Deosai National Parks 2018 photos

Deosai National Park 2018

The Deosai National Park is a great green plateau at Deosai in Skardu, hardly on 1-hour drive on the jeep. Deosai is the combination of two words e.g. Deo and Sai that mean Land of Giants in Urdu. Deosai falls at the extreme north of Pakistan passing through some bewitching valleys of Skardu and Astore. The great plateau in Gilgit Baltistan is the 2nd largest plateau in the world. It is surrounded by the mighty of Karakorum as it is situated at the edge of Karakorum Mountain Range and the western Himalayas. This gigantic piece of land is of its own kind.

One can observe only the towering sky and prodigious land surrounded by gigantic mountains in its field of vision. The weather here is so unpredictable, it will start snowing in the mid of summers. Above all the land is full of wildlife and here one can find numerous spices of flora and fauna. The Himalayan Brown Bear is the most striking resident of Deosai. The best time to visit the place in June to August when it bore its tremendous colors. In spite of this seasons, if you are daredevil then winter is thrilling there to strengthen your zest for a nature adventure. Deosai is one of the wonders that possess an ear-shattering deep silence. That will make anyone bewitch in its charm until a marmot sound fills the valley.

Deosai National Park

In 1993 the Deosai National Park was designed. n the proposal for the survival of Himalayan brown bears and other wildlife that was completely under threat.  It was a need of that hour that some measure should take for the survival of their procreation. So in 1993’s by the coordination of Pakistan government and WWF World Wildlife Foundation, built to save the wildlife. As a result of the number of brown bears e.g., 19 increases to 40 almost after a decade.

Additionally, the Deosai Bears have the lowest reproductive ration among the Brown Bear Population around the world. Female bears do not reach sexual maturity around 8 eight years old and produce only a single cub. The cub sticks to his mother for almost 5 years while it is with her she will make again. The Deosai is also an inhabitant of Himalayan ibex, red fox, and golden marmot locally called phia, gray wolf, the Ladakh Uriel, the snow leopard. Over 124 resident and migratory birds like the golden eagle, lammergeyer, griffon vulture, lager falcon, peregrine falcon, Kestrel, Sparrow hawk, and snowcock.

The immense plains of Deosai covered with clouds and for almost 8 months it covered with snow. Deosai has also a couple of magnificent lakes, the tremendous Sheosar Lake along with mesmerizing Satpara Lake and its nearby areas. The dawn and dusk of the land cannot be described in any word the tourist shall witness themselves. Meanwhile, in the night, one witness the heavenly view of Milky Way galaxy and trillions of stars.

It is not wrong to say that it a tourist paradise that is full of serenity that own breath can be heard. Any word or any lens cannot do justice while explaining the magnificent beauty of this land.

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