Traffic Cops Told To Delete Phone Video Games


Traffic Cops Forbidden To Use Phone during Duty and Advised To Erase Games

Keeping up traffic stream in Rawalpindi, Murree is a tough undertaking for traffic police. Rawalpindi Traffic Police have been cautioned against playing computer games, making and accepting superfluous telephone calls and notwithstanding messaging during working hours.

The City Traffic Police Officer’s (CPO) orders have been passed and supervisory groups have been coordinated to ensure that all computer games are erased from traffic superintendents’ cell phones and that they don’t download them once more.

This comes after workers whined during an open hearing by the CPO a week ago that the battalion city and Murree’s traffic superintendents are frequently discovered playing computer games on their telephones, giving little consideration to direct traffic even on occupied junction.

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Malik Azhar, staff official of the City’s Traffic Police Officer, revealed to Gulf News that the grievance was made by general society and the CTPO has issued headings to every one of the 930 traffic superintendents of Rawalpindi, urban and country territories, to erase recreations from their telephones and keep it aside while working.

In any case, he attested this was not the situation with all traffic superintendents as they were an expert and dependable power and as of now knew the earnestness of their activity.

“We can’t request that they turn off their cell phones during obligation hours as traffic superintendents’ perspective is that they may get some significant telephone calls from their home or dire call from their senior officials,” said Azhar.

We have likewise established groups for spot checking and those discovered playing on their cell phones would be berated, he said. It is as of now Christmas season, with schools and universities shut for the midyear, and Rawalpindi’s fundamental course, Benazir Bhutto Road (otherwise called Murree Road), every now and again encounters car influxes.

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As indicated by an occupant of Rawalpindi, Akhtar Hussain, the roadside slows down and merchants make it significantly progressively hard for walkers and motorcyclists to securely utilize the streets. The circumstance deteriorates during pinnacle hours, he said.

Nowadays however schools and universities are off, the traveler convergence causes substantial traffic and keeping up it at a ceaseless pace is a test for traffic police. These sightseers land in the city from different pieces of the nation and travel further toward the northern zones and Murree Hills. As indicated by traffic police, during Eid occasions from June 4-9, around 60,000 vehicles entered Murree and the majority of them originated from Rawalpindi side.

The most exceedingly awful hit focuses on Murree Road are Old Naz Cinema Chowk, Kohati Bazaar, Liaquat Bagh Chowk and Moti Mahal Cinema Chowk where traffic stays hindered for long terms. The circumstance additionally prompts congested driving conditions in bazaars connecting Murree Road including Kohati Bazaar Road, Dhoke Khaba Road, Naz Cinema road, Liaquat Road and Tipu Road.

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