K-P Will Provide Grants To Promote Tourism


The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Ministry of Tourism (K-P) has developed a grant program to help local residents create their own hotels and simplify tourism. An official told that the issue was resolved at a meeting of the Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture.

Local governments intend to promote sustainable tourism in the country and provide financial assistance to local residents to develop ecotourism villages in the Chitral and Hazara areas.

This not only helps to protect the environment, but it also provides additional functionality to the local community. According to the official, in the first phase, an ecotourism village will be established in the three valleys of Kalash in Chitral and Hazara. “Later, this idea will be promoted in other parts of the Chitral and Hazara regions, including Nathiya Gali, Naran, Kagan, Thandiani and Galiyaat.”

For the survey, he said the Ministry of Tourism will develop an app to help local residents highlight the characteristics of their hotel. “Local residents will be allowed to develop their own travel packages to facilitate visitors by providing food, accommodation and travel guides.”

Last year, the number of visitors to Pakistan increased to 1.9 million. This emphasizes the need to adopt an ecotourism model to ensure the economic development of the local tourism industry.


Saba Ghani
Saba Ghani

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