Pakistan “Safest Place” on Tourist Map

Pakistan is “Safest Place” & Added To The Tourist Map

Despite travel restrictions following the coronavirus pandemic, Gann continues to welcome domestic and foreign tourists, mainly because of its good reputation. Muhammad Nasim Rashbouri, an owner of the Ghanche Hotel, said people generally leave houses and cars because there is no “concept” of theft in the area.

Locals and police say that the mountainous areas of northern Pakistan attract thousands of local and international tourists every year and may be one of the country’s “safest place”.

Ghanche is known for its magnificent scenery, surrounded by some of the highest mountains in the world, and notorious for armed robbery or other serious crimes (such as murder in the past decade). The Arab News said.

According to reports, the last murder occurred 15 years ago. “Dare to eat is in a very quiet area in Gilgit-Baltistan.” Police Chief Mohamed Young told Arab News. “The crime rate here is very small.”

We have not witnessed serious crimes such as murder and armed robbery for many years. ”

Mohamed said that the residents of the community are hospitable and peaceful, and he has never received complaints from locals or tourists about the theft of his personal property or valuables. Muhammad said: “This area is one of the safest places in northern Pakistan.”

Police records show that by 2020, only 34 “ordinary” complaints have been recorded in the area. This year, the Ghanche police received only 3 “small complaints.” Despite travel restrictions following the coronavirus pandemic, Gann continues to welcome domestic and foreign tourists, mainly because of its good reputation.

Arab News share some facts:

Muhammad Zanik, a tourist from Lahore, said: “People prefer to go to the safest places, and Ghanche is the best safest place to visit because of its ideal location and tranquil atmosphere.” This is my second trip and I strongly recommend everyone to visit the area.”

Muhammad Naseem Rashpouri, the owner of the Ghanche Hotel, said people generally leave houses and cars because there is no “concept” of theft in the area.

Rushpuri said: “Sometimes we find that mobile phones and travel bags are accidentally left in the room.” “We are trying our best to track down the owner and return these items.”

The headquarters of the Pakistan Army Brigade is located in Ghanche District. The headquarters of the Army’s Division is located 32 kilometres west of the Siachen Glacier.

Pakistan Tourism Flourish in Past Years

In the past, people often travelled a lot to gain observation and knowledge. The writings of Aristotle, Plato, and William Shakespeare are immortal because they spend most of their lives travelling and studying different societies, and then use the same knowledge in their books. There is hardly a successful person in the world who has not spent his entire life travelling. This fact makes tourism very important.

The history of tourism is very long. About four thousand years ago, the people of the Pharaoh dynasty used to go to the Mediterranean coast to enjoy it. In the fifth century BC, the wealthy people in Rome used to go to a place called “Bia” near the Gulf of Naples in their free time to enjoy leisure and luxury. Similarly, Chinese people have been searching for spiritual and spiritual peace in sacred hills and other Safest place for thousands of years.

Travelling will open the window of the soul and inspire others with the experience of formal education. It is said that you can read hundreds of books and cannot get as much information as possible by visiting the area.

It has been hundreds of years since Marco Polo and James Cook came to power. Now, travelling is very easy, and without most of the risks. As long as there are only available resources, it is possible to go to any corner of the world. Now, tourism is not only a hobby but also an industry form, many countries benefit from billions of dollars.

In 2018, Switzerland raised $18 billion from tourism, while the United Kingdom raised £146 billion. However, despite Pakistan’s beauty, Pakistan can only manage US$7 billion in revenue

Final thoughts

According to reports from the British Reverse Pipers Association and Forbes magazine, Pakistan is one of the most amazing Safest places in the world and a must-see for sightseeing, entertainment and sightseeing. Given our potential in the tourism industry, the Pakistani government has developed a policy to enable online visas and simplify visa procedures.

This is a good step that will not only promote the development of tourism but also stabilize the economy. It is necessary to improve the roads leading to tourist destinations such as the Karakoram Highway and provide all world-class facilities around tourist destinations so that international tourists can become Pakistani ambassadors in their home countries.

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