Snowfall in Northern Pakistan

Naran snowfall in mid October

Finally, as expected the northern areas of pakistan has started getting the much expected snow in late October. The first spell of snow started on 19 October 2015 in Naran kaghan. Various tourists were already in Naran Shogran to witness the first spell of snowfall. The moment was epic. Normally the naran gets snow during start of October but due to climate changes and pollution the snowfall time is shrinking by each passing years.

Shogran has also received heavy snow let alone the babusar top that was closed initially on spray of snow as on 28 September but then again was open by 09 October 2015 as sun was blazing in last few weeks. Now the winter has set in, the hotels are closing and in next few days Naran kaghan shall be fully closed.

Kalam is also very famous tourist spot in Swat district. It has not got any snow yet but the rain is expected in region so very soon in next few days. Kalam shall be getting heavy snowfall. Kalam shall be closed as well in late October or early November.

Government should made some efforts to maintain these roads open so people linked with tourism industry can earn there livelihood as with such small snow roads become tough to access and visitors do not visit such remote but beautiful valleys anymore.

Ejaz Hussain
Ejaz Hussain

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