Canada Wants To Extend The Travel Ban To The United States


Trudeau Is Not Ready To Consider Future Plans About Travel

A source familiar with the ongoing discussion said that Canada has requested an additional 30 days. Trudeau said that although the ban lasted for a week, he was not yet ready to announce an extension of the ban.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Wednesday that Canada is not ready to face the challenges inherent in reopening the common border with the United States, and has not confirmed that the ban on unnecessary travel will be extended until June 21.

According to people familiar with the matter, the federal government has requested an extension of the current ban, which will expire on May 21. Washington is expected to respond positively, but it may not take a few days. He told the Canadian media in public. Globe and Mail are the first news to report on the order.

USA Reports Worst News on Virus

When asked if it was possible to keep the border closed until June 21, whether or not the United States wanted to respond to the worst outbreak, Trudeau said: “At present, we are making a decision.” COVID-19 worldwide.

“Obviously, we have thought about the next steps COVID-19 may take in different situations and different developments, but in this unprecedented situation, every step of our will interact and respond to what we see now. The fact that this is where we will continue to focus

One of these facts is the most obvious: in the United States, there are more than one million active cases. The United States accounts for 42% of global activity workload, and the death toll ended at 83,000 on Wednesday and is currently growing with more than 1,000 deaths. day.

The other is the prevailing level of political urgency, which largely stems from the White House capital and the state capital led by the Republican Party to reopen closed businesses and relax restrictions on personal mobility, while the same guidelines often Challenge the Trump administration.

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Not everyone is anxious. In New York, which has a quarter of COVID-19 cases in the United States, Governor Andrew Como is still firmly on the brakes. The reopening will be slow, requiring strict monitoring of variables such as hospitalization, antibody diagnosis and testing to ensure that the virus does not reappear.

When reading the initial list of beliefs about COVID-19, Como warned that it included antibodies that are expected to produce immunity, and that children are basically powerless: “We must remain vigilant because we are still learning.”

He said: “We think that what we know is not always correct.” “We have overcome this virus at every step in this country.”

Laurie Trautmann, director of the Policy Research Institute, said that companies, regional officials and other stakeholders in and around border society are beginning to realize that their traditional cross-border trade model may be coming to an end. The border of Western Washington University in Bellingham. , To be washed.

Canada Wants To Extend The Travel Ban To The United States.

Troutman said: “I think this has become popular.” “Not only are we waiting for this ending, but we also need to start thinking in a whole new way.”

He cited the example of Vancouver International Airport, one of Canada’s largest cross-border travel hubs, and has now accepted the fact that the annual passenger capacity has been reduced by half, even if the travel restrictions are removed, it is likely Unable to restore.

“They also do not resist the storm. They are completely changing to a new paradigm.”

Montana, adjacent to Alberta, British Columbia. Cases in Saskatchewan have steadily declined in recent weeks, and the process of staying home has ended two weeks ago. Ohio, which shares Lake Erie with Ontario, reopened retail stores on Tuesday and allowed certain industries to resume operations. Pennsylvania has also begun to relax restrictions, especially in the northern regions.

A statement said that in Minnesota, which borders northwestern Ontario and Manitoba, the current total workload is nearly 13,000 and more than 630 people are killed. Governor Tim Falls is expected to Address to residents on Wednesday.

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However, everything happened in the context of fear.

Rick Bright was resigned from the post of director of the Senior Biomedical Research Bureau last month after clashes with the Trump administration after the president’s preference for drug therapy has now become unbelievable. Congress will be warned on Thursday that without a national strategy, the United States may face a protracted epidemic. According to CNN, this will lead to more diseases and deaths and “the darkest winter in modern history.”

Catherine Friedman, a professor of law at the University of Buffalo and an expert on Canadian and American issues, said that the dialogue between stakeholders, local and regional leaders, and members of Congress has changed.

Friedman said: “People have begun to shift from a stable situation to thinking about recovery, relaxing restrictions and opening borders.”

As far as Canada and the United States of America are concerned. The United States of America will have to ensure that its principles and regulations are lifted to lift restrictions, and it is necessary to ensure that regional and local leaders maintain close contact.

“I think, for example, if Canada first puts health and safety as the norm, and the United States is the economic recovery, it will be very difficult; I think it will be more difficult.”

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In BC, he said that Prime Minister John Hogan and Washington Governor Jay Insale maintained regular contact, while Como and Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford did not.

“Someone advocates that New York, Quebec and Ontario should at least exchange information about scenarios, ways of opening up and possible concerns.”

Others suggested adding a representative of the Ford Office to the newly formed task force, which last month worked with other rulers in New Jersey, Delaware, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts Founded together.

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