Best Tourist Destinations in Azad Kashmir – The Best Kashmir Tour Packages

Plans an amazing trip to the phenomenal region in Asia Pakistan with our Kashmir Tour Packages. Pakistan enriched with stupefying landmark by Creator in its whole map. Here we are discussing the yet another breathtaking part of Pakistan that is Azad Kashmir.

Azad Kashmir being the disputed quarter since the day of Pakistan Independence holds magnificent locations in its lap.


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The most visited tourist destination in Azad Kashmir is the Neelum Valley. Literary the blue gem on earth, spell bounding scenic beauty and such mighty astonishing landscape can make anyone hypnotized.

Counting on to the fascinating Tao Butt to the ravishing Gujjar Rivulet, mountain stream to Kali Valley and its village, moving towards the treks to Gagai and Phalwai village, all of them will definitely provide a reason to fall for. We have listed some of the most famous and visited places of Neelum Valley; Azad Kashmir. Have a look.


1. Ratti Gali Lake



Azad Kashmir Tour Packages covers almost all the notable areas. One of the most famous in Neelum Valley is the Ratti Gali Lake. The lake is formed by the alpine glacier at an altitude of 12,130 ft. approximately.

Moreover, the bluish lake surrounds with gigantic mountains. As the Ratti Gali Lake is accessible through Dowarian, a village of Neelum Valley well known for its scenic beauty. Each view of Ratti Gali Lake is worth capturing.

2. Kel & Arrang Kel



Second on the list is the Arrang Kel, a village in Neelum Valley. Kel to Arrang Kel is almost 3 hours trekking and the area is totally in control of Pakistan Army because of LOC.

So you can move here freely and have a sight of the most mesmerizing locations of Kel and Arrang Kel. Moreover, there is a long track goes towards Nanga Parbat. People can actually see this Nanga Parbat Mountain from there and it is a beautiful sight for everyone who visits it.

3. Taubut (Last Village of Neelum Valley)



The third is the Taubut Village, the last village of Neelum Valley captured millions of tourist because of its magnificent locations. Azad Kashmir Tour Packages has so much to offer to their prestigious customers. The richly green land with the swirling water of Neelum Valley that ends in the magnificent stream of Gagai Rivulet.

The Gagai rivulet is accessible within walking distance from Taubut. The place is worth visiting, the village with the immense mountains at the back, with flowing clean water of Neelum river, the richly green field and moreover the serenity at its peak.


4. Kutton & Upper Neelum




Trip to Kashmir is never completed without visiting the mezmerzing Kutton Upper Neelum. Almost 82kms away from the main city and capital of Azad Kashmir, Kutton Jagran is located with its panoramic views. Alongside the village, the streams swirl in its full form.

Kutton Jagran possesses a number of hotels that accommodate millions of tourist in Neelum Valley. On the other hand, there is Upper Neelum that is 2 kilometers away from Keran. Trekking in these two places will be the most amazing experience of your life.

5. Banjosa Lake



Last but not the least is the Banjosa Lake that serves as a tourist resort. It is almost 20kms away from the Rawalakot and located at the height of 1,981 meters above sea level.

One of the facts is that the lake is artificially built and beautifully surrounded by lush green dense pine forest. Plan you Trip to Kashmir now and have a look on surrounding that makes it more awe-inspiring for the tourist. The visitors can never split their views for a moment


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