First European Country: Portugal stated Pakistan as Safe to Travel


It is pleasure for Pakistan Tour N Travel to say that Pakistan tourism has boosted in the last 3 years. And Now is becoming best travel destination for tourist. As it has been listed twice as Best Travel destination by British backpackers society.

It has been a great news to hear for Pakistan Tour N Travel that Portugal Government stated Pakistan Tourism Safe to travel. As for the few years, Law and order situation in Pakistan has improved a lot. Portugal Government acknowledge the situation and allowed its citizen for touring Pakistan Safe Country.

Pakistan: A Safe Country

Government of Portugal has provided for its citizen a new consultancy. Which declared that Pakistan has improved its security situation. And it was tough to do but only happened with back-braking efforts of Law Enforcement Agencies and Pakistan Army.

New Consultancy of Portugal Government

According to the new plans of Portugal Government, Portuguese people will be allowed to reach the market of Business. Along with this they will allow for Pakistan tourism to visit many of the tourist attractions like:

  • Hunza
  • Gilgit-Baltistan
  • Chitral
  • Swat
    and many other areas.

With the instructions of Pakistan Government, a counter has been delegated to the Portuguese tourists and business by Pakistani Embassy.

A Worldwide Attraction: Buddha Shakyamuni

In the meantime, a 2000 years old Buddha sculpture had been given for the exhibition in Zürich to Switzerland by Peshawar Musuem. History and journey of unique and ancient statue with the name:

  • Buddha Shakyamuni had been noticed by the Swiss Embassy of Pakistan. They transfered it to Rietberg Museum from Peshawar Museum.

History of Buddha

According to Asif Raza, In charge and assistant caretaker of Peshawar Museum:

“Around 2000 years old, it is nearly from 1st century AD. This Buddha excavated from Sahri Bahlol in 1909.”

Ties between Pakistan and Switzerland

Daniel Valenghi, Deputy Head of Cooperation at Embassy of Switzerland in Pakistan said on this particular event:

“I would say, this will make the connection between Switzerland and Pakistan much stronger on an unusual way. This will also show that there are various cultural heritage in Pakistan.”

“As they lent us Buddha out of Pakistan to Switzerland, we are thankful to Pakistan for such respect.”

Said by officials of Swiss.

To see Buddha Statue from Pakistan, other countries have presented their interest. This way will be going to present the religious tourism of Pakistan.

Saba Ghani
Saba Ghani

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