Southern Pakistan

Southern Pakistan is cultural paradise. Multan is ancient city of Punjab which is famous for sofi saints. Lots of famous religious scholars are buried here. Many people from around the world visits there Shrines thought the year.  South of Pakistan has rich values and dates back to pre historic Era. Pakistan tour and travel presents cultural tours ,jeep safaris and hunting programs in Southern Pakistan. The best season for Southern Pakistan starts from October to 1
st week of April .Through this program we can enjoy from the Khyber Pass the ancient gate way to the sub continent in north west of Pakistan to the shores of Arabian sea in south-west of Pakistan.


Lahore is the heart, culture center of Pakistan and Paris of Asia. Winter is very pleasant in Lahore. In the yellow sun you can enjoy and explore by visiting the historical places in Lahore, without feeling any whom or cold.

Cholistan: Cholistan is famous for its camel safaris. Winter is the best season to explore Cholistan. During summer it is very hot.


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