Want To Travel The World, ALONE??


Want To Travel the World, ALONE??

Here are 6 Tricks To Convince Desi Parents To Let You Travel Alone

Every individual has a craving for travelling with friend’s especially Pakistani Girls, who does not get permission to travel alone by their Desi Parents.

It’s an obvious fact that Desi Parents are very over defensive with regards to their children. Particularly whenever said youngsters need to travel abroad. What’s more, particularly on the off chance that they are young girls? “Shaadi Ke Baad Jo Karna Hai Karo!” is the joke each mother thinks of.

Anam Hakeem from the famous Travel Blog “Girlwithgreenpassport” shares some useful tricks to convince your parents. She is a true inspiration for young girls and now sharing the key to influencing Pakistani guardians to give their children a chance to travel in her recent video on Instagram. Here are the tricks!!

1.        Choose the Perfect Timing

First and foremost is to choose the perfect time to convince. This is an extremely clear one. It’s inconsequential picking when your parents aren’t in the best of inclinations. How they’re feeling will probably influence their reaction so simply be patient and sit tight for the ideal minute.

Choose the Perfect Timing

2.        Travel to Places You Have Acquaintance

In spite of the fact that this can restrain the nations, you can fly off to, this tip really bodes well. Parents simply need some sort of solace before they can let their ‘little one’ head out alone and setting off to a spot you have relatives will give them simply that. Accept it as a venturing stone so that next time you need to travel somewhere else, they may have gotten used to the thought by at that point.

Travel to Places You Have Acquaintance

3.        Travel With a Purpose

Utilizing fill in as a reason is most likely the simplest method to get your folks to release you. They essentially don’t have a decision since it’s a work necessity. In the event that you have a meeting coming up, attempt and disclose its advantages to your folks. Furthermore, when you are there, go through the multi-day or two doing your very own thing.

Travel With a Purpose

4.        Select A Shorter Tour, Closer Remain

This is an easy decision. Your folks are substantially more prone to release you off globe-jogging on the off chance that you are genuinely close – the UAE is a decent spot to begin. Furthermore, persuading them will be a lot simpler in the event that it a couple of days, instead of half a month.

Select A Shorter Tour Closer Remain

5.        Begin With An Islamic Nation

By and by, the UAE possesses all the necessary qualities here. One reason guardians don’t enable their youngsters to travel is a direct result of the general population there. In any case, if it’s a Muslim nation, they will most likely discover some help.

Begin With An Islamic Nation 1

6.        Try Not To Surrender

Lastly, it’s very normal for guardians to state no in the main case yet don’t lose trust. Attempt and clarify your perspective and straightforwardness them into the thought. Having a progressively mitigated methodology will likewise work better, instead of an increasingly forceful one.

Try Not To Surrender


Here is the Original Video, Share it With Your Travel Buddies And Plan Your First Trip Soon

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