authority in 2006 under the supervision of Chairman CDA Mr Kamran Lashari.

Additionally, Saidpur was effectively changed over into a wonderful curious town in 2008. The legislature of France gave specialized help with this work and the complete expense was Rs. 400 million.

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Saidpur town Islamabad is one of the real vacation destinations of the city. Saidpur town’s area on inclines Margalla Hills gives it pleasant view in diminishing lights mornings and nights. Neighbourhood and remote guests come here to go through their end of the week and occasion. A visit to Hindu sanctuaries and Gurdwara gives data about Hindu and Sikh culture is no doubt a spectacular experience. The town speaks to indications of a differentiating society where Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs used to live respectively.

After the renovating of this town numerous eateries, workmanship displays and antique showrooms are additionally settled here. Des Pardes, The Polo Lounge, Café 99 and Tirah eatery are some well-known restaurants in Saidpur Village. You can likewise visit a little exhibition hall which is finished with pictures and other stuff identified with this town.


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