The Travel Industry And Wild Life Are Interconnected


‘The Travel Industry And Wild Life Are Interconnected’

Wildlife and Tourism have a strong relation with each other said by Chitral Sub-divisional Forest Officer Altaf Ali Shah. Thus, to advance the travel industry in any region, a blend of these two components turns out to be a draw for guests. In any case, eco-the travel industry couldn’t just lift the economy of a set territory, it does as such economically and further improves it.

This was expressed by the Chitral Sub-divisional Forest Officer Altaf Ali Shah while tending to a social affair at a neighborhood inn on Wednesday to check the International Day of World Wildlife.

Divisional Forest Officer Altaf Ali Shah said that not at all like in different pieces of the nation, snow panthers don’t represent a risk to the human populace. Or maybe, Shah guaranteed, they shielded people from spreading the evil impacts of their condition.

He asked local people to work for the security of such creatures and not to target them.

Chitral’s thick timberlands are loaded with creatures, including a couple of national images, for example, the Markhor, snow panther, partridge and so many.

Saba Ghani
Saba Ghani

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