Complete Dubai Travel Guide | Dubai Visit Visa Price 2020

Complete Dubai Travel Guide

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Visitors from all over the world visit the city and take advantage of the new and global culture of individuals from different countries. Dubai has a lot of fun, almost all the fun and shopping aspects, it has always been a pleasure because the city has many wonderful outlets and a wide variety.

Dubai Travel Guide

The UAE has some urban communities, but Dubai is the most famous. It is now an independent, more dynamic country that has made breakthroughs in the framework, innovation and, most importantly, tourism. Dubai is a major city that is developing and prospering because it usually offers its guests new attractions that are beyond themselves.

Visa Advantages and Facilities

In most cases, Pakistan’s youth network is unemployed, you can start looking for jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah on UAE visit visa, but in different situations,

The visa to visit Dubai from Pakistan was affordable in 2017 and was very reasonable for travellers. Compared to other travel experts, the cost of a visa to visit Dubai is very low. The cost of a 14-day visa is 13,500 rupees for 28 days, 14 days, and 35,000 rupees for 3 months.

You can rent any type of vehicle in all conditions in the UAE across many urban communities and villages in the UAE.

UAE legislation purchases original goods under your access visa under all UAE conditions.

Visa requirements

Dubai’s Famous Tourist Attractions

There are many amazing and famous tourist attractions in Dubai that attract the attention of tourists, some of which are Burj Al Arab, Dubai Museum, IMG Adventure Tour, Burj Khalifa, Al Fahidi Historical District, Madinat Jumeirah, Jumeirah Mosque, Tim Rao Dragon Fly, 3 Fils, Zuma, Arabian T House, Kite Beach, White Dubai, Lugma, The Dubai Mall are popular places for different types of sports in the UAE.


UAE visa requirements

  • A copy of the CNIC survey.
  • Duplicate scan ID
  • Determine the size of the scanned copy image

Terms and conditions

  • If the visa application is rejected or rejected by UAE experts, the visa fee will not be deducted.
  • All guests must receive a large round-trip ticket and a valid Islamic law card for half a year
  • However, visa guidelines and fees may vary.
  • Visa approval is subject to immigration restrictions. If the visa is rejected or delayed, you cannot rely on the travel agency, but the visa fee will not be refunded.
  • If you stay in the UAE, your visa will result in fines and detention.
  • The UAE Embassy/Immigration Bureau requires all qualified candidates to carefully follow the rules and regulations to maintain a strategic distance from any extension. Due to UAE professionals reviewing visa policies, embassy instructions may change without notice.


Visa requirements for official and diplomatic passport holders.

  • Official/diplomatic passport holders can apply for visas directly from the UAE Embassy, ​​with an oral statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is mandatory for the Pakistani government.
  • The selected date does not recognize the verbal record
  • The purpose of the entry must be noted in the verbal note and visa form (incomplete)
  • Islamabad’s diplomatic missions, United Nations agencies and international organizations will not comply with the application
  • An oral statement about the mission/office is essential
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