Tour to Naran valley on Eid Holidays

Naran kaghan Economy Eid Package


Naran kaghan is most visited place during Eid holidays in Pakistan. Tourist from around the world and from pakistan visit this serene beauty. Naran and kaghan get lots of visitor so once people reach Naran they don’t get quality accommodations. So the leisure becomes hectic and it can destroy your vacations. Pakistan tour and travel has created few packages for Naran visitors so they can relax and enjoy days in Naran kaghan and shogran region.

We are offering nominal packages for Couples, families and students. Eid tour packages are only valid till 14 August during peak season. Our normal packages shall apply after 14 August 2015.


Couple Price:           65,000 

Per Person Cost:     20,000 ( Minimum 4 People ) 

Per person Cost:      14,000 ( Minimum 10 People) 

Student Package:     10,000 ( Minimum 20 people ) 

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