Boatman’s of Attahbad Facing New Challenges

Attahabad Lake and boatmen

Blue water attahabad lake that was created due to natural disaster 5 years ago in Hunza Region near Pak-China Border have had created few opportunities for local people to earn some money. In that natural disaster there was much loss initially but as the quote goes in every struggle there is also opportunity. The mountain people had started boat ride that started the life going in that remote land of Pakistan. The boats were introduced as road structure was destroyed. These boatmen of mountains were able to move goods, people, dead bodies, precious stones and even Large Trucks.

It was only source of transport in this highland of Pakistan. Pakistan tour and travel has learnt that many people have been part of operations in Attahabad Lake. More then 100 boats have been operating here for past 5 years but new tunnel namely Pak-China Friendship that has been inaugurated few days ago by Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Nawaz sharif is new challenge for mountain boatmen. In 2010, deep in the Himalayan Mountains, a landslide sent a village-size chunk of rock crumbling into the valley. It blocked the rushing rapids of the Hunza River, creating a new lake that flooded more than 150 houses as well as the Karakorum Highway.

 During Mid September, after hard work of Several years by Chinese Engineers and Pakistani Labourers, four new large tunnels of on southern shore has been completed. That has refrained the cars to being loaded on Boats instead now car driver can go smoothly towards China Border without going to water utilising this newly built Tunnel.
This newly built tunnel has been great news for tourism industry as well as business people as it is most essential part of Pak-china business corridor yet this has really jolted the mountain boatmen business in big way. The work has reduced near 70% and local boat operators are not very hopeful as they might loss there business big time. The Boats are colourfully painted showcasing the cultural taste of local boatmen.  The boats have been used for commute by local as well as tourist in the attahabad lake where people were paying 200 to 300 Pak Rupees per person. This was great income for boat income as one boat was able to carry near 40 to 50 people now this has largely decreased. During Eid ul Fitr boatmen were able to make large money because this year Gilgit Baltistan has received near 700,000 visitors which is quite big quantity.
The ray of hope is still there that tourist might still use the boat to enjoy the colourful feuds in Hunza river over Attahabad lake but business shall not be as it was before.
Ejaz Hussain
Ejaz Hussain

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